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Here is likewise a Hint of Salt being concerned in the Affair of Washing or Purifying, of which presently. Heb. ix. 13. For ifthe Ashes of an Heifer Sprinkling the Unclean, sančtifieth to the Purifying of the Flesh; So i Cor. x. I. Moreover, Brethren, I would not that

ye should be ignorant, bow that all our Fathers were under the Cloud, and all passed through the Sea; and were all baptised unto Moses (who was Vice-Aleim) in the Cloud and in the Sea. So if you had believed Moses, ye would have believed me.

Whether the Jews performed any Form of Initiation in their Passage or not, the last and this refer to a Form of Initiation,

And from the Practice of the Gentiles who went off at Babel, Ath. Sperlingii de baptismo, veterum Ethnicorum, has produced sufficient Evidence to prove that they practised Baptism in all its Branches throughout the World, upon Gods, Men, Temples, Sacrifices, &c.

So John Baptist a Priest of the Jews says, John i. 33. He that sent me to baptife with Water, but says nothing that it was new, or that the Form or Substance of Water was instituted then; and Christ put the Question, Mat. xxi. 25. The Baptism of John, whence was it? From Heaven, or of Men? Indeed he preached Repentance, this referred to the Water, which issued out of Christ's Side to cleanse. Salt was the instrument of Purification in Water: Fixed Salt of the Herbmixed with Oil, called Sope, in Water, clean


fes things most effectually; so Salts boiled with Water, called Lixivium, by Friction in Water divide and separate the adherent unclean Parts from the Body or Garment, so purify. When

any of them became unclean by the Plague of Leprosy, living Water was one of the Ingredients.

The use of Water with animal fixed Salt was renewed Numb.viii.7. before the Institution for the Levites, before they sacrificed, Sprinkle the Water noon of Purification. * xix.


The red Heifer was to be carried without the Camp, and to be killed and v. 5, 6. her Skin, Flesh, Blood, Dung, and Cedar-wood and Hyffop and Scarlet were to be burnt. v. 9. the Ashes of the Heifer were to be gathered and laid


. , Sin; the Species of Uncleanness and manner of using it follow. The Ashes were to be living Water, and a clean Person was to dip Hyslop in it, and sprinkle it upon the unclean Person, and he was to wash his Clothes and bath his Body in Water; Neglect was Death.

The Heathens not only used Water in their Purifications, but Sulphur, which is a Mixture of another Species of Oil, and another Species of Salt; how they used it, I remember not: They say the Smoke of it is now used to take out the Foulness which makes white Silk, white

למי. for it is for a Water to Jeparate ,נדה חטאת חוא

put to

,is Water to walk away Sir מי הטאת Sin, and :: חטאת *

is , wash Sin, expreffed in foort Sin-Water.

Hair, Hair, &c. turn Yellow, and so restore the Whiteness; and they say it will take out the Colour of a Flower, as a red Rose, and make it near white. They take out the ill Scent out of Vessels, and Casks by the Fume of Sulphur. Classeni Theol. Gent. p. 45. Ovid Lib.


Met, * Thrice he purifies the old Man with Flame; thrice with Water ; thrice with Sulphur." See Martin. Lex. Sulfur p.46.--.“ Sprinkling with pious Dew, &c."

47. “But firstLustration by Water of which Virg. Æneid. 6.

Then thrice with limpid Water The Assembly from the fertile * Olive Bow Sprinkles

round With Dewy Moisture purifies bis Friends.


Though Blood was not made the means of purifying from the Composition of its Parts, yet the other Types were framed to answer the Original, as far in Substance and in Nature as it was possible.

Everyone knows the matter of Blood is chiefly composed of Salt, Oil and Water, and that while warm and before their Separation, it effectually cleanses every thing washed in it; and that the Gall which is separated out of it for --cleanses beyond anything; that the Urine which is the Excrement of the Blood, which is called

* I should rather understand Felicis Olive here, happymaking Olive, it being so in the Religious Sense


Chamber-lye is used constantly by poor People to this Day for that End; and that its (the Blood's) Excrement by the Pores is brackish ; and only that which evaporates through the Lungs, and the Spittle of one in Health are pretty free from, especially fixed, Salt.

I think I may venture to affirm that besides the uses of Salt in the Stomach and Guts, no other Mixture could be circulated and carry supplies in it for every part of the Body and keep the Arteries, Veins and Passages and Ureters &c. clean, and fo keep the Creature alive, be the Life of the Creature; fo feparate Nutriment for the Young in the Womb, out of the Breasts &c.

From the Reasons given by Moses in the Renewal or writing of the Law, that Blood was the Life of the Creature, and that the Blood of some clean perfect Creatures was instituted a Type to purify Men, to atone for their Sin &c. We are to observe in what State Man was, and how and whose Blood was to effect this. Man had polluted himself in Body, Blood, and Soul, and thereby was disqualified from enjoying the immediate Presence of the Aleim, (which was the End of his Life here, and in comparison is only called Life) fo his Life was suspended by Death, till he should be purified in Body, Blood and Soul by his Surety; for if that had not been done, he had been eternally excluded from that Enjoyment which is Life, and doomed to that Exclusion and Torment which is really and truly his Death. Asthis could not be done by shedding the Blood of the Creature, and so by giving its Life for the Life of the polluted, of (by) facrificing by Fire (with the Addition of Salt &c.) part of or all its Blood and Body, and so separating and carrying them up in the Air ; all but the Salts added, the fixed Salts, and Parts of the Bones, called Ashes: (As the Heathen did their dead Bodies and kept their Ashes in Urns, whatever they meant by it; whether they did so with the Alies of the Children they burnt to Moloch) it was to be done, though in a contrary Order (because the Beast could not undergo the Fire alive) suitable to it, and to Man now: The Types were Water, Blood, Fire; but to the real Sacrifice, Fire, Water, Blood, Life. (a) So of things taken in War, Num. xxxi. 23. Every thing that may abide the Fire, he shall make it to go through the Fire, and it shall be clean: Nevertheless it shall be purified with the Water

(a) As Man was polluted in Body, Blood and Soul, he was disqualified from enjoying the immediate Presence of the Aleim, till he should be purified in all three. But the Types could not do this. Water, Fire and Blood could but cleanse the outward Pollution, these could not reach the Soul : So Man's Life was to be suspended till he should be effectually cleansed; and Memorials were to be continually made of the Person who was to cleanse and of the Manner. But there is a Difference in the Order of applying to the three Cleansers, Fire, Water and Blood: In the Types, first Water, then Blood, then Fire ; this was suitable to the Beasts who were constituted Types; because had they (as the original Sacrifice, Christ did,) endured the Fire first, that would have disolved their Parts, and the Blood could not have been shed or &c.


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