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of Separation : And all that abideth not the Fire, ye fball make go through the Water.

Hence the Typical Law of burning Sacrifices, thence the Practice of it through the World.

Hence the Law of adding Salt to the Sacrifice, Lev. ii. 13. And every Oblation of thy Meat Offering shalt thou seafon (salt) with Salt ; neither shalt thou suffer Salt to be lacking to the Purifier of thy Aleim. Ezek. xliii. 24. And the Priests all cast Salt upon them. It is called Numb. xviii. 19. A Purifier 073:3, and 2 Par. xiii. 15.-- The Kingdom to David and bis Sons, a Purifier niso. So Mark ix. 49. Every one shall be falted with Fire, and every Sacrifice shall be salted with Salt.

It was to be done by Man's Surety, a Person of the Effence united with the Son of God, born holy, who performed all Righteousness, who had in him what a brute Creature could not have, what was typified by the Salt which was added to the Sacrifice, which engaged him (the Man) to do and suffer every thing he did and suffered; and who was able, voluntarily, while alive, with his Body and Blood (though some of it was shed at his being nailed to the Cross) and by his Soul, to endure the Fire the Wrath of the Father, equal to that which all Mankind should have suffered for Sin; and to give the Remainder of his precious Blood, his temporary Life, after it had suffered the Wrath which was of equal Value to the Lives of all Mankind, to redeem their forfeited Lives, and by that Water, which pre


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ceded the Blood, to purify us so far as to make us capable (as Water its Type did) to approach and partake of the rest; and by that Blood, (which by the Assistance of Salt, had undergone the Wrath as well as the Body, and was purified from our Sins, which he had taken upon him, so was perfectly pure,) to sprinkle, to pusify every one it touches, who has Salt in him ; which qualifies us (as sprinkling by the Type, Blood did) to partake of the Sacrifices by eating and drinking, of which in my last.

As Christ first underwent the Fire, the Wrath of the Father for all Men, and had in him what Salt added to the Type fignified, we must ftate what Salt does to Bodies in the Fire.

As nothing stands the Force of strong Fire but Gold and Silver, the Emblems of Royalty, fo the Royal Metals, they are given us as Examples of this Royal Purifier, (but as Gold is not easily purified in Fire, and cannot in Fire purify other Things, fixed Salt stands the Fire and purifies Gold and Silver from all base Metals) by Thewing us how Salt with strong Fire acts upon them in Fusion. Fire purifies Gold by burning every thing out of it that will fly or reduce to Ashes. (Q. if Silver fly alone, or if Fire will separate it from Gold) The


Fire by Glasses vitrifies Gold or burns it to Ashes, so that in that State it loses the Properties, but not an Atom of the Substance, and is by Fire to be returned to its Properties. The Motion of the Metal and Salt by Blast, by Fire below and Air above, makes


the Salt operate by Friction; so Nitre and other Salts by the Action of Fire separate the lighter Parts from those of the Metal, make them fly or swim, and form them into Scoria or Dross, and leave the Metal pure, as hinted in the Names and Attributes of the Trinity of the Gentiles, p. 120, 125, 130. under the Name mna so Jer. ii. 2. for though thou wash thee with Nitre, and take thee much sma Soap : thine Iniquity is marked before me, says Adoni Jehovah. Mal. iii. 2. But wbo may abide the Day of his coming ? and who fall stand when he appeareth ? for be is like a Refiner's Fire, and like Fullers moog Soap. And he shall fit a Refiner, and Purifier of Silver : And he shall purify the Sons of Levi, and purge them as Gold and Silver. So Christ, when he is refined from the Sins of the World, communicatively like Fire and Salt, Soap, &c. becomes the Refiner of others.

Upon cutting off the first Purifier, before the Law was written, in their Return from Ægypt Exod. xxiv. 5. they offered Burnt Offerings and Peace Offerings of Oxen, and sprinkled half the Blood upon the Altar; and upon the People's Agreement to the Conditions v. 8. Moses took the Blood and sprinkled it on the People, and said, behold the Blood of the Purifier, which Jehovah bath cut off with you upon all these Words. Heb. ix. 19. For when Moses had spoken every Precept to all the People, according to the Law, be took the Blood of Calves and of Goats, with Water and Scarlet-wool (Purple) and Hyllop


B 3

and Sprinkled both the Book and all the people, saying, &c. Mofes used the two Types of Water and Blood, as Christ Joh. xix. 34. sent forth Water and Blood, so i Joh. v. 6. came by Water and Blood : so the People were baptized and effectually purified by the Types, on the Promise of such who could promise to do what was required.

By this sprinkling with Water and Blood, by Cedar-wood and Scarlet or Purple-wool, (perhaps the Emblems of a King) and Hyssop, which is said to purge, to purify, (perhaps, the Emblems of the Purifier) the Priest made them all, though uncircumcised, and some unable to speak, such as Infants, Deaf, Dumb, &c. clean and capable of taking what the Aleim had covenanted or promised to do for or give to them here and hereafter ; though there were some Qualifications necessary in those who could, and when they could, qualify themselves : Lev. vii. 14.— shall be - the Priests that sprinkleth the Blood of the Peace Offerings. So Heb. xi. 28. Through Faith he kept the Pasover, and the sprinkling of Blood, left be that destroyed the First-born should touch them. xii. 24. But ye are comeBlood of sprinkling. 1 Pet. i. 2. Through San&tification of the Spirit unto Obedience, and sprinkling of the Blood of Jesus Christ. Heb. x. 22. Having our Hearts Sprinkled from an evil Conscience and our Bodies washed with pure Water.

As one Part of Baptism is Purification, and as there are four Sorts of Baptism mentioned

to the

I Fob. v. 6, 7, 8. one by Water, one by Blood, one by the Influence of the Holy Spirit, and one by Fire; so we are, baptized in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, first by Water. And as Salt was added in the Types to Water, was in Blood, was added to Fire, and joined and contributed in separating extraneous impure Matter from the Subject to be purified, the next Enquiry is what was the Part of the Holy Ghost in Baptism of which no Type appears, except it be included in the Water ; and what this Virtue was in the Man Christ, the real Sacrifice, which made the Fire take Effect; and what in a lesser Degree it is in Man, who is by some Act to take the Benefit of that Purification. It was in Christ ; it was in some Degree in the Apostles, and every Christian is required to have it in himself: and this Virtue can lose its Effect in Man and become useless.

As Christ was baptized by Water to perform all Righteousness; but was baptized, so purified from our Sins really, by suffering the Wrath, by Fire in Sacrifice : and as his Prospect was of an infinitely higher Nature than ours, and as he had all Virtues in him to Perfection, the Salt in him is not described, except Psa. xvi. 9. cited Acts ii. 26. my Fless fall rest in Hope, Exod. XXX. 35. Salt was to be added to the Perfumes, the Virtues of Christ, which the Aleim were to smell in the Tabernacle nyio but in general ’tis said Heb. xii. 2. For the Foy that was set before him (in the Psalms) he endured the Cross and



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