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you, and

or transported, will dread a future State and keep within Bounds, if not hope for a State of Happiness and turn good Christians. You will become a Terror to those who lately exposed their own and your Order. The Gentry, nay Commonalty will reverence and love not grudge to pay what is settled for

your Support. The Qualifications for Men in Orders, in Offices, and in every Station, will be which are most learned and the best Christians. The stupid Stuff they have called Philosophy, as it begun and is built


Non-entities will end so, and let all built upon it, drop down with it, into their infinite Vacuum, and fall with their infinite Imaginations, Unnaturals, Non-entities and Nonsense.



T is proper to inform the Reader that the

Notes in Italicks are the Editor's, and some few Insertions in the Text, where it was thought Perspicuity required them; which may be known by their being in a different Character.

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have from Scripture proved the Being of the

Effence and the three Persons in it, and in general the Powers and Benignity in them; and I have proved the Being of the Archtype, the Substance of the Names, and the three Modes of Existence by which they are denominated; and in general the Mechanical Powers in them. I have shewed the State Mankind was in at first; and the State they were in by their Fall. I am next in Duty and Gratitude bound to shew what the eternal Three under the Denomination of Aleim have done to retrieve Men from the State they had fallen into; and what State they have put those into who are willing to acknowledge their Condition and to accept of their Interposition; and this, as the Rest by proper Types, as Water, Creatures, Blood, Perfumes, &c. and at last by real Completion, in the Body and Blood of Christ; by comparing the Ideas taken from the material Types with the Actions performed by Jehovah incarnate upon the Soul and Body of Man.

bound forced

In the first Part I intended to have taken Things in their Order; but I was called

upon and forced to publish so much of what concerned the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper from p. 294. to the End, to demolish the Attempts which had been made to make that Sacrament of no Effect, by shewing its true Intent, and hinted that many Things were to be done by Christ before he could qualify Man to take the Benefit of that Sacrament, which may to their proper Places in the next Edition.

As Baptism naturally precedes that Sacrament, and as the Part which Christ was to perform for Man to qualify him to eat that Supper effectually is nearly related to or of the same Species with Baptism, I shall treat of them together.

As many Ceremonies were performed by the Believing Jews which are not renewed or rein

be put forced by the written Law; I suppose Baptism by Water was one of them, notwithstanding that Circumcision appears to be the Ceremony of Institution into that Church, because typical Purification was the Qualification to admit Men to enter the Courts, Sacrifice, &c. and though the first be not mentioned ; as (when any of them were polluted) the Form of cleanfing them is renewed, I take it for granted from Hints that the first was practised before they could enter, &c. as If. lii. 15. He shall Sprinkle many Nations. lix. 5. That which is Sprinkled breaketh out into a Viper. Ezek. xvi. 4. Speaking of the Jewish Church, the Spouse, at her first Formation, Thy Navel was not cut. (Quer, if alluding to Circumcifion) neither was thou washed in Water to supple thee : thou was not salted at all, thou hadît no Faith nor Hope; nor swadled at all, alluding to the Garments of Christ's Righteousness, &c. which form us into his Image and hide our Nakedness. ver. 9. Then washed

I thee with Water : yea I throughly washed away thy Bloods (from Father and Mother) from thee. xxxvi. 25. Then will I Sprinkle clean Water upon you, and you shall be clean from all your Filthiness; and from all your Idols will I cleanse you. The Jews confess that when they initiated Proselytes of the Gentiles, they baptised them.

So, though Sprinkling with Blood be renewed, I think it was not mentioned before.


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