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in the Cave. In this, Saul must be perfonal, the Devil, who is never satisfied.) I will cry unto Jehovah with my Voice, I will make Supplication. I will pour out, &c. when my Spirit (Breath) is overwhelmed within me, thou knowest

Portion is in the Land of the Lives.

Bring out my Body from clausurâ (Confinement) the Righteous shall compass me about : For thou 32an (the Idea is taken from a Mother who has had Milk given and repays it to her Children) soalt deal bountifully with me,

Pfal. cxliii. 71018. To David. Jehovah hear my Prayer, and give Ear, to my Supplications

. In thy Truth hear me in thy Righteousness : And enter not into Judgment with thy Servant ; for in thy Sight Mall no Man living be justified *. (Require it not of him because all would not come in) because the Enemy persecutes my Body

-and my Spirit is overtobelmed within me :
My Heart within me is desolate. I remember the
Days of old; I meditated on all thy Works
He pleads what he has done

prays again, Hear me, Jehovah, my Spirit faileth : Hide not thy Face from me ; and if I be compared to those who


down into 712 the Pit. - Teach me to do thy Will, because thou art niby. Thy good Spirit fall lead me into the Land of Uprightness. For thy Name's Sake Jehovah revive me; in thy Righteousness bring my Body out of

Trouble: Tho' all Men living mall not be justified.


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p. 275.) and

Trouble : And in thy Mercy cut off mine Énemies, and destroy all them that afliet my Body, becausë I am thy Servant.

Psal. cxliv. To David. Blessed Jehovabwhich teacbeth

my Hands to 277 War (the Word used in the Passover Data


Fingers to fight, non and my Fortress, my high Tower and my Deliverer to me, my Shield, and in him I trust : 7777 (born King) who subduest my People under me (in my Stead) Jehovah what is Adam, that thou takejt Knowledge of bim? The Son of wrx that thou makejt Account of him? Dix is like to 3203 Vanity (öne shifting) bis Days are a Shadow that passeth away. Jehovah bow grow thy Names, and come down : Touch the Mountains and they shall smoke, &C.-Send thine Hands from above, redeem me, and deliver me out of the great Waters: From the Hand of strange Children, whose Mouth, &c. Alein I will fing a new Song- -given nyiun (Qu. that which conveys) Salvation to Kings ; 78901 making an Opening to David (Qu. "If David be used for the Body or Joint) bis Servant from the hurtful Sword. Make an Opening to me, and deliver me from the Hand of the Sons of the Stranger (Romans) whose Mouth, &c. that our Sons my be as Plants - our Daughters as Anguli Incisi polised after the Similitude of a Temple (joint in one to David). Happy * the Covering nun'u who hath Jehováb for his Aleim. * The Body of Christ was the Covering of the Divinity:


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ty Acts

Psal. cxlv, iban Praise to David. I will thee

King, and will blefs thy Name for ever and ever. Generation to Generation shall praise thy Works, and Mall declare tby mighty Afts, I will speak of the glorious Honour of thy Majesty, and of thy wondrous Works and they will shew the Might of thy terrible Asts (he will shew God's Acts, and they will shew the Greatness of his Power)Goodness, Justice, Graciousness, Mercy bis Mercy is over all his Works, and b'mon thy Saints (who? shall bless thee. . They shall tell the Glory of thy Kingdom, and talk of thy PowTo make known to the Sons of Men his migh

Jehovah upholdeth all that fall The Eyes of all wait upon thee, and thou givest them Meat in due Seafon. pars Jehovah in all bis Ways; and 7'1 in all his Works; near those who invoke him in sruth, wbo fear him, who love him: But will destroy the Wicked all Flesh bless the Name, his boly One.

Psal. cxlvi. Hallelujah Halli my Body the very. Jehovah. I will praise Jehovah in my Lives ; I will fing to my Fæderator siya while I have any Being. Put not your Trust in Princes, nor in a Son of Man in whom there is no Salvation. His Breath goeth forth, be returneth to his Earth : In that Day all his Thoughts perijh. (This is Thewing the Necessity of a Covenant and of the Ēsence dwelling in Chrift.) Blessed is he who hath ** Jacob for his Help, and bis Hope is in Jehovah bis Aleim, Maker

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of all Things, keeping Verity, who executes Judgment for the Opprelfed, which giveth Food to the Hungry. Jehovah loofth the Prisoners (Ifa. Ixi. 1. Luk. iv. 18.) openeth the Eyes of the Blind, and all the rest. Jebovah shall reign for ever : Thy Aleim, o Zion, unto all Generations. Hallelujab.

Pfal.cxlviii. Hallelujah because he is good, fing to our Aleim for D’yi it is pleasant. Praise is comely. Jehovah is building up Jerusalem : He will gather together the Out-casts of Israel (all borrowed) be bealeth the broken in Heart, and bindetb up their Wounds.--Instances of Power and Wisdom Jehovah lifteth up the Meek: He casteth the Wicked down to the Ground, Sing unto Jehovah in Confeffion : Sing Praise upon the Harp unto our Aleim, Benignity here delights not in the Strength of a Horse, nor in Legs of Man ; be delights in those who fear him and expect his Mercy. 12. 'v Jerusalem (I

, . , where the one is the Act of Man, the other the Act of Jehovah, see other Instances, in the Root 3507, &c.) ,358 thy Aleim, O Sion, because ke ftrengthens the Bars of thy Gates, spiritual. Who maketb thy Border Peace- -be fends fortb bis Word on Earth : His Word (the Gospel) runneth

very friftly. He giveth Snow- (be fore the Light of Christ, and Waters of the Spirit came) the Winter State of the World Who can stand before bis Cold? When his Warmth by Light is withdrawn. He will send

,תהלתך glory in שבח Par

35. that we may


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out bis Word and melt them. Without the Affift. ance of. Light the Waters are frozen and are of no Use in Vegetation. His Wind fall blow, and the Waters fall flow. -Gives bis Statutes unto Ifrael. So to the true Israel. Nations knew them not.

Psal. cxlviii. Hallelujab. Hallu Jehovah froin the Heavens. Praise him in the Heights. Praise ye him all bis Agents, so all inanimate Things, Ver. 7. Ye Dragons and all Deeps (Dragons are the Passages or crooked Windings, creeping of the Waters or Swallows from their Voraciousness. All sensible Beings because his Name is exalted in bim alone : His Glow ry is above (upon) the Earth and the Names. He also exalteth the Horn of bis People : mban to all bis Saints, to the Children of Israel, the People 1377 near to him. Hallelujah.

Psal. cxlix. Hallelujah. Sing to Jehovah a new Song, inson bis Praise in the Congregation of Saints. Let Israel rejoice in bis Makers : Let the Sons of Sion exult in their King. Let them praise his Name in the Dance

let them fing Praises unto him with the Timbrel and Harp'; because Jehovah is delighted in his People : He will beautify the Meek with Salvation. Let o'qon be joyful in Glory. Let them shout upon their Beds (Resurrection) min97. (Ascension) Exaltationes 3x in their Mouth, and a two-edged Sword (Gospel) in their Hand; to execute Vengeance upon the Heathen

---- to bind their Kings

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