Goddesses and Queens: The iconography of Elizabeth I

Annaliese Connolly, Lisa Hopkins
Manchester University Press, 2018 M04 30 - 208 páginas
The visual images of Queen Elizabeth I displayed in contemporary portraits and perpetuated and developed in more recent media, such as film and television, make her one of the most familiar and popular of all British monarchs. This collection of essays examines the diversity of the queen’s extensive iconographical repertoire, focusing on both visual and textual representations of Elizabeth, not only in portraiture and literature, but also in contemporary sermons, speeches and alchemical treatises. The collection broadens current critical thinking about Elizabeth, as each of the essays contributes to the debate about the ways in which the queen’s developing iconicity was not simply a celebratory mode, but also encoded criticism of her. Each of these essays explains the ways in which the varied representations of Elizabeth reflect the political and cultural anxieties of her subjects

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A world in crisis Elizabeths iconography and religious tensions
Virginia and the Virgin Elizabeth and the New World
The Old World and the New classical precedents
Coda Elizabeths afterlife
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Annaliese Connolly is temporary lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University and is currently studying for her Doctoral thesis. Lisa Hopkins is Professor of English at Sheffield Hallam University

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