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premium; and the person who buys the greatest quantity of yarn, is to have a premium of two guineas.

The third day, the farmer who produces the best yearling calf of his own breed, is to have two guineas premium; and, he that produces the fairest colt or filly, of his own breed likewise, not over two years

old, shall receive a premium of two guineas also.— Thus the whole will not exceed ten pounds; and all these useful branches of our growth and manufacture will be encouraged, in remembring the patron, who with so much care and tenderness recommended them to others, and cherished them himself.

I am, Dear SIR,

Your humble Servant,

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Relative to Mr. FAULKNER.

Some people through ignorance, and others

from envy, having been so far imposed on, as to report, and even publish, that the editor of Dean Swift's Works had not any acquaintance with the author; and particularly Dr. Hawksworth, a gentleman of genius and merit, having been led also into this mistake by fome London Bookseller; Mr. Faulkner finds himself obliged, in vindication of his character, to publish some of the dean's letters to him, to convince * the world of the favourable opinion he had of him, and the friendship and * That this conviction as they are characteristic might extend to England as of the dean and others, well as Ireland, we have and display that life and printed most of those let- humour, which give án ters, omitting only two or agreeable colour to all his

three which contained no- connexions. English edi.. thing material in them. tors. The rest we have retained,

confidence confidence he was pleased to honour him with. The originals of which, and

many other letters, may be seen with him.

L E T T E R I.

To the EARL of OXFORD *.

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My Lord, Dublin, Feb. 16,1733.

HE bearer, Mr. Faulkner, the prince

of Dublin printers, will have the honour to deliver you this. He tells me, your lordship was so gracious as to admit him into your presence, and receive him with great condescension, which encouraged him to hope for the same favour again, by my mediation, which I could not refuse. Although, for his own profit, he is engaged in a work that very much discontents me, yet I would rather have it fall into his hands, than any others on this side.

I am just recovered, in some degree, of two cruel indifpofitions of giddincss and

* This nobleman, Ed- surer of Great Britain, ward Harley, was only son who died May 21, 1724. to Robert, lord high trea2


deafness, after seven months. I have

got my hearing; but the other evil hangs still about me, and I doubt will never quite leave me, until I leave it.

I hope your lordship, and lady Ox- : ford * and lady Margaret +, continue in perfect health. I pray God preserve you all, for the good of your friends, and your country.

with entire respect and esteem, Your lordship's most obedient, And most obliged servant,


I am,


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TITHOUT the least regard to

your wager, I do assure you upon my word and reputation, that I ain not author of one single line or syllable

* Lady Henrietta Caven- the 31st of OEtober, 1713. dish Holles, only daughter + This lady was marand heir of his grace John ried to William Bentinck, Holles, duke of Newcastle, duke of Portland, July was married to his lordship 11, 1734. Vol. XIII.



of that pamphlet, called, An infallible Scheme to pay the Debts of the Nation; and, as it is a very unjuft, fo it is equally an imprudent and fallible proceeding, to pronounce determinately, on our taste and knowledge of style or manner of writing, where very good judges are often deceived, and in this case, few men have suffered so much as myself, who have borne the reproach of many hundred printed papers which I never faw. I do likewise protest in the same manner, that I did not write the epigram upon * Taylor, nor heard of it until Mr. Pilkington shewed it me in manuscript. Therefore, pray desire your wagerer from me, to be more cautious in determining on such matters, and not to venture the loss of his money and credit with fo much odds against him.

I am,

Your affectionate servant,

Deanry-House, Mar. 29, 1732.


The famous oculift,

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