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Dr. Swift to Mr. Faulkner

401 Dr. Swift to Mr. Faulkner

403 Dr. Swift to the Archbishop of Cashel

404 Dr. Swift to Lord Howth

405 Dr. Swift to Mr. Faulkner

407 Dr. Swift to Mr. Benjamin Motte

408 Dr. Swift to the Worshipful the Mayor, Aldermen, Sheriffs, and Common Council of the City of Corke 413 Dr. Swift to Mr.Faulkner

415 Dr. Swift to Mrs. Cæfar

419 Dr. Swift to Mrs. Cæfar

422 Dr. Swift to the Provost and Senior Fellows of Trinity College, Dublin. 426


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HE pleasure Dean Swift's Works

have already afforded will be a sufficient apology for communicating to the Reader, tho somewhat out of season, these Additional Volumes; who will be less displeased, that they have been so long suppressed, than thankful that they are now at last published. We have no occasion to apologize for the Pieces themselves; for as they have all the internal marks of genuineness, so, by their further opening the author's private correspondence, they display the goodness of his heart, no less than the never-ceasing fallies of his wit. His answer to The Rights of the Christian church is a remarkable instance of both; which, though unfinished, and but the flight prolusions of his strength, shew how fincere, how able a champion he was of religion and the church. So foon as these were printed in Dublin, in a new edition of the Dean's works, it was a justice due to them to select them

Vol. XIII. b thence,


thence, to complete the London edition. Like the author, though they owe their birth to Ireland, they will feel their maturity in England; and each nation will contend which Ihall receive them with

greater ardour.

We have added, in the last Volume, an Index to all the Works; wherein we have ranged the bons mots scattered throughout them under the article SWIFTIANA, by which their brightness is collected, as it were, into a focus, and they are placed in such open day, that they are secured, for the future, from the pretty larceny of meaner wits.


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