The Mycology of the Mouth: A Text-book of Oral Bacteria

Longmans, Green, 1903 - 241 páginas

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Página 223 - Rugose, short, irregular folds, due to shrinkage of surface growth. Corrugated, in long folds, due to shrinkage. Contoured, an irregular but smoothly undulating surface, like the surface of a relief map. Rimose, abounding in chinks, clefts, or cracks.
Página 134 - The cause of the prevalence of dental caries is that the natural foodstuffs are to a large extent ridded of their accompanying fibrous parts and prepared and consumed in a manner which renders them liable to lodge and undergo acid fermentation in the mouth ; while from the same cause and the induced condition the micro-organisms of the mouth lodge, multiply, and augment the rapidity and intensity of the acid fermentation.
Página 222 - Bullate : like a blistered surface, rising in convex prominences, rather coarse. Vesicular: more or less covered with minute vesicles, due to gas formation ; more minute than bullate. Verrucose : wartlike, bearing wartlike...
Página 134 - ... and the induced conditions, the micro-organisms of the mouth lodge, and multiply and augment the rapidity and intensity of the acid fermentation.
Página 222 - Effused, spread over the surface as a thin veilly layer, more delicate than the preceding. Raised, growth thick, with abrupt, terraced edges (Fig.
Página 112 - As the form of the tooth used by the draftsman will play no part in the construction of the pattern...
Página 224 - Filamentous: as already defined. Floccose: composed of filaments densely placed. Curled: filaments in parallel strands, like locks or ringlets, as in agar colonies of Bart, anthracis.
Página 219 - Xodose: consisting of closely aggregated colonies. Beaded: consisting of loosely placed or disjointed colonies. Papillate: beset with papillate extensions. Echinate: beset with acicular extensions. Villous: beset with short, undivided, hairlike extensions. Plumose: a delicate feathery growth. Arborescent: branched, or treelike, beset with branched hairlike extensions. 3. Gelatin stab culture. Liquefying line...
Página 139 - ... deleterious effect upon them, attacking and decalcifying the exposed parts. However some people who are in the habit of eating strongly acid fruits are particuarly free from caries, as for example the Sicilians, who are large consumers of lemons. Goadby (64) suggests "that the acids (in such cases) may act as a protective by preventing the development of acidforming organisms, or dissolving away the outer layers of the enamel and with it the contained bacteria, secondary dentine occluding the...
Página 134 - ... but I should like to refer to a criticism by oar distinguished President. After quoting my generalization he Fays "That tmh a factor does occur is certain, but it hardly explains the fact that animals, dogs, cats, monkeys, rabbits, etc., which exhibit no dental caries, are yet found to have food particles frequently lodged between their teeth after a meal, the fibrous matters themselves remaining impacted. Interstitial caries is rare in animals, and yet commonly occurs in man.

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