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The close of another volume of the Monthly Repository is a call upon the Editor to make his acknowledgments to the Pubfic for the encouragement and support which he has experienced in the compilation of it. Of the value of the present volume, every reader is left to judge; of the acceptance it has met with, it may be allowed tv the Editor to speak. More copies of it have been sold than of the preceding volumes; and, though the number of printed copies has been before enlarged, in the progress of the Work, it is found expedient still to multiply them in the ensuing volume. This circumstance will gratify the well-wishers to the Magazine ; and is an earnest to the Public, not merely of its continuation, but of its increasing success.

The principles on which the Monthly Repository was established, shall ever be its basis, and will, it is hoped, be its support:-They are, THE RIGHT OF PRIVATE JUDGMENT IN THE AFFAIRS OF RELIGION; THE BASENESS AND WICKEDNES OF BIGOTRY, INTOLERANCE AND PERSECUTION; THE AGREEMENT OF REASON AND FAITH; THE SUFFICIENCY OF THE SCRIPTURES FOR SALVATION; THE CERTAINTY OF THE UNIVERSAL PREVALENCE OF TRUTH; AND THE SUBSERVIENCE OF TRUTH TO VIRTUE. To these elementary principles, the Editor of the Monthly REPOSTORY wishes himself to be considered as publicly pledged: the ill-will and opposition of their avowed enemies he expects, and is prepared for; but he relies with confidence upon the countenance and assistance of their professed friends and advocates.

The present Volume contains more than the stipulated quantity of Letter-press, although the Editor and Proprietors might have justified thenisclves in following the example of the conductors of cotemporary Periodical Works, in reducing the number of their pages on account of the exorbitant price of paper; but no considerations of gain have at any time prevailed, or shall ever prevail, in the management of the Monthly Repository.

The Inder at the end of the Volume has been made unų. sually large and comprehensive, and will, the Editor trusts, be found accurate; be is indebted for it to the laborious kindness of a friend. They who are in the habit of consulting books need not to be reminded of the value of a well-arranged, complete Index.

On the whole, the Editor flatters himself that the present Vo: lume will prove an useful addition to the Theological Literature of the age, and with the two former volumes," be hereafter ranked amorgst the works which have promoted the cause of Learning, Truth and Ciarity,

Hackney, Jan. 13, 1509.

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