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406. Wireless ship act...

407. Enforcement of wireless-communication laws, treaties, and conventions.

408. Regulation of radio communication...




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Tables of laws included in this volume:

1. Revised Statutes and amendments..

2. Acts subsequent to Revised Statutes.

Alphabetical index...






1. Definition of vessel.

9. Enrolled and licensed vessels. 2. Vessels of the United States.

10. Licensed vessels under 20 tons. 3. Registered vessels,

11. Undocumented vessels. 4. Provisional certificates of registry. 12. Yachts. 5. Repeal of penalties

13. Official number. 6. Repaired wrecks.

14. Name of vessel, 7. Prohibitions.

15. Change of name. 8. Whaling vessels.

16. Draught. 1. Definition of vessel.

The word“ vessel” includes every description of water- R. S., 3. craft or other artificial contrivance used or capable of being used as a means of transportation on water. 2. Vessels of the United States.

Vessels registered pursuant to law and no others, except R. S., 4131. such as shall be duly qualified according to law for carrying on the coasting or fishing trade, shall be deemed vessels of the United States, and entitled to the benefits and privileges appertaining to such vessels; but no such vessel shall enjoy such benefits and privileges longer than it shall continue to be wholly owned by a citizen or citizens of the United States or a corporation created under the laws of any of the States thereof, and be commanded by a citizen of the United States. And all the officers of May 28, 1896. vessels of the United States who shall have charge of a watch, including pilots, shall in all cases be citizens of the United States. [See also qualifications of officers, page 54.] 3. Registered vessels.

Vessels built within the United States and belonging R. S., 4132 wholly to citizens thereof; and vessels which may be cap- Sec. 5.

Aug. 24, 1912. tured in war by citizens of the United States and lawfully condemned as prize, or which may be adjudged to be forfeited for a breach of the laws of the United States; and seagoing vessels, whether steam or sail, which have been certified by the Steamboat-Inspection Service as safe to carry dry and perishable cargo, wherever built, which Aug. 18, 1914. are to engage only in trade with foreign countries or with the Philippine Islands and the islands of Guam and Tutuila, being wholly owned by citizens of the United States or corporations organized and chartered under the laws of the United States or of any State thereof, the president and managing directors of which shall be 92075°-15--2


Oct. 3, 1913.



Mar. 4, 1915.


citizens of the United States, and no others, may be registered as directed in this title. Foreign-built vessels registered pursuant to this Act shall not engage in the coastwise trade: Provided, That a foreign-built yacht, pleasure boat, or vessel not used or intended to be used for trade admitted to American registry pursuant to this

section shall be exempt from the collection of ad valorem peals sec. 37. duty provided in section thirty-seven of the Act approved

August fifth, nineteen hundred and nine, entitled “An Act to provide revenue, equalize duties, and encourage the industries of the United States, and for other purposes.

Provided further, That such vessels so admitted under the provisions of this section may contract with the Postmaster General under the Act of March third, eighteen hundred and ninety-one, entitled “An Act to provide for ocean mail service between the United States and foreign ports, and to promote commerce," so long as such vessels shall in all respects comply with the provisions and requirements of said Act. 4. Provisional certificates of registry.

Consular officers of the United States and such other persons as may from time to time be designated by the President for the purpose are hereby authorized to issue provisional certificates of registry to vessels abroad which have been purchased by citizens of the United States, including corporations, as defined in section forty-one hundred and thirty-two, Revised Statutes, as amended by the Panama Canal Act and the Act of August eighteenth, nineteen hundred and fourteen.

(a) Such a provisional certificate shall entitle the vessel to the privileges of a vessel of the United States in trade with foreign countries or with the Philippine Islands and the islands of Guam and Tutuila until the expiration of six months from its date or until ten days after the vessel's arrival at a port of the United States, whichever first happens, and no longer. On arrival at a port of the United States the vessel shall become subject to the laws relating to oflicers, inspection, and measurement, as amended by the Act of August eighteenth, nineteen hundred and fourteen.

(b) The Secretary of Commerce shall prescribe the conditions in accordance with which such provisional certificates shall be issued and the manner in which they shall be surrendered in exchange for certificates of registry at ports of the United States.

(c) The form of such provisional certificate shall be prescribed by the Commissioner of Navigation and shall include the name of the ship and of the master, time and place of purchase and names of purchasers, and the best

1 The collector of customs of the Philippine Islands, the captains of the ports of Cristobal and Balboa, Canal Zone, and the governor of Guam were designated by Executive Order of April 7, 1915.

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