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Sect. I. PROBABLE OPINIONS—Doctrine of Probability defined
Illustrations of the doctrine-Distinction between probable, false,
improbable, certainly probable, and probably probable opinions-
Doctrine of probability ascribed to the Scriptures, the holy Fathers,
and to the first ages of the Church-Confessors governed by pro-
bable opinions-A Confessor must absolve a penitent in opposition
to his own opinions-Inclination may decide which of two contrary

SECT. III. SIMONY—Purchase of Ordination-Benefice-Feigned
promise of payment of purchase money-Purchase in probable ig-
norance—Want of will to perform the promise of payment excuses
from Simony, as there only remains the will to commit a fraud-


Sect. VIII. IMPIETY—The love of God not due to him through
justice-Difficulty in determining when the love of God is binding
-Murder, theft and fornication lawful in due fulfilment of the com-
mand of God—The SOCIETY OF JEsus proceeded from him whose
name it bears—Christ asserted to have described its rule of life by
his example and his words—Dissimulation in the administration of
the Sacraments—A man of a religious order, for a short time and
for a sinful purpose, may lay aside the habit of his order—That
time limited to one hour; the allowed purpose, fornication, theft,

SECT. IX. IDOLATRY_Inanimate and irrational things may be

worshipped-Prostration before the creature while the thoughts are

fixed on the Creator, an act of the purest religion Page 168

Sect. X. LICENTIOUSNESS—A price pro turpi corporis usu may
be lawfully asked, and must be paid-Copulari ante benedictionem a
light sin-Susanna and the Elders-Actus conjugalis before marriage
not forbidden, but not commendable-A moderate sum may be re-
tained as the price of prostitution-Prevention of violation-Forni-
cation &c. committed in drunkenness—Clericus crimen sodomiticum
*** Clericus vitium bestialitatis perpetrans *** [the reader must
be referred to the extracts in the original Latin, at pages 174, 175]—
Women may expose themselves to the gaze of those à quibus se
credunt turpiter concupiscendasPayment to a prostitute-Susanna-
The prohibition of fornication among the obscure commandments-

- Scale of opposition to seduction-Disquisition on the immaculate


Page 170

Sect. XVI. Suicide AND HOMICIDE_Suicide not plainly for-

bidden-Homicide need not necessarily be prevented—Illustration

Page 215

Sect. XVII. High TREASON AND REGICIDE—The Rebellion of
an Ecclesiastic against a King is not High Treason-Deposition of a
Sovereign-Absolution of subjects from their oath of allegiance—The
spiritual power may change and transfer the temporal power— The
Roman Pontiff must determine whether a King should be deposed
or not-Resistance of Princes punished by the Pope-Perverted
application of the words of Jeremiah—And of St. Paul-Christ's
charge to Peter-Course of proceeding recommended by Mariana

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