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Chemistry and Physics.-On intermitting fluorescence: On the increase in the resistance

10 electrical conduction which depeuds on temperature, 260.-On the expansion of liquids hented above their boiling pointe : On the chemical effects of electrical dis

charger, 261.-On a new Law of Binocular Vision, by the Rev. J. DINGLE, 262. Geology.- A record of Eartlıquakes, kept at Hilo, Hawaii, by S. C. Lyman, 264.—Hadro

snurus Foulkii, a new Saurian from the Cretaceous of New Jersey, 266.-Johnology of
New England, by Prof. EDWARD HITCHCOCK, 270.-Geological Survey of Canada, by
Sir W. E. LOGAN: The Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of London, 272.-
Report of the State Ilouse Artesian Well at Columbus, Ohio, by W. W. MatuzR :
Synopsis des Echinides Fossiles, par E. DESOR, 276.
Botany and Zoology.-British National Museums of Natural History : On the Cuiling of

Tendrils, by Prof. Gkay, 277.-An Essay on the Tapeworms of Man, by D F. WEIN-
LAND, 278.-Depth of Molluscs of Peconic and Gardiner's Bays, Long Island, N. Y.,

by SANDERSON SMITII, 281. Astronomy – Fisiy fourth and fifty fifth Asteroids : Another Asteroid : Review of Gilliss's

Astronomical Observations in Chili, 284. Miscellaneoils Scientific Intelligence.- Mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee, by

S. B. BUCKLEY, 296.-On some Modified Results attending the Decomposition of Bitu. minons Cuals hy Fleat, by Dr. A. A. IIAYES, 294.-Museum of Comparative Zoology in Harvard University, 295.-Observations on the Genus Unio, etc., by ISAAC LEA, LL.D., 299.-On the Stratification of Vesicular Ice by Pressure, by Prof. William Thomson, FRS, 300.– Thoughts on Maiter and Force, or Marvels that encompass ur, etc., by Thomas EwBANK, 301.-Shower of Mud at Corsu: Notes on Ameriran Land Shells, No. 4, by W. G. Bisney : Memoirs of the Geological Society of Great Britain, and of the Museum of Practical Geology, by J. BEALE JUKES : Smithsonian Report for 1857, 312.–Straw Lightning Rods: Tschudi, 303.- Obituary.- Death of William C. Bund, 303.--New Publications, 304.


Pago. Art. XXXII. On the Fluctuations of the Water Level at Green

Bay, Wisconsin; by Chas. WHITTLESEY, . . . 305 XXXIII. Ou Parthenogenesis ; by E. Regel, . . . . 310 XXXIV. Terrestrial Climate as influenced by the Distribution of

Liind and Water at different gcological epochs; by Prof.

HennesSY, F.R.S., M.R.I.A., . . . . . 316 XXXV. Nore on the Laws which Regulate the Distribution of Iso.

Thermal Lines ; by Prof. HENRY Gennessy, F.R.S., M.R.I.A., 328 XXXVI. On the possible Intersection of the orbiis of Mars and

certain of the Asteroids ; by Prof. Daniel KIRKWOOD, . 335 Page. XXXVII. Contributions to the History of Euphoride and Saus.

surile; by T. STerry Hunt, . . . . . . 336 XXXVIII. The Dynamic Theory of the Tides; by Maj. J. G.

BARNARD, A.M., . . . . . . . . 349 XXXIX. On some Fossil Plants of Recent Formations; by LEO

LESQUEREUX, · · · · · · · 359 XL. On Burnile from Dahlonega, Georgia ; by Dr. C. T. JACKSON, 366 XLI. Geographical Notices. No. Vll, . . . .. 368 XLII. On a new Sulphid of Copper and Lead; by FREDERICK Field, 387 XLIII. An Abstract of Prof. von Kobell's Siauroscopic Observa.

tions; by Prof. Ogden N. Rood, . . . . . 338 XLIV. Stauruscopic and other Optical Experiments by Prof.

OG DEN N. Rood, · · · · · · · 391 XLV. On Bolton te ; by Prof. Geo. J. BRUSH, . .' 395 XLVI. Varying Level of Lake Ontario; by Prof. C. Dewey, · 398 XLVII. Contributions to Mineralogy ; by F. A. Gentu, . . 400 XLVIII. On Spontaneous Generation, · · · · · 401 XLIX. Eruption of Mauna Loa, Hawaii, . . . . 410


Physics and Chemistry.- Researches on the Thermic action of the Solar Spectrum, 416.

On the Preparation of Chromate of Lead, for use in Elementary Analyses, by Dr. II. Voul: On the Solubility of Sulphate of Strontia in Nitric Acid, Muriatic Arid, and Acetic Acid, by R. FRESENIU8, 419.-Ammoniacal Solution of Protoxyd of Nickel, a means of distinguishing Silk and Cotton, by Prof. ScuLOSSBERGER, 4:20.–The Discuro ery of the Composition of Waler, 421 -Un the Electric Conducting. Power of the Melals, by AUGUSTUS MATTHIESSEN, Ph.D., 4:22. Mineralogy and Geology.-Note on Rammelsberg's results with regard to the Composition of the Titanic Iron Ores, by JAMES D. DANA, 423.-Kaba-Delreczin Meteorite : Ohaba Meteorite : Geological Explorations in Kansas Territory, by F. B. ME:K and F. V. HAYDEN, 424.-On the Tertiary Flura of the vicinity of Vienna, by Dr, C. von Er. TINGSILAUSEN, 432.-On the Tertiary Flora of Ilaring in the 'Tyrol, hy Dr. C. von Et. TINGSILAUSEN, 433.-Fossil Flora of Köflach, near Graiz, in Styria : On somo deposits in Tuscany containing fossil leaves, by C. T. Gaudix and C. STROZzi: l'ust-tertiary of the St. Lawrence Valley; by J. W. Dawson, 431.-Second Biennial Report on the Geology of Alabama, by Prof. M. TUOMEY, A.M.--edited by Prof. J. W. MALLET, Ph.D., 436.- The Earthquake Catalogue of the British Association, by ROBERT MALLET, C.E., F.R.S., and Prof. John William Mallet, l'h D. : Dr. Krantz's Catalogue of Mino. Tulogical, Geological and Paleontological Specimens, Collections, Models, etc., 437. Botany and Zoology.-American Weeds and Useful Plants, by Wm. Darlington, M.D., resised, &c. by Prof. GEORGE THURBER, 437.- Journal of the Proceedings of the Lin. næan Society, 433.-WALPERs, Annales But. Systematicæ, 43).-On Parthenogenesis, by E. Regel: Notices sur l'Amelioration des Plantes par le Semis, et Considerations

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Southwest 1 to 2 ; A. M., cloudy. Afternoon, clear.

sur l'Hérédité dans les Vegetaux, &c., par M. Louis VILMORIN, 440.-Botanical N crology for 1858, 442.-Mammoth Tree of California, 443.- Prodromus Descriptior Animalium Evertebratorum, etc., 444.- Memoires pour servir a l'Histoire Naturelle Mexique, des Antilles et des Etats-Unis, par HENRI DE SAUSSURE, 445.-Observatio on the Genus Unio, by Isaac LEA: Catalogue of the Described Coleoptera of the Un

ted States : Catalogue of the described Diptera of North America, 447. Miscellaneous Scientific Intelligence.- Appendix to the Article on Flnctuations of the W

ter Level of the Lakes, by C. WHITTLESEY, 447.- Report on the History and Progres of the American Coast Survey to 1853, 448.--Note on the Height of the Atmosphere 449.-Museum of Comparative Zoology at Cambridge: Conservatory of Art and Sell ence: Legacy 10 Yalo College, New Haven : Journal of the American Geographics and Statistical Society, 451.-Obituary.- Prof. William W. Mather, 452.-Notices

recent publications, 452. Index, 453.

Vol. XXVI, p. 305, in the title to Dr. Hayes's article, dele "with a map."

ADDENDUM. To bottom of page 243, after “Delphi Slate” add “or Black Lingula shale. equivalent of the Genesee Slate or Marcellus shale of New York."

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