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Dewey, C., on Caricography, 78.

Geological Report of lowa, by Hall and
varying level of Lake Ontario, 398. Whitney, noticed, 103.
Dintoms, measurement of strjæ of, 249.

on Alabama, noticed, 436.
D'Orbigny, A., biography of, 71.

on survey of Canada for 1857, no-
Dove's experiments in acoustics, 121.

ticed, 272.
Dumas, on the relations of the elements, 252. on Jchnology of Massachusetts by
on spontaneous generation, 406.

E Hitchcock, noticed, 270.
Dynamoscopy, 253.

Society, Quart. J. of, noticed, 272.


American, on some points in, J. M. Saf.

ford, 140.
Earthquakes at Hilo, Hawaii, S. C. Lyman, Cretaceous of Kansas and Nebras.

ka, including fossil plants, Meek and
Earthquake catalogue, etc., by Mallet, no Hayden, 31, 219.
_ticed, 437.

Permian, &c., in Kansas, by Meek and
Eaton, 'D. C., serns of Cuba, 197.

Hayden, 424.
Edwards, Milne, on spontaneous generation, Post-tertiary of Maine, 141.

of the St. Lawrence valley, Dar-
Eggs, unusual modes of gestation, Wyman, 5. son, 434.
Electrical discharges, phosphorescence in, Bigsby on N. York Palæozoic, noticed,
Gassiot, 133.

induced when taken in aqueous va Silurian-devonian of Scotland, Page,
por, Gassiot, 134.

chemical effects of, Plücker, 261. On the so-called Triassic of Kansas,
conduction, increase in the resistance Meek and Hayden, 31.
to, depending on temperature, 260.

D'Orbigny's contributions to, 71.
conducting power of metals, 422.

On climaie in, as influenced by distribu-
Electricity, Medical, of W.F. Channing, no-ll tion of land and water, Hennessy, 316.
ticelli, 156.

See further, under Fossil.
Elements, Dilmas on, 252.

Gestalion, unusual modes of, Wyman, 5.
Ellsworth, H. L., bequest of, to Yale College, Geographical notices, D. C. Gilman, 53, 227,

Erdmann, notice of, 119.

Survey of the Amoor, 53.
Euphoride and Saussurite, T. S. Hunt, 336. Maps of tropical America, 57.
Ewbank, T., Thoughts on matter and force, Expl. in S. Australia, 59.
noticed, 302.

Himalayan peaks, 62.
Expansion of liquids above their boiling Semenow's explorations in Asia, 227.
points, Thilorier, 261.

Survey of India, 231.
Expedition, Southern African, by F. de Costa Height of Himalayan penks, 231.
Leal, 382.

African explorations, Burlon's and Dr.
Roscher's, 234.

Australian explorations. Gregory's ex.
Ferns of Cuba, Eaton, 197.

pedition, Leichhardt's fate, 237.
Field, F., on Guayacanite, 52, 387; on Ali-

New Granada, Scholl, 368.
sonile, 387.

Warren's Report on Nebraska, etc., 378.
Fluorescence, intermitting, 260.

Humphrey's Report on the progress of

U. S. explorations, 38).
Distribution of Foraminisern. D' Orbigny.ll Southern Africa, Costa Leal, 382.

Geographical and Statistical Suciety, Jour-
New Cretaceous saurian in New Jersey,l. nal of, American, noijced, 450.

Gibbs, W., Chemical notices, 123, 260, 416.
Flora, Cretaceous, of Kansas. Meek and Gilliss's astronomical observations in Chili,
Hayden, 31, 219.

Tertiary and post-tertiary, Lesque.

Gilman, D. C., geographical notices, 53, 227,

Evcene, of the Tyrol, Ellingshau. Glaciers of the Tengri-Tagh, in Asia, 231.
sen, 433.

Glyoxal, action of ammonia on, 125.
Miocene, of Vienna, Ettingshausen, Gray, A., botanical notices, 142, 277, 430.

on the coiling of tendrils, 277.
Miocene, of Styria, Ellingshausen. Gulf Stream, Florida, E. B. Hunt, 206.

Guyot's physical tables, noticed, 62, 149.
Miocene, of Tuscany, 434.
Post-pliocene, of S. C., work on, by F.

S. Holmes, noticed, 156.
see further, Geology.

Hidrosaurus Fon]kii, 266.
Hall, J., Geology of lowa by, noticed, 103.
Harvey, Nereis Boreali-Americana, by, now

| ticed, 142.
Gas, illuminating power, Aikin, 82.

Ilawaii, eruption on, and map of, 412.
Genth, F. A., Contributions to Mineralogy,|| Hayden, E. V., on the so-called Triassic of
Whitneyite, 400.

# Kansas, 31.

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reur, 359.

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Hayden, F. V., on the lower Cretaceous beds||Mather, W. W., on the Artesian well at Co-
of Kansas and Nebraska, 219.

lumbus, O., noticed, 276.
Hayes, A. A., action of beat on bituminous obituary of, 452.
coals, 294.

Mathiot, G., the Atlantic cable, 157.
Heat, B. Stewart on radiant, 132.

Meek, F. B., and Huyden, on the so-called
see Climate.

Triassic of Kansas, 31.
Height of almosphere, 449.

on the Lower Cretaceous beds
of Himalayan peaks, 62.

of Kansas and Nebraska, 219.
Hennessy, H., on henting of the atmosphere

geological explorations in Kan.
by contact with the earth's surface, 151. sas with reference to the Permian, &c.,424.
on terrestrial climate, 316.

Meteorology, on heating of the atmosphere
on laws of isothermal limes, 328. by contact with the earth's surface, Hen.
Herschel, remarks on chemical science, 128. nessy, etc., 152,
Hildreth, S. P., meteorological journal kept Meteorological journal at Marietta, O., S. P.
at Marietta, 214.

Hildreth, 214.
Hitchcock on Ichnology, noticed, 270. Meteorjie, Kaba-Debreczin and Ohaba, 424.
Hocker's Species Filicum, 146.

Methylen, iodid of, 125.
Humphrey's Report on the progress of U. S. MINERALS
explorations and surveys, 331.

Alisonite, F. Field, 387.
Huni, E. B., on oceai currenis, 169.

Bornite, C. T. Jackson, 366.
on the Florida Gulf Stream, 206.

Enargile (Guayacanile), 52.
Hunt, T. S., on Euphoride and Saussurite, Guayacanite, F. Field, 52, 337.

llmenite, 127, 423.
Hydrocarbons, new, Fritzsche, 120.

Lazulite in Georgia, C. U. Shepard, 36.
Pyrophyllite in Georgia, Shepard, 36.
Rutile in Georgia, Shepard, 36.

Saussurite, T. S. Huni, 336.
Ice, stratification of vesicular, by pressure,

Smaragdite, T. S. Hunt, 348.
W. Thomson, 300.

Tantalite, constitution of, 125.
Ichnology of New England, Hitchcock on,l.. Tetrady mite in Georgia, Shepard, 39.
noticed, 270.

'l Mountains of N. Carolina and Tennessee, S.
Iron, proloxyd, reducing action of, with caus-

B. Buckley, 286.
tic potash, 124.

Mud shower at Corfu, 302.
Iron-powder, Magnus on, 121.

Museum of Comparative Zoology in Har.

vard University, 295, 450.

Museums of Nat. Hist., British, 277.
Jackson, C. T., on bornite from Georgia, 366.

Jamin's Cours de Physique, noticed, 259. | Newton, Lord Brougham on, 40.
Journal of the Roy. Dublin Soc., 155. | Nicklès, J., correspondence of, 117, 252.

on the diffusion of fluorine, 118.

on electromagnets and magnetic adhe.
Kiepert's map of New Granada, 58.

sion, 1:22.
kobell, H. von, stauroscopic observations, Nitrales, J. M. Ordway on, 14.

Njobium, Rose on, 126.
noticed by O. N. Rood, 338.
Krautz's Minera)-Comptuir, noticed, 437.

Norton, W. A., on comets, aurora borealis,
Kuhlmann, nianufacture of soda and baryta,

and zodiacal light, 86.

Ladrcy on viticulture, noticed, 155.

Dr. B. Bisasoletto, 442.

Aimé Bonpland, 442.
Lake, Auctuations, Whittlesey, 305, 446.

W. C. Bond, 303.
Like Ontario, varying level of, Dewey, 398.

R. Brown, 442.
Lea, I., on the genius Unio, noticed, 299, 447.
Leichhardt's faie, 237.

Dean Conybeare, 63.
Leidy on the Hadrosaurus, 266.

A. D'Orbigny, 71.

G. A. Eisengrein, 443.
Lesquereur, L., on fossil plants of recent

W. T. Gumbel, 443.
formations, 339.
Loumis, E., variation of magnetic needle at

H. Galeotti, 443.

Mrs. J. C. London, 443.
Hudson, O., 167.

W. W. Mather, 451.
Ernest H. F. Meyer, 443.

C. F. A. Morren, 443.
Magnetic variation at Hudson, Loomis, 167. C. G. Nees von Esenbeck, 443.
Mallet, Earthquake catalogue, noticed, 437.

W. Reid, 153.
Mammuth trees of California, 443.

David Townsend, 443.
Marcou, note in reply to, by Meek and Hay-

Dawson Turner, 443.
den, 31.

C. Zeyber, 443.
Marcou's Geology of N. America, notice of, Ocean currents, E. B. Hunt, 169, 206.
by Agassiz, 134.

Ordway, J. M., on nitrates, 14.
ibid. Dana, 137.

| Owen on Odontology, noticed, 147.

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Oxygen, Schönbein on, 19.

|| Stimpson's Prodromus evertebratorum, &c.,
Ozone and an ozone, Schönbein, 19.

noticed, 444.
Ozonometry in the Crimea, 254.

Straw lightning rods, 303.

Strontia sulphate, solubility in acids, 419.
| Sullivant and Wormley, measurement of

striæ of Diatoms, 249.
Parthenogenesis, E. Regel on, 310, 440.
Puyen's and Richard's Précis d'Agriculture,

noticed, 28).

| Tape worm, metamorphosis of 279.
Pendulum, on the, E A. P. Barnard, 181. Tides, Maj. Barnard in, 349.
Phosphorus, reproduction of engravings by, Titanic iron, 127, 423.

Torrey, discovery of pectine in the analysis
Photochemical experiments, Neipce de st.) of luckahoe, 430.-
Victor, 257.

Townsend, David, obituary of, 443.
Population of the world, Dieterici's estimate, Tschudi, retnrn from Peru, 303.

Tuckahoe, analysis of, 439.
Psychology, on animal, Weinland, 1.

Varietjes, origin of, in plants, 440.

Vilmorin, sur l'Amelioration des Plantes,
Races in plants, origin of, 4 10.

etc., noticed, 440.
Rummelsberg un titanic jron, 127.

Vision, binocular, law of, Dingle, 262.
J. D. Dana on, 423.

facis in, Stevelly, 263.
Ranunculus sceleratus, blistering hy, 120.

Volcano of Hawaii, eruption in 1859, 410.
Regel, E., on parthenogenesis, 310, 440.
Reid, W., obituary of, 153.
Rood, O. N., stauroscopic observations on||
cooled glasses, 331.

||Warren's Report of Explorations in Nebras-
on circular polarization by cooled glasses,ll ka ond Dakota, 378.

map, Pacific R. R. Reports, 330.
circular polarization observed with the Water, discovery of composition of, 421.
stauroscope, 394.

Wetherill, C. M., Artesian well of Lafayette,
Rose on tanialite and niobium, 125, 126. |Ind., 241.

Whitney, J. D., Geology of Iowa, by, noticed,


Whilllesey, C., Auctuations of water level of
Schlossberger, on dissolving cellulose, 118. Green Bay, 305, 446.
test for silk and cotton, 420.

| Weinland, D. F., animal psychology, 1.
Schönbein, on oxygen, 19.

11. on the tape-worm, 279.
Scholt, A., on the Isthmus of Chocó, New Wöhler, siliciuret of hydrogen, 123.
Granada, 368.

||Woordbúry, D. P., on the Stability of Arches,
Schroeder, relation between fermentation noticed, 156.
and crystallization, 122.

Woody fibre, action of metallic salts, 120.
Scientific Associntion at Carlsruhe, 117. Wurtz, H., un coba!t and nickel, 25.
Seaweeds, Harvey on American, noticed, on modes of increasing the heat of the

blowpipe, 179.
on Blodgeutia, Harvey, 144.

Wyman, I., unusual modes of gestation, 5.
Shepard, C. U., on Lazulite and Tetrady-
mite in Georgia, 36.

Siliciuret of hydrogen, Wohler, 123. Zoological Museum in Massachusetts, 295,
Silk and cotton distinguished by means of|| 450.
protoxyd of nickel, 420,

Zoology, gestation in some fishes and rep-
Smith, J. L., artesian well at Louisville, 174.1

tiles, Wyman, 5.
Smith, S., depth of molluscs off Long Island, depth of molluscs, Long Id., S. Smith,

Smithsonian Report for 1857, 302.

Crustacea of Mexico, etc., by de Saus-
Sulubility of Baryles, 120.

sure, noticed, 445.
Spontaneous generation, Pouchet, 253; Milne|| Crustacea 'of N. Pacific, Stimpson's pa-
'Edwards, 401; Puyen, 405; de Quatrefa.

pers on, noticed, 444.
ges, 406; Claude Bernard, 406; Dumas, Melsheimer's Catalogue of N. A. Coleop-
407; J. D. Dang, 409.

tera, noticed, 445.
Stauroscopic observations of F. von Kobell, Sacken's Catalogue of N. A. Diptera, no-
noticed, 338.

ticed, 445.
lb., on cooled glasses, 0. N. Rood, 391.)

see further, Fossil.


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