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Page. XIII. On the origin of Vibrio; H. JAMES Clark, ·

107 XIV. Biographical sketch of Professor Denison Olmsted; by

Rev. C. S. LYMAN, . . . . . . . 109 XV. Correspondence of Prof. Jerome NICKLÈS—Academy of

Sciences-Distribution of Prizes : Astronomical Prize, 119.
-Statistical Prize: Prize for Experimental Physiology,
120.— The Bréant Prize: Discussion upon the nature of
simple bodies, 121.--Discussion on cellulose and ligneous
fibre, 123.—Incrusting matter ; Dead cotton, 125.—Trans.
formation of woody fibre into Sugar: Manufacture of Alu-

minium, 126. XVI. Seventh Supplement to Dana's Mineralogy; by the Author, 128


Chemistry and Physics.-On the oxyd of ethylene : On the chemical constitution of lactic

acid, 114.-On the Compounds of Valeral with acids, 145 --On the simple Acetate of Glycol and the preparation of Glycol : On Organic Compounds containing Metals, 146.

- On the Componnds of Organic Radicals with the Metals of the earths : Faraday's Researches in Chemistry and Physics, 147. Geology.-Third Report on the Geological Survey of South Carolina, by Oscar M. LIE.

BER: Geological Survey of Canada, Sir W. E. LOGAN, Director : Geology of the Mex. ican Boundary Survey, 148.-Contributions to the Palæontology of New York, by JAMES HALL: The Geology of Pennsylvania, by Prof. Henry Darwin Rogers, 149. -Erratum; Contributions to the History of Euphotide and Saussaurite, by T. STERRY HUNT: Cretaceous of New Jersey : Report of the Exploration of the Country between Lake Superior and the Red River Settlement, etc., by S. J. Dawson, Esq., C. E., 151. -On the Fossil Corals of the Devonian Rocks of Canada West, by E. BILLINGS, F.G.S.: On some new Genera and Species of Brachiopods from the Silurian and Devonian Rocks of Canada, by E. BILLINGS: Reports on the Geology, Botany and Zoology of Northern California and Oregon, by Prof. John S. NEWBERRY, M.D.: Geological Ex

cursion, 152. Astronomy.—Comets of 1858: First Comet of 1859 : Numbering of the Planetoids or As

teroidal Planets, 152. Miscellaneous Scientific Intelligence.—Marcou's Strictures on North American Geologists,

153.–Auroral Arch : On Apparent Equivocal Generation, by H. JAMES CLARK, 154.Note on the Polarization of the Light of Comets, hy Sir David BREWSTER, 155.— The Iron Manufacturer's Guide to the Furnaces, Forges and Rolling Mills of the United States, by J. P. LESLEY, 156.—Mammals of North America, by Prof. SPENCER F. BAIRD: Rational Cosmology, etc., by Prof. LAURENS P. Hickok, D.D.: American Association for the Advancement of Science, 158.--Synopsis of Fresh-water Fishes from the Island of Trinidad, W. I., by THEODORE GIll: Notes on North American Crustacea, by WILLIAM STIMPSON : Recent Publications : Bibliographical Notices by Prof. Nicklès, 159.


Page. Art. XVII. Obituary Notices of Brown and Humboldt, Members

of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, . . 161 XVIII. On the power possessed by the Larves of various common

Flies of consuming, without apparent injury to themselves,
the flesh of animals which have died from the effects of

Arsenic; by Frank H. STORER, · · · · 166 XIX. On some Reactions of the Salts of Lime and Magnesia, and

on the Formation of Gypsums and Magnesian Rocks; by

T. STERRY Hunt, F.R.S., . . . . . . 170 XX. Extract from the concluding part of a Memoir on the Bot.

any of Japan, in its Relations to that of North America,
and of other parts of the Northern Temperate Zone ; by

Asa Gray, . . . . . . . . . 187 XXI. Supplement to an Enumeration of North American Lichens,

continued ; by Prof. EDWARD TUCKERMAN, A.M., - - 200 XXII. On the Phenomena of Gemmation ; by Thomas H. Hux

LeY, F.R.S., - . . . . . . . 206 XXIII. On Earthquakes in Southern Italy; by JAMES Philip LACAITA, Esq., LL.D., ·

· 210 XXIV. Notes on some of the Chemical Reactions of Strychnia;

by T. G. WORMLEY, M.D., . . . . . . 216 XXV. On the Consolidation of Lava on Steep Slopes, and on the

Origin of the Conical Form of Volcanoes; by Sir CHARLES

Lyell, M.A., D.C.L., F.R.S., . . . . . . 221 XXVI. Diluvial Striæ on Fragments in Situ; by Prof. O. N.

STODDARD, · · · · · · · · 227 XXVII. Vibrations in the Waterfall at Holyoke, Mass. ; by Prof.

E. S. Snell, . . . . . . . . 228 XXVIII. Caricography; by Prof. C. Dewey, . . XXIX. Description of Nine new species of Crinoidea from the

Subcarboniserous Rocks of Indiana and Kentucky ; by Sid.

Ney Lyon and S. A. CASSEDAY, . . . . . 233 XXX. Contributions to Mineralogy; by Fredr. A. GENTH, . 246 XXXI. Notice of a Memoir by M. Jules Marcou, entitled “Dyas

and Trias or the New Red Sandstone in Europe, Norih
America and India.” (In a letter from Sir Roderick I.
Murchison to the Editors.) .

. . . 256 Page.

Botany.--Eulogy on Robert Brown, by Dr. Von MARTIUS: Fragmenta Phytographiæ

Australiæ, contulit FERDINANDUS MUELLER, Ph.D., M.D., 290.-- Journal of the Pro-

ceedings of the Linnean Society : Hymenophyllacearum, Monographiæ hujus ordinis

Prodromus, auctore R. B. VAN DER Bosch, M.D.: The Botany of the Mexican Bound-

ary, 291.--Catalogue of the Phænogamous and Acrogenous Plants in Gray's Manual

of the Botany of the Northern United States, etc., 292.

Miscellaneous Scientific Intelligence.—Thirteenth Meeting of the American Association

for the Advancement of Science, 293.-Scientific versus Practical Instruction : Dr.
Newberry's late Explorations in New Mexico--he show's Marcou's 80-called Jurassic
to be Cretaceous, 298.—Meteor of August 11, 1859, 300.--Bibliographical Announce-

ments, 303.-Books in press, 304.




XXXVI. On Nitride of Zirconium; by Prof. J. W. Mallet, · 346

XXXVII. On the Atomic Weight of Lithium; by Prof. J. W.

MALLET, . . . . . . . . . 349

XXXVIII. Notes on certain Ancient and Present Changes along

the Coast of South Carolina ; by Oscar M. LIEBER, · · 354

XXXIX. On the Sudden Disappearance of the Ice of our North-

ern Lakes in the Spring; by Gen. J. G. TOTTEN, · · 359

XL. On some Reactions of the salts of Lime and Magnesia, and

on the Formation of Gypsums and Magnesian Rocks; by

T. STERRY Hunt, F.R.S., . . . . . . 365

XLI. On Gallic and Gallhumic (Metagallic) acid; by Dr. F.

MAHLA, Ph.D., . . . . . . . . 383

XLII. The Great Auroral Exhibition of August 28th to Septem-

ber 4th, 1859, 385.—Observations made at Lewiston, Maine ;

by Prof. Elias Loomis, 386.-Observations at Toronto,

Canada West; by Prof. G. P. KINGSTON, 388.-Observa.

lions at New Haven; by Prof. C. S. LYMAN, 391.-Obser.

vations at West Point; by Prof. ALEXANDER C. TWINING,

394.—Letters from Prof. Daniel KırkWOOD, Bloomington,

Ind., 396, 397.—On the Meteorological and Magnetic Phe.

nomona accompanying the Aurora Borealis, as observed at

Springhill, Ala. ; by Prof. A. CORNETTE, S. J., 398.–Ob.

servations at Jefferson Co., Miss., 402.-Description of two

Aurora Boreales observed at Havana, Cuba ; by M. ANDRAS

Poev, 403.-Observation at San Francisco, California ; by

Dr. John B. TRAsk: Height of the base of the Auroral

curtain, August 2019, 406.—Appeal to observers, . . 407

XLIII. Account of several Meteoric Stones which fell in Harri.

son Co., Indiana, March 281h, 1859; by Prof. J. LAWRENCE

Smith, M.D., . . . . . . . . 409

XLIV. Geographical Notices. No. IX, ·

· 411

XLV. Correspondence of Prof. JEROME NıckLÈS.—Necrology-

Cagniard de Latour, 424.—Disinfection and dressing of

wounds, 425.—On the odors of perfumes, 427.-Humboldı

Foundation : Photography of Carbon. Concours for the

prize founded by the Duke of Luynes, 429.—Transforma-

tion of cellulose into sugar, 430.— Transformation of cellu.

lose into parchment or parchment-paper : Acclimation. The

Dromedary imported into South America. - Bibliography, 431.


Chemistry and Physics.-On Torsion and its relations to Magnetism, 432.-On the densi

ties of vapors at high temperatures, 435.-On organic compounds which contain metals, 436.-On the isomorphism of stannic, silicic, and zirconic acids: On the equivalent of manganese, 437.-On the equivalent of nickel : On an easy mode of preparing metallic chromium, 438.

Botany and Zoology.-Two new Genera of Diæcious Grasses of the United States, by GEORGE ENGELMANN, M.D., 439.—Trichomanes radicans, Swartz, 410.— Thesaurus Capensis : or Illustrations of the South African Flora, etc., by WILLIAM H. HARVEY, M.D.: Grisebach's Outlines of Systematic Botany, for Academical Instruction, etc., von A. GRISEBACH, 441.–Structure and growth of Rootlets, 442.—Some plants take arsenic with impunity, 443.- Death of Mr. Nuttall: Death of Dr. Horsefield.-ZOOLOGICAL Notices: Bidrag till Spitsbergens Mollusksauna, etc., af Otto TORRELL, 444.Videnskabelige Meddelelser fra den naturhistoriske Forening i Kjöbenhavn for Aaret, 1858: Bidrag till Kännedomen om Skandinaviens Amphipoda Gammaridea af R. M. BRUZELIUS, 445.

Astronomy.-Supposed planet between Mercury and the Sun, 445.-Shooting Stars of

August 9-10, 1859: Observations at Boston, Mass., by Prof. TWINING : Observations at

Chicago, III, by Mr. Francis BRADLEY and others, 416. Miscellaneous Scientific Intelligence.-Earthquakes in California during 1858, by J. B.

TRASK, M.D., 447.-Eruption of Mount Hood : Improved mode of preparing Diatoma. ceæ, by CHRISTOPHER JOHNSTON, M.D., 418.--Proposition for a Humboldt Fund for Scientific Investigations and Travels, 449,--The 29th meeting of the British Associarion for the Advancement of Science: Prof. Dana's departure for Europe : Prof. Agassiz's return from Europe : Government Scientific Expedition in New Mexico : Journal of the American Oriental Society, 450.--Obituary.--Death of Prof. Carl Ritter : Death of Dr. Grailich, 45l.-Index, 452.

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