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Quaderno de Leyes, y Privilegios del hourado Consejo de la Mesta.
Con Indice y concordantes de Leyes reales, Autos accordados y
Capitulos dé Millones, colocado por A. D. Navarro. Madrid, Fof. 1731

Qnadri G. B. Annotazioni pratiche sulle malattie degli occhi.

4 vols. 4to. Napoli, 1818-30

Quadrio F. S. Della storia e della ragione d' ogni Poesia.

7 vols. 4to. Bologna, 1739-52

Quaere et Invenies. 8vo. Paris, 1853

Quain J. Human Anatomy, edited by R. Quain and W. Sharpey. First American from the fifth London Edition, edited by J. Leidy, with over 500 illustrations. 2 vols. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1849

Quakers. The Quakers' Remonstrance to the Parliament, touching the Popish Plot and Sir E. Godfrey's murder. Harleian Misc. Vol. 7, p. 608.

Petition to the King and both Houses of Parliament, showing

the suffering condition of the peaceable people called Quakers
for worshipping God and exercising a good conscience towards
God and man. Somers Tracts Coll. I. vol. 1. Coll. IH. vol. 2.

Precis de l'histoire, de la doctrine, et de la discipline de la

societé des amis dite des Quakers. 8vo. Paris, 1813

Calumny Refuted, or a Glance at John Wilbur's Book.

8vo. London, 1845

Case. Full Report of the Case of Stacey Decou and Joseph

Hendrickson vs. Thomas L. Shotwell, decided at the Court of
Appeals in N. Jersey. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1834

For histories of the Quakers see under Barclay R., Besse J.,
Vol. lV. 98

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