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London, Birkbeck Bank Chambers

Copyright, 1902, by Anglo-American Publishing Company







A. B. The Development of Central Canada, 212.

Afoot from Cheyenne to New York. A. Austin, 161, 240, 332, 404.

Anglo-German-American Amenities in the Arctic. R. Stein, 263.

Anglo-Russian Entente, The Proposed. E. Maxey, 13.

Annexation, A Canadian View of. S. J. MacKnight, 221.

ANONYMOUS. Confessions of William Brown, (poem), 120.

AUSTIN, A. Afoot from Cheyenne to New York, 161, 240, 332, 404.
Banking Capital, The Economic Position of. E. E. Gellender, 186.
BARTH, T. The · Brussels Sugar Convention, 380; Germany and Her Commercial

Treaties, 437.

Bevan, E. How the Fog Saved a Record, 440.

Book Notes, 89, 174, 251, 413.

BRADNER, C. H. Some Aspects Porto Rican, 43.

BRADSHAW, W. R. John Redmond on Irish Self-Government, 51; Lakewood, 226;

Matters Japanese, 376.

Briton. Money, Stocks, and Bonds, 464.

Brussels Sugar Convention, The. T. Barth, 380.

BUCHAN, J. S. An Old Time New Year in Scotch Canada, 139.
Canada, The Development of Central. A. B., 212.
Canadian Society of New York, The. H. C. Hunter, 335.
Carlyle, Thomas—The Book and the Man. E. Ridley, 152, 247.
“ Clue to the Enigma, The.” M. Provins, 38.
COATES, F. E. Together in War, Together in Heart, (poem), 160.
English Colonization. H. F., 476.
Combine Movement, The English. E. Gellender, 267, 350.
Commercial Expansion of the United States. C. A. Gardiner, 93.
Consular Service, The United States. E. Maxey, 216.
Coronation Oath-The Royal Anti-Catholic Declaration and Anglo-Saxon Union.

R. Stein, 201.

Criminalogy: What of the Mother? R. L. Long, 75.

Dalny, (Russia's Metropolis in the Far East). E. Maxey, 392.

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Danish West Indies, The. A. C. Farrell, 408.
Dialogues, Two. M. Provins, 193.
“ Down North and Up Along." S. J. MacKnight, 170.
Edgware Road. A. Symons, 108.
English Affairs, 166, 56, 233, 310, 383, 450.
" Entrepreneur,” The, in the English Combine Movement. E. Gellender, 419.
European Alliances. E. Maxey, 45.-
Expansion, Internal. W. M. L. Raine, 175.
Expatriate, How it feels to be an. M. M. Keck, 462.
FARRELL, A. C. The Danish West Indies, 408.
FELSTEDIAN, AN OLD. Some London and New York Comparisons, 398.
FOUQUIER, H. Some Recent French Plays, 18.
FRALICK, D. E. Edward M. Grout, New York's Comptroller, 305.
GARDINER, C. A. Commercial Expansion of the United States, 93.
Gellender, E. E. The Economic Position of Banking Capital, 186; The English Combine

Movement, 276, 350; The Entrepreneur" in the English Combine Movement, 419.
GERRARE, W. East of Baikal, 328.
Grout, E. M. D. E. Fralick, 305.
Germany and Her Commercial Treaties. T. Barth, 437.
How the Fog Saved a Record. E. Bevan, 410.
H. F. English Colonization, 476.
HUNT, V. The Two Brothers, (story), 133.
HUNTER, H. C. The Canadian Society of New York, 335.
Irish Self-Government, John Redmond on. W. R. Bradshaw, 51.
JAMES, H. The Story in It, (story), 1.
Japan, Matters Concerning. W. R. Bradshaw, 376.
Keck, M. M. How it feels to be an Expatriate, 462.
KNAUFF, T. C. Transatlantic Society of America, 255.
Lakewood. W. R. Bradshaw, 226.
London and New York Comparisons. An Old Felstedian, 393.
LOxG, R. L. What of the Mother? 75.
MACKNIGHT, S. J. “Down North and Up Along," 170; A Canadian View of Annex-

ation, 221.
MAXEY, E. The Proposed Anglo-Russian Entente, 13; Politico-Legal Aspects of the

French Seizure of Myteline, 113; The United States Consular Service, 216; Our Steel
and Iron Industries, 301; Russia's Metropolis in the Far East, (Dalny), 392; European

Alliances, 457
MILLER, K. The American Negro as a Religious, Social, and Political Factor, 63.
Money, Stocks, and Bonds. Briton, 464.
Myteline, Politico-Legal Aspects of the French Seizure of. E. Maxey, 113.
Negro, The American, as a Religious, Social, and Political Factor. K. Miller, 63.
New Year, An Old Time, in Scotch Canada. J. S. Buchan, 139.
Personal and Incidental: English Decadence, 78; British Complacency a National Peril,

78; Lord Rosebery's Shortcomings, 82; The New Canal Treaty, 82; An Expensive
Education, 83; More about Novia Scotians, 84; A Royal Ambassador, 84; American
vs. English Language, 84; A Londoner's View of New York, 85; A Glimpse of a
Southern City, 86; Overcrowded South London, 88: One on Mark Twain, 88; Pat, $8;
The Last of Four Great Anglo-American Questions, 173; The Use of the Word

"Lady,'' 173; Tolstoy and Non-Resistance, 173.
Plays, Some Recent French. H. Fouquier, 18.
Poetry: Confessions of William Brown. Anonymous, 120; Together in War, Together

in Heart. F. E. Coates, 160.

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