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A S the Editor of this collection is con11 scious there may appear fome defects in the arrangement of his materials, he thinks it necessary to acquaint the Public with the true reason of their appearing in a less finished state than he could have wished to present them. Some gentlemen of fortune and literary abilities had once conceived the scheme of contributing to the entertainment and instruction of the rising generation by a selection of the most interesting and improving histories from different authors. They intended to tranflate from the different languages of Eu

.. rope

rope whatever might engage the minds of children to the improvement of their : knowledge, and inspire them with an early love of virtue. To these they were to have added a judicious selection from na- / tural history, and the most entertaining descriptions that are to be found in the ample collection of modern voyages ; . together with many original pieces of their own composition. 'All these, it was presumed, would contribute a pleafing and useful Miscellany for the use of children, which they intended to have published in periodical numbers. After they had made some progress in the execution of this scheme, they were compelled, by accidents which it is unnecessary to relate, to abandon their design. But, though the modesty of the authors would rather have led them to suppress what they could not engage to finish, the Editor, to whom their


papers were entrusted, has judged them too valuable to be entirely suppressed. He has, therefore, collected them into a yolume, with the hopes that this Miscellany may not appear undeserving of the public favour, and may be deemed no contemptible addition to that branch of literature which proposes to itself the important object of pleasing and instructing children.


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