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IT is well known that the public papers I have been honoured with a great number of very excellent letters and essays, particularly during the late political disputes, on subjects the most important and interesting to the liberties and welfare of this country. To collect these into volumes has been the frequent recommendation of many persons; who:-Gecasionally admired them in the fugitive order of their first appearance, and considered theni as papers too valuable to fociety, to be configned to · oblivion with the conimion: news of the day: A collection of them was therefore published a few years ago in small volumes; and the favourable reception which that little work met with, although the period which it included was only from May 1762, to May 1765, shewed the wisdom of the advice which had recommended the plan. That collection has for some time been entirely out of print; and being frequently asked for, has induced the editor to offer it again to the public; but with such ADDITIONS, as the subsequent occurrences, not only made necessary, but must render the work particularly useful and estimable.


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These are the letters on the several late
changes of administration, on the taxation
of the colonies, the dearness of provisions,
and a variety of other interesting subjects.
And in order to form something like a fe-
ries of the whole, this collection begins
with the accession of his prefent majesty;
and throughout this first' volume, several
papers which had been omitted in the for-
mer work, are inserted in their proper
places. In a word, justice to the argument,
and impartiality to the cause, have been
the guides by which this collection has
been made.

It is an observation in Kennet's Register,
which lord Somers has taken for his motto
to his collection :of tracts, and may not be
unhappily: applied here, “ That the bent
“ and genius of the:age, is best known in
“ a free country, by the pamphlets and
“ papers which daily come out, as con-
“ taining the sense of parties, and some-
p" times the voice of the nation.”


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