The Bible's Most Embarrassing Moments

Book Tree, 1998 - 172 páginas
This work was originally published by the independent Bible Society of New York. This edition is an updated version with a new introduction by Paul Tice. The Bible is commonly referred to by many of us as "the good book." But do we really know what's in it when we so freely give it that title? It is a work which certainly has its good points, but why do we insist on glossing over and ignoring the things that would be considered bad or embarrassing? Lots of strange things happened in the Bible. If they made the Bible into a movie (in its entirety) it would be rated X. Would you want your kids to go see it? Read this book and then decide. We do not recommend this book to those under 18 because, even though it is the Bible, we might in fact be accused of selling pornography! It's unlikely that your local minister would use many of these passages in his sermons. If you're the kind of person who sees movies for the action scenes and always likes things happening then don't bore yourself with the rest of the Bible - just read this one. All the boring stuff was taken out. Just kick back and enjoy all the sex, bloodshed and murder you can stand - it's all in here and it's all yours for just a few measley bucks. Sure, it's embarrassing for a minister or the church itself to be confronted with these realities. There is good and bad in all of us, and the Bible is no exception. For those who take the Bible literally and wish to follow its example, we can only tell you that what is found within many of its pages docs not add up to a profound moral code. Look at the Spanish Inquisition and the Crusades, as two examples, and you will find they were not following a profound moral code at the time, butused the Bible as their guidepost in all of their brutal decisions. This book exposes many of the Bible's most shocking passages -- things you never imagined the "holy book" would contain. If you have read this back cover without being too offended, then chances are you will be intrigu

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