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ness of her own imagination and the purity of her own heart!

Again, her readiness to forgive cannot be a proof of weakness, since the more she forgives, the more she copies the All Powerful, the All Wise, the All Good!

It is a very low, mundane, and corsair pride, the pride in vengeance and in the Satanic incapability of forgiving! There is nothing so sublime as a prompt and entire forgiveness. The great Johnson never seems so small as a moralist, as when he talks of delighting in a "good hater;" and every true Christian heart responds to the poet's exclamation

"To err is human, to forgive divine."

Man need not then glory so much, that, neither as an individual nor as a race, he can ever forgive a frailty, or take a penitent to his bosom! nor need woman be ashamed to own, that however wronged, neglected, or outraged, her heart is ever prone to forgive!

However, this we must own, that the same woman who is extreme to mark what is done amiss by a lover, is often ready and eager to put the most favourable construction on all that emanates from a husband-and in this she is surely wise. One must yield, one must obey, one must follow; and when once the wife has sensibly made up her mind to be that one and where she cannot do so, she has not only erred, but perjured herself-she cannot do better than cultivate a habit of faith and reliance on him whom she has chosen, knowing that both the laws of God and man had appointed him as her guide, her comforter, her protector.

But with the lover there is no such duty. Woman cannot be too cautious, too watchful, too exacting in her choice of a lover, who, from the slave of a few weeks or months-rarely years-is to become the master of her future destiny, and the guide, not only through all time, but perhaps eternity!

What madness then to suffer the heart to be taken captive by beauty, talent, grace, fascination, before the reason is convinced of the soundness of principle, the purity of faith, the integrity of mind of the future husband.

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