The Comedies of William Congreve: Love for love. The way of the world

Methuen, 1895
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Página 184 - Sunday in a new chariot, to provoke eyes and whispers; and then never to be seen there together again; as if we were proud of one another the first week, and ashamed of one another ever after.
Página 194 - If you do, I protest I must recede — or think that I have made a prostitution of decorums, but in the vehemence of compassion, and to save the life of a person of so much importance WAIT.
Página 149 - Why do we daily commit disagreeable and dangerous actions? To save that idol, reputation. If the familiarities of our loves had produced that consequence of which you were apprehensive, where could you have fixed a father's name with credit, but on a husband? I knew Fainall to be a man lavish of his morals, an interested and professing friend, a false and a designing lover...
Página 92 - ll be married in the dead of night. But say not a word. Hymen shall put his torch into a dark lanthorn, that it may be secret; and Juno shall give her peacock poppy-water, that he may fold his ogling tail, and Argus's hundred eyes be shut, ha ! Nobody shall know but Jeremy.
Página 138 - Wit. Ha, ha, ha! I had a mind to see how the rogue would come off. Ha, ha, ha ! Gad, I can't be angry with him, if he had said they were my mother and my sisters.
Página 152 - O ay, letters— I had letters— I am persecuted with letters— I hate letters— nobody knows how to write letters, and yet one has "em, one does not know why. They serve one to pin up one's hair.
Página 158 - I have no more patience. - If I have not fretted myself till I am pale again, there's no veracity in me. Fetch me the red - the red, do you hear, sweetheart? An arrant ash colour, as I'ma person.
Página 181 - But I hope, after a time, I shall break my mind — that is, upon further acquaintance. — So for the present, cousin, I'll take my leave. If so be you'll be so kind to make my excuse, I'll return to my company MRS.
Página 95 - My friend ? what to do ? I am no married man, and thou canst not lie with my wife ; I am very poor, and thou canst not borrow money of me ; then what employment have I for a friend ? Tat.
Página 133 - Not always; but as often as his memory fails him, and his commonplace of comparisons. He is a fool with a good memory, and some few scraps of other folks' wit. He is one whose conversation can never be approved, yet it is now and then to be endured. He has indeed one good quality, he is not exceptious; for he so passionately affects the reputation of understanding raillery, that he will construe an affront into a jest; and call downright rudeness and ill language, satire and fire.

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