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marks you have given us a hint that there is some "art" to be had at this movie, after all. “Uncle Tom's Cabin" was art as Mrs. Stowe gave it to us, but scenically, as we have seen it!

So, to quote you again, “It is but fair to add that from the scenic point of view alone "'Way Down East' is extremely well worth seeing. There are charming pictures of New England country life, out of doors and indoors; a quite remarkable, reticent use of color in some of the pictures; while the effects of storm, of the breaking up of great ice fields, and especially of the crashing and fall of ice masses over a dam, are perhaps unequaled in the history of moving-picture production in this country." Why, that is just what we came to see. Again, to quote, “Looked at thus baldly, apart from the scenic effects, what could be less valu. able as art? One feels that there has been a tremendous expenditure of effort and skill in producing something which is worthless."

May I reverse the question? Looked at thus baldly, apart from the melodrama, what could be more valuable as art? I have never seen New England country life, indoors or out. I want to see it. I have never seen great ice fields break up. I want to see that, too, and "the crashing and fall of masses over a dam." I shall certainly go to 'Way Down East” if I get the chance. .nd I do hope Mr. Griffith will some ay be moved to make a movie of "Uncle 'om's Cabin.” Think of Eliza running ver those real ice fields (not canvas nes), carrying a real baby (not just pillow covered with a shawl), and we uld get a "close up” of the baby, ighing or crying! How we love the vie babies! igain we ask, What is art? If you | watch the people in any library ling-room for a few hours, you will that ten look at the pictures in ional Geographic" where one reads

Text. My life, like millions of others, has been circumscribed. Westward I have gone as far as Chicago, eastward to New York. And yet, thanks to the producers and directors and actors and Photographers and the rest, I have seen the wonders of nearly every land under the sun. I have seen the seas and all that in them is. I have had wonderful rides in the airplane, with most of the attendant sensations. I have been in battles, in wrecks at sea, have attended Peace Conferences, hobnobbing with the great ones of the earth. I have shaken hands with President Harding—that is, almost. I have become acquainted with animals and birds I never knew existed.

In our town we have the "Garden." The very name is restful. The decorations consist of latticework, with trailing vines and flowers. In the ceiling, which is high and domelike, are real twinkling stars. There is a large pipe organ. Originally it (the "Garden") was a church, and I think of it still as a church and I say, "Thank all the powers that be," that have accomplished this wonderful thing, not perfected yet, but greatly enlarging and enriching our lives.

LOUISE S. HALSEY. Battle Creek, Michigan.

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England, Beautiful North Wales NEW YORK

Two ladies, long experience in a girls' boarding school, will ehaperon three or four girls to England sailing about June 8th, returning

mid-September. One month London visiting Spend Your Summer

places of interest in and around city. Motor

tour through Shakespeare's country, Strat-

ford-on-Avon, Warwick, Kenilworth, en route
North Wales. Will take house probably Dol-

West 72d St., to
gelley picturesque

old world
town, five weeks.

to 71st St., Nei
Motorings through entire country visiting

300 rooms, each with bat
Edwardian castles, Harlech, Conway, Car-
narvon. Opportunities golf, tennis, fishing,

fireproof. One block t
boating, bathing. Some social life.

trance of Central Park. Small Groups

Address 5,111, Outlook. refinement combined w

rates. Send for illustra Scholarly Leadership

Hotels and Resorts Interesting Itineraries


NEW YO Weekly Sailings

ADIROND Write for further details to



Wabi Kon Camp Keene Valley, N.Y. W
15 Boyd Street
Newton, Mass.

TEMAGAMI Lake Temagami in spruces and piues. Bea
THIS miniature paradise of happi-

Ontario, Canada booklet. $18 to $20. M. E.

The unspoiled country- A Camp with every
AIXES BAINS heart of Europe. It may be reached

counfort in the heart of four million A DIRONDACKS, 1

overnight from all the principal
derful fishing. Guides, Boats, Canoes

plain. Cottages with ce
and Launches. Bathing, Tramping. One night

where meals are served. Ref cities and points on the Continent from Toronto. Excellent table. Write for booklets.

For circular or information VICHY and England. Swiss hotels again

MISS G. ORR, 250 Wright Ave., Toronto, Ont., Canada

BURNHAM, 233 Broadway, N have flung wide their hospitable



doors. And there has been no appreHEALTH RESORTS OF EUROPE for

HESTER,VT. "The ciable increase in the cost of living. OGUNQUIT, MAINE CURE, REST AND

ful summer home. Ch I will be ready to receive applications for

rooms, pure water, bath, ho

Take advantage of our free in-
formation service, which in-
boarders May 10th. Mrs. D. W. PERKINS.

piazza, croquet, fine roads. 1

Refs. exchanged. The Miss Luxurious hotels and magnificent Casinos,

cludes useful travel literature. Temples of Fashion throbbing with Life,

"Select Collection" on receipt


ME. HITCHCOCH Restful Villas and Pensions amidst Syl

of ten cents to cover postage.

Near beach and pine woods. Vegetables van Surroundings and Alpine Scenery,

from our own farm.

Pittsford, Vt. Beautiful
Modern Thermal Establishments, Sport
Official Agency of

rooms, excellent table. $14.
Organizations of every kind, combine to
please every taste and meet all budgets.

WYOMI For your conrenience, arrangements hare

241 Fifth Avenue, New York City been made whereby you can secure your

If You Are Tired or Need a Change steamship, and railway tickets, and book London: 11b Regent St., S.W. Paris : 20 rue Lafayette you cannot find a more comfortable place in

WYOMIN your hotel reservations without any in

New England than crease in cost whatever at the office of the


An all season stock ran

table, and our own garden i

281 Fifth Ave. at 30th St.

and saddle
OR BOYS A professor, graduate It affords all the comforts of home without COMFORT in the Big'i

of an English college, knowing the

Reservations all the year.

Continent thoroughly, languages and
customs, will save you money and annoy-
ances. Terins reasonable. 4,993, Outlook.


Health Re
tery of the Orient lures visitors

from all over the world to

Boating, bathing excellent. Cottages. Ideal
place for summer.Own garden.C.D.Crawford.


A unique place where overA Summer Cruise

down business and professi

health and strength. Open a The quaintest and most interesting of all THE LANDS of THE

tary new buildings. Moderi

The Leslie countries. Come while the old age customs

perior accominodations. T prevail. Write, mentioning “Outlook to A quiet, cosy little house by the sea. Opens individual, assures the max

supervised course, specially MIDNIGHT SUN JAPAN HOTEL ASSOCIATION June 11. Private baths. Descriptive booklet. the minimum tine. Rates Care Traffic Dept.

clude all charges : physi
Iceland :: The North Cape

medical care, treatment, tra

riding horses, baths, massag

91 Elm Street, Northampton, Mass. The Fjords of Norway

for full information.
Season June 24 to Sept. 10. Reservations may

personal direction of DR.

(physician, surgeon and at Rates for a single room without bath and with 3 meals, be made now. Detailed information upon

72d Street, New York City. Sailing direct from New York

$5-6 in cities and popular resorts, $4-5 in the country application to Mrs. M. V. BURGESS.
June 25, 1921

Street, LINDEN|The Ideal
Northampton, Mass. Season, from July

Doylestowa, Pa. lan institu

People and visiting, also, Scotland,

1 to Sept. 1. For details address 0. S. BLAIR. OF ENGLAND

the personal study and sp

went of the invalid. Massa Holland, Belgium and

Fine location. Running water in bedrooms. Hydrotherapy. Apply to

Private baths. Open wood fires. Sun parlor.

CATHEDRAL ROUTE Fresh eggs, cream, chickens. Rates moderate.

(late of The Walter Sa
$850 and upward

East Anglia, Home of the Pilgrim NEW HAMPSHIRE

Fathers, Dickens and Tennyson DisSend for illustrated booklet.

tricts, Seaside Resorts, Golf. RAYMOND & WHITCOMB CO. THE FELIX HOTEL Forest Hills Hotel and Bungalow Colony 22 Beacon Street, Boston FELIXSTOWE, ENGLAND


Karl P. Abbott, Managing Director
The most magnificently appointed estab- Golf, tennis, dancing, woodland paths, rest.
lishment on the East Coast of England,

Finest view east of the Rockies.

owned and managed by the Great Eastern 300 acres-new hotel-unobtrusive service

Railway Company. Illustrated brochure unexcelled cuisine-spring water-physician Write for detailed itinerary of our remark- on request.

- Particularly high grade clientele of desirable sixty-day European trip for $850. E. D.

able Americans. Resort ideal for children. QUICK, Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. HARWICH ROUTE

Moderate tariff".

Sanford Hall, 2 Months' European Tour England to the Continent Robinswood Mansion Gilmanton,

Private Host
England, Holland, Belgium, France

Offers high-class boarding and table accom-
modations for a few adults and autoists en

For Mental and Nerv 1

-End of June to end of AugustEscorted by Dutch lady, recently re


route. Dry, cool climate. Splendid scenery.
Agreeable society. Lovely
drives. Booklet.

Comfortable, homelil turned from Europe, speaks language

Mrs. Roberts, 384 William St., East Orange, N.J.ings; modern methods 1 of every country. Small, exclusive New Service Commencing June, 1921

competent nurses. 15 a party. References. Address Miss RELA MESSEL, 206 W. 69th St., N. Y. City. DIRECT


park, flower and veget

Food the Write .
Luxurious Steamers Pullman Car Trains

; Parties enrolling now. Moderate

213 Madison Avenue
prices. Most interesting routes.
Apply for illustrated booklet,

The Bethesda W
Great success 1920.
The World War Battlefields of

Near 36th Street
Belgium and France,”

New York

A private sanitarium for in TEMPLE TOURS 65-A Franklin St.,

Exclusive residential hotel, excellent table,

who need care. Ideal surroui
Boston, Mass.
H. J. Ketcham, Gen. Agt.
attractive rooms. Select neighborhood near

for terms Alice Gates Bugbee

best shops and theaters. Now booking summer rates SEE EUROPE 311 Fifth Ave. (at 32d St.), New York 1, Five weeks with Prof. Otto Bond, Chicago

HOTEL JUDSON 53 WashingUniversity. ,

ton Square Karine in the Chateau country, the Pyre GO TO EUROPE IN 1921 adjoining Judson Memorial Church Rooms WANTED-Adult Boar

The Bear en Travel

The Ben
in Travel


Rock Lodge He:


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Country B

with without per day, . With the understanding also."

AT MY EXPENSE by organizing a including meals. Special rates for two weeks Virginia farm Excellent



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09 N

Property Wanted


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College Woman Would



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Country Board

Real Estate


Companions and Domestic Helper Wanted APULTS ON ORANGE COUNTY FARM, by lady MASSACHUSETTS

SPEECHES, lectures, and special articles REFINED lady, speaking French, Spanish who has two double rooms and sound eingle For Rent, Summer Season Marion

prepared for all occasions. Prompt and careful desires to be companion, home or traveling . . Good eques

service. 1,000 words, $10. Sanborn and Pierce, Miss Xhrouet, Grand Haven, Mich. trian roads. Golf within easy motoring dis On Buzzards Bay, attractive old-fash- Studio, 690 Shepard Ave., Milwaukee, Wis.

POSITION wanted as housekeeper fo tauce. References exchanged. 4,773, Outlook. ioned house, 3 living rooms, kitchen, laundry,

business woman or companion to invalid. Nei 6 master's and 3 servants bedrooins, 4 bath

9,770, Outlook.


In rooms. A QUIET HOME

Two acres cultivated ground and country gardens ; combination bar and garage;

SUMMER position wanted as companion village for elderly people. Private water-front rights and float. 5,129, Outlook.

LANTERN slides made and colored. High

or governess. 9,768, Outlook. rk. Ininily, $10 week. Box 155, Portageville, N. Y.

est grade work. 25 years' experience. Edward

Van Altena, 29 West 38th St., New York City. SUPERVISING housekeeper wishes posiw Manomet, Plymouth, Mass.

tion hospital or institution. Experienced. tra Apartments NEW FURNISHED COTTAGE

Best references. 9,743, Outlook.

HELP WANTED to let or for sale; broad piazzas, electric

TRAVELING companion. Young woman FOR RENT lights, hot and cold water, conveniences,

Business Situations

of intelligence and refinement going to open fireplace; terms moderate. WM. H.

Europe will act as companion to older wo-
Summer or longer
HAWLEY, Room 148, State House, Boston. WANTED - 1,500 Railway Traffic Inspec- man. References exchanged. 9,835, Outlook.

torsno experiencefor
D furnished Single or Duplex Apartment FOR RENT DURING SUMMER Shrough spare time home study easy teruna

COLLEGE graduate, experienced traveler, Lower 80's close to 5th Avenue.

$110 to $200 and expenses

offers services on voyage to Britain in return Reasonable rent. Possession any time. LARGE FURNISHED HOUSE anteed, or money back. Qutdoors, local or

for her expenses. References. 9,840, Outlook. fourteen rooms and two baths, in pleasant traveling, under

big men who reward ability. POSITION as hostess in hotel, camp, or club w WM. B, MAY & CO.

location in old New England college town. Get Free Booklet CM-27. Stand. Business by young woman; at present hostess in army bea 570 Madison Ave., New York Apply to Box 752, Northampton, Mass. Training Inst., Buffalo, N. Y.

camp. Would combine other duties and no E Phone 0270 Plaza.

SPLENDID clerical work opportunity,

preference to locality. 9,836, Outlook. or Rent, for Summer, furnished apartment,


Spare or whole time. No canvassing, good WANTED-Refined, cultivated woman 1 Bedford Section, Brooklyn. 4 rooms, bath,

money. Chautauqua Business Builders, would like position, in home as manager, elephone, electricity, Steinway piano. Mod- LAKE SUNAPEE, N. H. Jamestown, N, Y.

chaperon or companion. Widower or bachelor rate. References first letter. 4,997, Outlook.

preferred. References exchanged. 9,837, Cei

Charming Summer Homes and Cottages,
furnished, for rent and for sale. Write for

Companions and Domestic Helpers Outlook.
booklets. SARGENT & Co., New London, N. H. DIETITIANS, superintendente, cafeteria LADY recommends managing, house-
Heulquarters Lake Sunapee Real Estate managers, governesses, matrons, house-

keeper; Swedish woman, trustworthy, capakeepers, social workers, and secretaries.

ble, refined. Miss Otterberg, 132 East 45th NEW JERSEY

Miss Richards, Providence, East Side Box 5. Bt., New York. Phone 8700 Murray Hill. IANTED- Attractive location for

Boston, Fridays, 11 to 1, '16 Jackson Hall, summer tea room, furnished or

GRADUATE nurse, refined, sunny dispoot, Berkshires or seashore preferred. ALICE To Rent, MONTCLAIR, N. J. Trinity Court. Aadress Frovidence. ADUL, 1546 E. Jefferson Ave., Detroit, Mich.

WANTED-- Lady of refinement and educah

sition, will take intelligent care of lady or for three or four Summer Months tion as mother's assistant with children.

gentleman in mountains or at seashore. $65
10 minutes' walk to Lackawanna station.
Apply Mrs. Karran, 75 Fulton St., N. Y. City.

month. Credentials. 9,802, Outlook.
Adults only. 10 rooms, 2 baths, 4 toilets. All

WANTED-Young woman to serve as com- COMPANION Very capable, willing, modern improveinents small vegetable gar

cheerful. Would keep house. References. nall modern, year-round bungalow,seashore, den. Cheerful home for invalid. 6,136, Outlook.

panion to girl 7 years and boy 5 years. Ex-
sco Bay to North Jersey. 5,137, Outlook.

perience not necessary. Intelligence and re- 9,801, Outlook.
NEW YORK CITY finement and references required. Brooklyn
in winter and Long Island summers. Address

COMPANION or governess. Refined, edu-
Real Estate

P. S. W., 28 Orange St., Brooklyn, N. Y.

cated young woman. Would travel. Summer. FOR SALE

9,810, Outlook

COMPANION-Refined, educated male for
A large and exceptionally well built house of backward young man (no tutoring); position GENTLEWOMAN, English, experienced

16 rooms, in good condition, on corner plot, offers attractive home and liberal compensa practical nurse, wishes position as traveling
86 x 200, in Bay Ridge. a suburb of Greater tion. In reply give full name, age, persona) companion to lady or young girls. Good sailor

New York. Wide porches, open fireplaces, history, and references. 9,827, Outlook. AMDEN ON THE COAST OF

and traveler, speaking French and Spanish. trees, garden. Suitable for small institu

REFINED companion, generally, useful,

Highest references. Terms by arrangement. Fully furnished, attractive cottage, on Diltion, sanitarium, school. 5,101, Outlook.

willing to do light housework. References. Lease, Box 834, Scarsdale, N. Y. gham Point, on the shore. Apply to

9,813, Outlook.

YOUNG woman desires position as travelL. DILLINGHAM, 599 5th Avenue, N. Y.


WANTED--Man and wife without children ing companion. 9,812, Outlook. as caretakers on small country place in YOUNG English lady seeks position as

northern New Jersey. Man must have thor class summer cottage ADIRONDACKS For saleo-Fur.

cottage ough knowledge of the care of cows. 9,846Cross and Royal Army Service Corps. Cali

companion-chauffeuse. Four years with Red in heart of the Adirondacks, Keene Valley. Outlook.

fornia preferred. 9,819, Outlook. ar the sea and 200 ft. above it. 10 chainbers, For particulars apply to 5,115, Outlook.

WANTED— Mother's helper, between ages aths, running water. Living-room 34 x 16,3

of twenty-five and forty, for girl two and a

CAPABLE, pleasant, well educated Protsplacen, open plumbing, hardwood floors, A : half. Experience and references required.

estant woman desires position as companion ctric lights, garage. Also smaller cottage

To private parties (not invalids) fur-
Mrs. James Ladd, Ardmore, Pa.

to lady in home of culture and refinement. ar by. J. R. PRESCOTT, Newtonville, Mass. nished cottage, 8 rooms and bath, on Big Tup

Willing to travel. Highest credentials. 9,824, per Lake; high, breezy, wooded site; superb

Teachers and Governesses Outlook.

outlook. Garage, boats, ice, wood, etc. Easy
access by fine road. Owner 5,103, Outlook. WANTED-Competent teachers for public

MAN, 27 years of age, college graduate, por Sale, 2-story Bungalow, 45 x 60,

and private schools. Calls coming every day.

year's attendance in French Lycée, 8 months urlyfurnished; commanding location. $2,500,

Send for circulars. Albany Teachers' Agency, with French escadrille, wants few months
For Rent, Keene Valley, Adirondacks
Albauy, N. Y.

engagement as guide through Europe, comms to snit. Cost $6,000 to duplicate. Photos, 18, MCCLAVE, 1 Madison Ave., N. y. City: Large, completely furnished cottage, linen,

TEACHERS WANTED-College graduates

panion, tutor. Can drive car. 9,839, Outlook. silver, etc., 3 bathrooms, 8 fireplaces, telefor all departments of schools and colleges.

SECRETARIAL companion, chaperon, Irished Cottage mo, to let for sumAt Isle-au-Haut, phone, garage, magnificent mountain and September vacancies. Special terms for early

with travel abroad, by refined woman. Know! valley views. Golf and tennis near. Address enrollment. THE INTERSTATE TEACH

edge stenography, music, language. 9,842, $250. 10 rooms, wide double verandas, M. S. LUDLUM, 1827 Pine St., Philadelphia. ERS' AGENCY, Macheca Building, New

Outlook. ter-front, 25 acres land, good well, excellent

Orleans, La.

Teachers and Covernesses king and fishing. Apply 5,131, Outlook. Santa Cruz Park Haines Falls, Cats

kill MtsRent WANTED -First-class handcraft teacher

. for girls' summer camp. Give training and FRENCH Jady, refined, experienced teachexperience. 9,804, Outlook.

er, excellent references, wishes position for For Rent-Summer Cottages

WANTED-Woman of refinement and tact.

summer. Chaperon, tutoring, private secreautifully situated and completely fur8. H., General Delivery P.O., Englewood, N. J. Teacher whose time is free latter part of day

tary. Would travel. 9,721, Outlook. ked for housekeeping.

and during the summer, or one who can do

REFINED. young college student desires

vote entire time will be considered, to assist summer position as tutor and companion to 8. WARE, 6 Fast 8th St., New York City. FOR RENT On LAKE GEORGE Furnished cottages. Golf, tennis, boating, mother in care of two boys of school age. No

boy or boys in private family. Athletic.

teaching except small assistance in lessons. Good references. 9,734, Outlook. runquit, Me. Beautifully furnished bathing, fishing. Meals at Club if desired!

Comfortable home and very moderate amount eleven room house ; liv- GLENBURNIE CO., Glenburnie, N. Y.

TEACHER in girls' vocational school dining rooms, hall, kitchen, seven double

of time required, but applicant must have would like summer work. Governess. Girls' rooing, laundry, pantries, large porches,

good judgment and natural aptitude for age. Best location. Superb views of moun

boys. 9,821,

camp preferred. References exchanged. 9,764,

Outlook. u and sea. Season $1,200. 5,105, Outlook,

HOPKINS' Educational Agency, 507 Fifth COLLEGE graduate, successful boys' the pines, furnished. Open fires. Sand Avenue. Governegges, nurses, caip direcEMAQUID, MAINE

teacher, wishes position as tutor for summer. beach for children. $250 to $300 for senson. tresses, swimming teachers, housekeepers, 9,795, Outlook. FOR SALE OR RENT C.H.EASTON, 140 Liberty St., New York. attendants, companions.

WANTED-Position for the summer in est estate on Maine Coast. Large Colonial

girls' camp. Will tutor. Highest references. se. Ocean view, fine harbor and drives.

G. TIBBETTS, Þemaquid Harbor, Me.

SUMMER work by English woman as libra-

Professional Situations rian, pianist, or teacher. 9,829, Outlook.
Let for sea


Located directly on Trout Lake, three miles WOMAN RESEARCH EXPERT, EDIson, at

YOUNG Swiss lady, speaking French, Gerlahed home, 8 rooms, bath, all modern.

tive by good road from Bolton Landing, Lake TOR, AUTHOR, now holding responsible man, and English, desires position as gove re frontage. L. H. LANE, Sedgwick, Me. George. Entirely new, Built by present position, seeks connection,

business or other,

or companion with family going owner, who will rent for the entire season at offering scope to unusual experience and abroad. Excellent references. 9,838, Outlook.

moderate rental.Completely furnished carrying commensurate salary. Resourceful, ΤΟ throughout.

COLLEGE GIRL desires position as govFive rooms (three thorough, versatile, has organized nationally droom cottage, on water's edge, with best LET bed rooms) and bath. Kitchen with

erness or companion. Experience in college

known information bureau, published many of Mt. Desert. 5 fireplaces. Terms modrunning water. Ice, wood, and magazine articles and two standard books.

president's family, 9,803, Outlook. e. Rev. Geo. L. Paine, New Haven, Comu. row boat included. Career may be checked in Who's Who, 1920–

PRIVATE school teacher of English, who For full particulars address 4,511, Outlook. 21. 9,831, Outlook.

likes housework, desires work June 23-Sept. FARMS-33 STATES

15. 9,805, Outlook.
$10 to $100

RESEARCH, translation, editing, librat
an Acre. Stock,
ries catalogued and resystematized, by young

PARISIAN lady, education and refinement,
tools, crops, often included to settle quickly.

lady, college trained and with extensive head of French department in leading school,
Write for big illustrated catalog. Strout Farm
experience. 9,817, Outlook.

desires to spend 3 summer months vacation
Agency, 150 BM Nassau St., New York City.

with well educated and comfortable family to
Businoss Situations

speak and teach French, for expenses only,
SECRETARY-Young woman, experienced,

no remuneration. No objection to traveling.
desires position in school or college. Refer-

9,800, Outlook.
ences. 9,726, Outlook.

GOVERNESS or nursery governess. Edu-
Four modern, furnished houses, seven miles

GUNQUIT, MAINE Electricity and bath. Meals at attractive Inn

Lake Champlain Shore front



Lake Champlain KOR SALE or TO

dfurniture: 1 master's rooms, 3 baths,
Bottle an estate, attractive house
Tvants' rooms, living and dining rooms,
Verta pantry, kitchen, laundry, furnace,
places, sun and sleeping porches.
ERLY PUTNAM, Agt., York Harbor, Me.

for season, beautiful country greens of Maine. Short distance to State

YOUNG man desires position of superin

cated young woman, experienced, wishes to from St. Albans, Vt. Dock, bathing beach. tendent or assistant in boys' institution, or in

take charge of one or two young children. Apply Dr. MELVILLE, St. Petersburg, Fla. church work among young people. Would

References. 9,844, Outlook. tutor. Experienced. 9,748, Outlook.

SPANISH, English teacher, American, 15 BOARD AND

years Cuba, desires position teacher, superROOMS

LADY desires position as assistant or take charge of linen room in an institution. 9,760,

intendent school, institution. Executive exOutlook.

perience both countries. Diplomas. ReferLADIES visiting New York, professional

ences. In New York June. Mrs. Amy Grant, women, students, transient or permanent,

AVIATOR, former Lieutenant Army Air Superintendent of Schools, Chaparra, Cuba. June-October. Apply School for Girls, 17 East

Service, desires position as pilot with firm 9,815, Outlook.
86th St.

or individual, passenger-carrying, exhibition
work, or Gosport instruction. Address John

FRENCH woman, teacher, desires summer
F. Bay, Jarrettsville, Md.

position, tutoring i elementary or

ory conversation. References. HONEY

COLLEGE girl desires unmmer steino- i Outlook
Delicious honey. Guaranteed
pure. $1.90 for 1A non

graphic position. 9.834 Auton

from Portland to Augusta; two miles urge beautiful lake and Kennebec River. u large roorns, large veranda, modern conences, fireplaces, wood, telephone, place anto. Milk, fresli eggs, fowl and some tables could be furnished at market from the farm if desired. 5,135, Outlook. MASSACHUSETTS EERFIELD COLONIAL tished, 8600 for summer ** 100 year. Oran




The Greatest Treasure House

of Linens
in America"

Reg. Trade Mark

Table Cloths and Napkins

at Lower Prices WHETHER you are purchasing fresh Linens for

a Country Home, a Yacht, a Club or the tiniest of Bungalows, you will find the present price reductions at “The Linen Store” surprisingly to your advantage.

Values Readily Apparent

22 x 22 ins. $6.50, 8.75, 9.00 and up
24 x 24 ins. $11.75, 12.00, 14.75 and up


muth 1 TRYING to beat a train at a railway

little 25

rasn't crossing is declared by the Southern Pacific Railway to be, in its experience,


. Ju

bank whe the most prolific cause of automobile accidents. In three years 970 automobile

the re drivers came to grief through misjudga ing distance and time in trying to beat bus gre

200 I did the Southern Pacific locomotives. A considerable number of reckless drivers

both." actually run into the crossing gates in ! 'Helen, trying to beat the trains—122 accidents rac norel of this nature occurred in three years. tion reporA large number of cars get stalled on begins the tracks when trying to cross in front gehucus re of a train. “A passenger train that is tels about a quarter of a mile away is also only three Epis about a quarter of a minute away," says the railway's report, “and a quarter o Gabriele a minute is pretty short time to effect New Fork an escape if in shifting gears the engine bese ir a goes dead." Over nineteen hundred on tbe Gra automobiles were wrecked at grade be vil sett crossings on this railway in the period. as pressible, named.

por clich The programme of an amateur boring break of the bout, according to a daily paper, printed the first name of one of the stars 22 A subscribe “Nut" instead of “Nat." The aggrieved from a Calez boxer, on remonstrating with the pub diration tha licity man, was told apologetically that are well as E it was his first experience as a fight pro Leir Wester moter, and “with such names as Pet the Gorilla, Young Samson, Battling tith ensure Mike, and so on, Nut looked all right Be when the proof came from the printer par LINE

will be a big

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2 x 2 yards $5.75, 7.00, 8.00 and up
2 x 27 yards $8.50, 9.25, 10.00 and up
274 x 244 yards $10.50, 12.00, 13.00 and up

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fuererts, is rare chance

Special Lot A splendid variety of long Dinner Cloths at about 2 price.

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Orders by mail receive our careful attention.

o's Lacksle

James McCutcheon & Co. Fifth Avenue, 34th & 33d Sts., N. Y.

An American traveler, writing about "Invalid Europe" in a book with the title just published, says that he found 7 KDOF 10 Europe far less changed outwardly that a escept w he had expected, and social life as affects the tourist little different frete saties what he had found it before the watket *), says "Above all," he says, "the Americanuman Spher traveler especially tender of his parentures 80 material comfort is likely to be agreement and be ably surprised. the strength of his currency to obtain rem EC goes in Europe, he is enabled througe sit Keith all the comforts and almost all of the says the luxuries that he may desire, and at

find that less cost than in his own country."

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SITUATIONS WANTED Toachers and Covernesses HARVARD graduate 1921 wants summer position as tutor and traveling companion. Excellent references. Write A. B. N., 6 Garden Terrace, Cambridge, Mass.

COLLEGE woman, age 27, as tutor or companion on trip abroad in return for expenses. 9,825, Outlook.

SUPERIOR native French teacher,"available next fall; college or school in or near New York. Highest credentials. , 9,828 Outlook.

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Any Boy or Girl Can Earn

Money in Spare Time IF F there are boys or girls in your

family, why not encourage them to become Outlook salesmen in your neighborhood? This outdoor work is good fun and is excellent training for a business career. We supply all necessary materials

to start this work, and furnish complete suggestions as to how to proceed. No investment or experience is required. If a youngster is old enough to play marbles or spin a top, he is old enough to earn his own spending money selling The Outlook. Address applications to Carrier Department

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MISCELLANEOUS MISS Guthman, New York shopper, will send things on approval. No samples. References. 309 West 99th St.

BOY8 wanted, 500 boys wanted to sell The Outlook each week. No investment necessary. Write for selling plan, Carrier Department, The Outlook Company, 381 Fourth Ave., New York City.

EXPERIENCED teacher, Bryn Mawr graduate, will chaperon and tutor two girls at iainily camp, Maine, July, August. Terms reasonable. References exchanged. 9,675, Outlook.

TWO normal or problem children can have country life at quiet seashore place this summer, in care of experienced mother holding master's degree in psychology. Specialty rervous or bad tempered children. Terms moderate. 9,832, Outlook.

AUTOMOBILE, Oakland sedan 1920, good condition, to rent for several months. 9,820, Outlook.

DR. Charlotte Hammond offers semi-invalids delightful home, good cheer, attention to diet, medic care. Paris Hill, Me. WANTED-Invalid attorney desires imme


New York

financial help to publish profitable
book and industrial almanac on South-
lifornia for tourists, settlers, investors,
itferent; be in great deinand half

What party will understand and
References, Address Barnard Boy

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Two good, sound tips for making money are described by Bruce Barton “Collier's." The first is that of a fire cier who lived in the suburbs and wit to Wall Street only when bad news on the front page of the papers of the brokers Then he bought. When news was amag ingly good he quietly sold. Thus L., DDS, 21 made a considerable fortune. The the out ond tip came from a man whose ness was finally suppressed by the te Office. He advertised an infallible i for making money, for only a dola The rule was: “Work like the devil ! never spend a cent." The Departure thought the advice sound, but its gesig geti illegal. it. The President of the Delaware

Saving money is a good way to "zel
Hudson Railway tells how he saved
“When I was a young man, I tried 18

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Retail Price $8.00 SHOES a Wool Matching
Special Shoes $10.00 | Special Shables $6.00




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THE OUTLOOK is month I watched the pennies, spent as ains

little as I could, and saved the rest. It byt wasn't easy.

One day I tried a new in its plan. Just put a definite amount in the bank when I first got my pay—and lived

Quality of Material s 97 on the rest. From that time on I began Reduced

and Workmanship to get ahead rapidly. The money in the hros:

Maintained bank grew regularly and surprisingly

Hand and I didn't have to think and skimp all

Stylish and Durable


THE STAMPED PRICE IS W. L. DOUGLAS PERSONAL GUARANTEE ross. "Helen, really I cannot permit you to THAT THE SHOES ARE ALWAYS WORTH THE PRICE PAID FOR THEM Sead novels on the Sabbath,” a conversainion reported in the Washington “Post"


They are the best known shoes in the

world. Sold in 107 W.L.Douglas stores, s gewegins. “But, grandma," is Helen's in


direct from the factory to you at only to ea zenuous reply, “this one is all right; it SOLD DIRECT FROM FACTORY one profit, which guarantees to you the er ti ells about a girl who was engaged to

TO YOU AT ONE PROFIT best shoes that can be produced, at the way shree Episcopal clergymen all at once."

lowest possible cost. W.L.Douglas name
and the retail price are stamped on the

bottom of all shoes before they leave end :: Gabriele d'Annunzio, according to the

the factory, which is your protection rt i New York “Times,” will make his future

against unreasonable profits. gear :ome in a palace which he has rented

W. L. Douglas shoes are absolutely the 58.00 meter in the Grand Canal in Venice. There

best shoe values for the money in this

PHOE' eckes : le will settle down to writing as soon

country. They are made of the best and By as possible, and one of his first books

finest leathers that money can buy. vill be a history of famous dogs—a book

They combine quality, style, work. pon which he was at work at the out

manship and wearing qualities equal

BOYS api reak of the war.

to other makes selling at higher prices.

They are the leaders in the fashion

$4.50&$5.00 . A subscriber sends this advertisement

centers of America. The prices are the same everywhere; The com a Calcutta (India) paper as an in

they cost no more in San Francisco than they do in New York. ication that East Indian accountants

W. L. Douglas shoes are made by the highest paid, re well up to the advanced methods of

skilled shoemakers, under the direction and supervision aeir Western brethren:

of experienced men, all working with an honest deterA smart young Parsi accountant


mination to make the best shoes for the price that OFFER ABSOLUTE

COMFORT AND WEARING with unsurpassed merits and qualifi


money can buy.

WOMEN AND BOYS cations, well acquainted with the manipulation of private and Limited

CAUTION Insist upon having w. L

Douglas shoes. The name concerns, is open to engagement. A

and price is plainly stamped on the sole. Be careful

to see that it has not been changed or mutilated. rare chance for those in search of a "Hall Mark." Apply to

W. L. Douglas shoes are for sale by over
9000 shoe dealers besides our own stores.
If your local dealer cannot

supply you, "I know nothing about aerial naviga

take no other make. Order direct from

President on except what I have read in Tenny

the factory. Send for booklet telling how
to order shoes by mail, postage free.

W. L. Douglas Shoe Co.,

167 Spark St., Brockton, Mass. in's 'Locksley Hall'” ["The nations' ry navies grappling in the central ue"?], says Mr. Shorter, editor of the ondon "Sphere," "but I like hearing of iventures so wonderful as those ac

implished by these two young men.” "he young men were Sir Ross Smith * ad Sir Keith Smith, who recently air

I aned from England to Australia. Mr.

€ 100
'Art Corners

and Tt-shorter says that he is "not thrilled by


I le fact that both are K. B. E.'s-

to-day * nighthoods are cheap to-day," but is cards.clippings in albums iry much thrilled by what these young

Made Iq Square, Round, Oval, Fancy and Heart

It is scientific, constructive, interesting, and unof black, gray, sepia, and red gummed paper.

biased in its treatment of the following and

slip them on corners of pictures, then wet and stiek, other subjects: Psychic principles a necessary en accomplished at so early an age

QUICK-EASY-ARTISTIC. No muss, do foss. At photo

supply, drug and stat', stores, Accept no substitutes; part of universal nature, and of the personality ey are only twenty-eight and thirty, re

there is nothing as good. 10c brings full pks. And samples of Deity, man, and beast. Constructive ideals.

from Engel Mfg.Co., Dept. 93-E, 4711 No. Clark St., CHICAGO What physical science has done and failed to do. lectively. They flew 11,500 miles over

Can psychic science succeed where physical sci

ence has failed ? Religion and the Bible, in the ur continents in 28 days and won IMPORTANT TO SUBSCRIBERS

light of physical and psychic science. The "fall 5,000 in prizes. When you notify The Outlook of a change in your

of man," and the breakdown of civilization.

A scientific explanation of the “new birth."

The address, both the old and the new address should be

greatest of all achievements. Strikes and what "Don't be afraid of chewing gum," given. Kindly write, if possible, two weeks before they cost. Can the present discords be displaced

by friendly and constructive co-operation? Attiys “Teeth and Health," a book fortithe change is to take effect.

tudes of mind that more dangerous than d by the degrees of its authors, T. J.

dynamite. What are the determining factors of

a successful civilization? Why humanity got the yan, D.D.S., and E. F. Bowers, M.D.

Dodson Wren

House Beautify Your Grounds with inquisition, the thirty years' war, the late world One of the outstanding facts in con

What 4 compartmnt's

war, and what has followed in its wake. 28 in. bigb.

Dodson Bird Houses_ an analysis of democracy and religion reveals. ·ction with the modern conception of 18 io, lo

A novel suggestion as to teaching ethics in the dlameter

They never fail to attract the song oth preservation is the increasing use

birds (Insectivorous birds) who in turn public schools. Limiting commercial privileges. destroy noxious insects. The valuable

What the business aim should be. Defects in the purple martin

will catch and consumo chewing-gum by our adult and ju

unlimited-state-ownership doctrine. Defects in on an averaso of 2,000 mosquitos a

day, besides other annoying in- the idea on which we base our method of choosnile population. Dentists have found

sects; the song birds will protect

ing legislative representation.

your trees, shrubs and gardens at the exercise of gum-chewing brings

from Insects and theirbeauty and

Many other questions on the vital needs of the song will bring joy and happiness.

hour are discussed in this book. A limited numout a better nutrition of the teeth.

Mr. Dodson has spent 80 years of lov.

ber of copies will compose the first edition, which ing study of the song birds, their

will be sold only as follows: Fill out and mail le cleansing action of the gum in the

habits, and how to attract them to
beautiful Bird Lodge' his home on

the following order blank.

the Kankakee River. Dodson Bird terstices of the teeth is a definite bene

Houses are a permanent Invest

ment; they will last s Ufetime; to these organs. Therefore, while the

To The Norlin Publishing Co., Stanwood, Wash. built of thoroughly seasoned Oak

Gentlemen : You may send me one copy of Psychic minant habit may not be commendable

Cypress, Selected White Pino and

Red Cedar; coated Dails and the best Science and Success, for examination. If I decide to keep it Price

lead and oil are used for their protection om an æsthetic standpoint,” the au

I will within three days after receiving it, either send you a against the elements. Built under Mr. Dod

P. O. order for $1.75 or my check for $1.85, or return the book.

son's personal supervision. lors go on to say, it is less objection

Order Now-Free Book, Your Bird Frenda,

sent on request, Mustrating Dodson Line Name ble than a bad breath, the constant for

giving prices, Bird picture free. ation of gas, or other directiu Joseph H.Dodson President American Audubon Assin

Address 756 Harrison

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A book of few words

many thoughts



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