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The simple beauty of this Gorham set appropriately takes its name from one of

the oldest Colonial cities-Portsmouth

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introducing a new atmosphere among Sterling silver circles.

It took a revolution to free the American colonies from the monarchical grip; and it is likewise requiring a revolution to release the Sterling silver trade from its aristocratic traditions. But this latter revolution is a friendly one, and dealers are gladly co-operating and are reviving in their communities a new appreciation of the singular merits of Sterling silver.

There is much to be said in favor of mass-production, and imitations are not without their justification; but surpassing compensations invariably attend one's possession of that which is genuine. The loud lauding of plated ware has created a public tolerance of articles of intrinsic inferiority, but the reassurance of the mark “Sterling" on an article of silver is incomparable. The one who purchases an article of Sterling silver engages in a transaction not for himself alone, but for generation after generation of his descendants. This message the dealers are conveying to their communities in cordial terms, and the response is unfailing.



"Silverware is not mere merchandise," says The Gorham Company to its deal. ers. “While it is a utility, it is also an embodiment of art. A love of the artistic is a necessary preliminary to a desire to possess fine silverware. А jeweler or jeweler's salesman who is indifferent to this appeal of art as embodied in the product of the silversmith will not prove a material factor in stimulating the sale of silverware. And even if he is alive to artistic appeal, he is not fitted to sell silverware with any large measure of success unless he is also informed on the subject.

"Salesmanship is daily becoming more

Loving-cup and cover, 37 inches in height, of modern Roman design. Gorham trophies have been fought for on the world's leading athletic fields and by

famous yachts at sea

It is

and more a matter of service. calling more and more for analysis of conditions-for digging below the surface, which, in the long run, means discovering the needs of your customer and taking steps to meet them. Such service to your customers means more than a better silverware business; it stimulates dealings in all your lines; makes customers want to patronize you more fully."

So favorable has been the public response to this new preaching of the charms, advantages, economy, usefulness, durability, beauty, and lasting satisfaction that Sterling silver brings that many dealers throughout the country found their silver department their

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chief source of income during the recent useful message to the dealers and the of product that made the silversmiths of lull when sales of jewelry and precious public.

old famous and keeps their names and stones fell off rather sharply.

their skill fresh in the memory of each FOOLISH GUARANTIES

succeeding generation. "BUY TO USE"

Franklin A. Taylor, President of The "Extravagant and unwarranted guar

Gorham Company, in a recent address anties of plated ware have been largely In reducing the prevalent notion of delivered at West Baden before the effective in establishing the notion that Sterling silverware as a gift article, The National Wholesale Jewelers' Associa- it is unwise to purchase solid silverGorham Company has done not only the tion, attacked two general fallacies as ware. Guaranties of twenty-five, fifty, entire industry, but all of us, a good to silverware in memorable language: and even one hundred years are pubturn.

"Sales of silverware-and I speak now lished broadcast, a practice that is drag. Multitudes whose practice it is to particularly of Sterling silver—are all ging the silver business down to the wear all-wool suits of clothes and who too often killed by the false idea that level of a competition in selling guaranfurnish their homes with articles of plated ware is just as good for all ordi- ties instead of merchandise. solid mahogany and of walnut have nary purposes, and far less expensive. "The experience of the watch-case hesitated in the past to provide them- No substitute can be as satisfactory as trade, and of manufacturers of tires, selves with articles of Sterling silver, the real thing. Veneered wood is not hosiery, gloves, and many other indusreserving these purchases for gift pur- 'just as good as' solid wood. Plated tries has proved that a time guaranty, poses, and unwisely denying themselves ware is the veneered wood of the silver- regardless of the use or abuse an article the lasting satisfaction of possessing for ware business. It can never serve as may be put to, is impossible and unjust. themselves and their heirs a reasonable well as Sterling silver, nor will it satisfy There are only two conclusions to equipment of household silver.

the owner once he or she has been reach: either the goods are not intended "Buy to use" is the terse phrasing in aroused to a level of appreciation of the to survive the guaranty and the guarwhich the company is delivering this worthiness of solid silverware—the kind anty is merely a bluff, or else the price

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is fixed to cover unwarranted wear by trated under the word 'Sheffield' wrongly what is not. Incorrect statements will the careless user at the expense of the applied. Sheffield plate, if made to-day, not then meet with credence as they do careful one.

could not compete with solid silverware to-day. "Solid silverware is not guaranteed in price, as the laborious method in- “Another false notion is that silver is for a certain term of years. Suppose it volved would more than offset the expensive, when, as a matter of fact, it were! Suppose it were guaranteed on greater amount of silver used in Ster- is economical, if we measure its everthe basis of its wearing qualities as ling ware.

lasting qualities against the brief life of compared with plate! Instead of being "Electroplate, sold to-day as Shef- its substitutes, whether they be china or guaranteed for one hundred years, it field, is a misrepresentation that fools plate. Still another is the idea that the would be guaranteed for four or five or the public and causes it to couple up initial cost is beyond the average pocketsix hundred, possibly one thousand some vague notion of superiority with book, when that average pocketbook years. How ridiculous! But how much the goods as offered—a notion that is yields two billion dollars every year for more ridiculous to guarantee plated entirely unwarranted by the facts. automobiles and alleged automobiles." ware for fifty to one hundred years! "Jewelers can help to eradicate this Imagine the heirs of the original pur- evil by correctly presenting plated ware,

REDUCING THE COST OF STERLING chasers trying to have the guaranty ful- in justice to their customers and to It is one's taste rather than one's bank filled fifty or a hundred years after date their own integrity. It would be wise account that drives one to the purchase of purchase! Does such a guaranty for the entire trade to wake up to the of Sterling silver, and there is probably really mean anything?

necessity of eliminating this practice of as much taste among the fisherfolk of

misrepresentation-innocent or inten- Maine and the open-range farmers of THE SHEFFIELD MISUNDERSTANDING

tional—for by this time next year, if Nebraska as along the boulevards. "Still another condition operating to the Gorham Interests' advertising plans The classes of people who have herediscourage the purchase of Sterling sil- bear fruit, the public will be very well tofore not been looked upon as buyers verware is the misrepresentation perpe- informed as to what is Sheffield and of Sterling are hearing Bach on their

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Nation-wide study of the situation in order to ascertain the facts.

This investigation disclosed that some jewelers, because of awkward methods, were working under unjustifiably high expenses.

Many dealers were suffering because they were handling too highly restricted a line of goods, which automatically kept down the numbers of their customers. Others were staggering under unwarranted expense for engraving. Free polishing and other service added to the load.

The result was that excessive "overhead” made it imperative for dealers to fix Sterling silver prices at figures within reach only of the few, instead of enabling merchants to reduce them to a point within reach of the many.



The Gorham Company at once undertook to get at this root of the unfortunate situation, and has helped large numbers of its dealers to correct their methods and accordingly to revise their prices downward.

Not content with this radical departure, the company attacked still another root of the danger—the middleman, or jobber. Eliminating the jobber from Gorham distribution was a difficult step to take; it meant lopping off considerable business, and meant parting company with many old and valued business friends.

"It is one of the peculiarities of our

(C) 1907 By Gutzon Borglum Most of the world's leading sculptors come to Gorham for their casting. This is a reproduction of Gutzon Borglum's Lincoln, the original of

which is in the Capitol at Washington


player-pianos and Mozart their phonographs. In their dining-rooms are chaste period designs of substantial construction instead of the tawdry furniture that used to sell so extensively for the sole reason that it was cheap. Public taste is far in advance of where it was a generation ago, and articles of solid and genuine worth are often in inarticulate demand where the dealer, bound by tradition, least expects to find that demand.

But in order to bring Sterling silverware within the reach and within the means of this vast, newly discovered demand, The Gorham Company found that it was necessary to reduce the costs of its distribution and sale, which were in many cases found to be excessive.

The Harvard's Bureau has reported that the retail jewelry business is more expensive to operate than any of the businesses the Bureau has studied, and this led The Gorham Company it. self to undertake a very careful and

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