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Flame shelling! -range 3 miles

3 This actually happened


beer hurch His mother vorrvivor

Taking the shape of a "V" the fire swept through the city, and burned

Brit more than 200 homes. Every building in the eight blocks of the business section was engulfed by the flames. The wind blew with such velocity that burning brands were carried for miles. A

day house three miles from Grand View it wa caught fire from such a brand and that

don was destroyed.




ou Compas


\HAT a house should catch fire

from a blaze three miles away may sound unusual. Perhaps it is. But this newspaper clipping indicates that it isn't distance from a fire that gives security to your building. It's the roofing on the building that makes it fire-safe-or fireinviting.

Isolation is not safety Had this house been covered with an all-mineral roof - such as any of the Johns-Manville Asbestos Roofings, the burning ember would simply have burned itself out-and not the building. It is just another case where isolation fooled the owner.

Read the reports of any conflagrations and you will see how single fires become conflagrations by this same roof-to-roof jump.

The panorama photo of a recent conflagration shows five distinct fires which sprung up shortly after the initial blaze. One nearly two miles away. Each in a district where inflammable roofs predominated.

Johns -Manville Asbestos

makes all roofs fire-safe So when you cover your buildings with some form of Johns-Manville Asbestos Roofing-it does more than protect your property. It helps form the kind of barrier that will stop these community confiagrations that happen at the rate of two a day.

Asbestos Shingles for residences, Asbestos Built-Up Roofing for flat roofs, Asbestos Roll Roofing for sloping roofs approved by Underwriters' Laboratories, Incorporated.

From New York Times

March 15. 1920

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Delightful Autumn Tours

TROUT AND THE FLY | Hotel Hargrave


Country House For Sale


Hotel Webster

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The Real








Tours and Travel Hotels and Resorts Hotels and Resorts

Real Estate



FOR RENT in the mountains
Jamaica. Fine bracing climate. Beautiful

ocean view. Apply to G. RUSSELL Hospital
In the heart of the Laurentian Mountains. A Select

Santa Tomas, Ancon, Canal Zone, Panama
Lodge run by university men. 75 miles from

West 720 St., through
Montreal, on privately owned forest land.

to 71st St., New York
Finest lake and mountaiu scenery. Altitude
1,600 ft. Excellent trout fishing and shooting. 300 rooms, each with bath. Absolutely
High grade cuisine. References exchanged.

fireproof. One block to 72d St. en-
Capacity, 12 men. Opened July 15 and closes

trance of Central Park. Comfort and
and the
September 15. Apply to PAUL A. LEIGHTON,

Fine old brick house in the town of
Lac Superieur, Terrebonne County, P.Q., Can.

refinement combined with moderate

Hollis, Maine, along the Saco River, with rates. Send for illustrated booklet J. outbuildings and about one acre of land. MAINE

Near the summer home of Kate Douglas
Wiggin. For particulars address Mrs.GEO.S.

HOBBS, 127 Pleasant Street, Portland, Me.
Sailings Aug. 13 and Sept. 14
Bailey Island, Maine

FOR YORK CLIFFS, ME. June 15 to October 1. Beautifully located

(Near 5th Avenue) overlooking ocean. For details write

To settle an estate, attractive house Mrs. N. C. STONE. 40 West 45th Street

and furniture: 7 master's rooms, 3 baths, -UREAU OF UNIVERSITY TRAVEL | The HOMESTEAD Kinder


2 servants' rooms, living and dining rooms, Bailey NEW YORK

butler's pantry, kitchen, laundry, furnace 15 Boyd St., Newton, Mass.

4 fireplaces, sun and sleeping porches. Me. Directly in the fashionable club and shopJune 15-Sept. 15. Always cool. Bathing ping section. Within five minutes' walk to

J. PERLY PUTNAM, Agt., York Harbor. Me. beach near Booklet. T. E. HAZELL.

all principal theaters. A high-class hotel MASSACHUSETTS

patronized by those desiring the best accoinAMERICAN TRAVEL MASSACHUSETTS modations at moderate cost.


Rates and map gladly sent upon request. Independent travel to the West and Eastern and Ca

9-room cottage, completely furnished,

JOHN P. TOLSON, Prop. nadian points. Itineraries submitted. laclusive price. HOTEL PURITAN

overlooking Quissett Harbor and Buzzards THE TEMPLE TOURS Commonwealth Ave. Boston

Bay, Mass. Meals at Harbor House, if de BOSTON



sired. Rates moderate. Apply to w. 0. Globe Trotters call the Puritan one of adjoining Judson Memorial Church. Rooms

LUDLOW, 101 Park Ave., New York City. the most homelike hotels in the world.

with and without bath. Rates 63. fuper eeks Cho Rent, and never rented before Your inquiries gladly answered

THARMING HOUSE For Sale or 01.Costello riguand our booklet máiled

including meals. Special rates for two weeks
or more. Location very central. Convenient

modern. Plymouth, Mass. Apply to

to all elevated and street car lines. RAYMONDWHITCOMB

J. B. SWANTON, Esq., 60 Allerton Street If You Are Tired or Need a Change TOURS & CRUISES

you cannot find a more comfortable place in

New England than

CHESTER YTO The Maples, " Delight-
ful suminer home. Cheerful, large, airy BASS LAKE

Bungalows, 3

4 and 5 furnished rooms, pure water, bath, hot and cold; broad

rooms, rent month or week ; 1X hours Lackapiazza, croquet, fine roads. Terms reasonable. GREENFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS

wanna. D. 0. MILLER, Blairstown, N. J.

Refs, exchanged. The MISSES SARGEANT.
It affords all the comforts of home without

Health Resorts

$90 for August. $125 August into October.

Furnished, 5 rooms, running water; inside
A journey of surprises
The Leslie

toilet. Fine location. A. WARD, Jay, N. Y. and wonders A quiet, cosy little house by the sea. Pri

BARGAIN Ideal place vate baths. Descriptive booklet.

for summer Sailings every month

hoine. 13 acres land, six-room house, barn, September to January,

henhouse. Four miles from Oquaga Lake,

five minutes' walk from depot, store, church, Eastbound or Westbound

post-office. Excellent water. 5,775, Outlook. South America


Hot aud cold running water in nearly all
An autumn tour October 29

bedrooms. Some private baths. Many, com-
fortably furnished rooms for general use.

Hogs, tools, equipment; close town: loan Pacific Northwest, Alaska Large, breezy, screened piazza. Fern room.

tillage ; pasture: 800 cords wood; fruit; sixArabian Nights Africa * Crowsnest” outlook Edison phonograph Sanford Hall, est. 1841

room house ; 60-ft. barn, poultry house. Sacri- laboratory model. Casino (separate build

ficed, $1,000, easy terms. Page 48 Catalog Japan-China ing) with playroom for children. Bowling,

Private Hospital

1,000 Bargains. FREE. STROUT FARM Europe tennis, croquet. Pleasant forest walks and

AGENCY, 150 BM Nassau St., New York City. For Mental and Nervous Diseases country drives. Cream, berries, fruit, fresh

eggs, chickens. Rates $15, 18, 21, 25 a week. Send for Booklet desired

Comfortable, homelike gurronnd


ings; modern methods of treatment; RAYMOND & WHITCOMB CO. NEW HAMPSHIRE

HONEY. Delicious new clover honey direct

competent purses. 15 acres of lawn, froin producer. Guaranteed pure and clean. 22 Beacon St., Boston

park, Power and vegetable gardens. prepaid Zones 1, 2, 3. Herbert A. McCallum,

10 5 $1.05postage
Food the best. Write for booklet. Great Barrington, Mass.
On Lake Sunapee
Sanford Hall Flushing New York

George's Mills, N. A.

IDEAL climate, special teachers, faithful, WEST OF 'FRISCO

if you seek a real rest along with the many
attractions our beautiful lake affords. Our

careful treatinent, massage, medical ortho
Beautiful, quiet, restiul and homelike. Over
house is homey and informa). Booklets of

paedic gyinnastics. Near Phoenix, Arizona. A superb Around the World Tour

141, Outlook. 26 years of successful work. Thorough, re

ANNA CHASE, Hostess. Sept., 1921-Apr., 1922. $5,215.

liable, dependable and ethical. Every comTHE TEMPLE TOURS

lort and convenience. Accommodations of BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES 65 A Franklin St. Boston, Mass. NEW YORK

superior quality. Disorder of the nervous sys-
tem a specialty. Fred. W. Seward, Sr., M.D.,

COOKING for PROFIT. Earu handsome
Keene Valley, N.Y. Edge- Fred. W. Seward, Jr., M.D. Goshen, N.Y.

income: home cooked food, catering, tea wood Cottage, accommodates

room. etc. Correspondence course. Am. 15. Fine location. Comfortable beds. Best of

School Home Economics, Chicago. tery of the Orient lures visitors food. All modern improvements. W. H. OTIS.

LINDEN The Ideal Place for Sick from all over the world to


Doylestown. Por la institution devoted to
ount Pleasant House, Orient, L.I. Quiet,
refined, homelike. Most delightful spot

WANTED-Competent teachers for public
the personal study and specialized trent-
on the Island. Water sports. 3 minutes' walk

went of the invalid. Massage, Klectricity,

and private schools. Calls coining every day. from beach. Illus. booklet. Accommodates Hydrotherapy.

Send for circulars, Albany Teachers' Agency

Apply for circular to 150. Eugene J. McDonnell, Prop. and Mgr. ROBERT LIPPINCOTT WALTER, M.D.

Albany, N. Y.

DIETITIANS, superintendents, cafeteria

(late of The Walter Sanitarium) The qnaintest and most interesting of all

NEW YORK CITY countries. Comne while the old age customs

managers, governesses, matrons. honse

keepers, social workers, and secretaries. to prevail. Write, mentioning "Outlook"

Miss Richards. Providence, East Side Box 5.

The Bethesda White Plains, JAPAN HOTEL ASSOCIATION

PLACEMENT BUREAU for employer and Care Trattic Dept.

A private sanitarium for invalids and aged

employee; housekeepers, matrons, dietitians, IMPERIAL GOVERNMENT RAILWAYS

who need care. Ideal surroundings. Address

governesses, secretaries, mother's helpers,

for terms Alice Gates Buigbee, M.D. Tel. 241. TOKYO

companions. 51 Trowbridge St., Cambridge, 202 West 103d Street

Mass. for full information

New York

School For Sale WANTED-Teachers all subjects. Good Rates for a single room without bath and with 3 meals,

vacancies in schools and colleges. Interna $5-6 in cities and popular resorts, $4-5 in the country A hotel of Quality and Refine: FOR SALE Anschool for girls

tional Musical and Educational Agency, Carand young

negie Hall. N. Y. with overflow enrollment Beautiful loca

CALIFORNIA.-We can place in California

and Arizona college graduates with post

No need . 5,779, Outlook. graduate study and seventeen months' teachParties enrolling now. Moderate block from Broadway Subway

ing experience, from the East, after this date prices. Most interestiug routes.

in lair quantity. Boynton Teachers' Agency, Great success 1920. Station-within easy reach of all Real Estate

Brockman Bldg., Los Angeles. TEMPLE TOURS 65 A Firauklius St.Shops and Theaters.


Boston, Mass

Single Room

Professional Situations
Single Room, Bath near by, $2.00


WANTED-Nurse for the summer for small Parlor, Bedroom, Bath, for 2 $3, 81, $5

infirmary in institution in the country. I GENTLEMAN'S ESTATE 3 miles

Parlor, 2 Bedrooms, Bath $5, $6, $7 from HARTFORD, CONN. 12 acres.
Colouial house, 12 rooms, 3 baths. steam heat,

Business Situations
Mountain air, beautiful surround-

Excellent Restaurant ings; fresh eggs, milk, vegetables,

WANTED-Energetic woman with trained

city water, electric lights. Attractive grounds. its Targe, cool rooms; podern bath.

Variety of fruits. Wonderful views. Prop- executive ability, capable of superintending 1) rates to families.

Moderate Prices -Table d'Hôte or a la Carte erty values increasing rapidly-assessed for activities of civic center in thriving town MADIES Condorenort Pa.

$19.00M). Will sell one-third over assessed valo- near Boston. Reply, stating experience and Write to Booklet Card Map of N. P. City ation. Mrs. J.W. BEALS, West Hartford, Coun. giving references. 193, Outlook


75 Acres with Horse, Cow





EUROPE 1921 Section of the West Side. Short com.entitaar opportunity for the right per :

Country Board

Does shaving irritate


your skin?


T is only twenty-five years ago," says

a writer in the "Railway Age," "that the newspaper men of New York City were invited to see a 600-ton passenger train slowly pulled out of the Grand Central Terminal by what was then considered a monster locomotive. That locomotive is now hauling a milk train on a branch line. It and its class have given place to really powerful locomotives that were not then dreamed of. To-day the fastest long-distance trains in the country weigh twice as much as the exhibition train referred to. In five years the average revenue train load of the country as a whole has increased from 475 tons to 728 tons, or an increase of over 53 per cent since 1915."



(Continued) whose incomes are $4,000 or less per year. Ninety per cent of these car owners use their passenger cars more or less for business.

EVEN the sharpest razor blade will irritate

. is no As far as traffic laws are concerned, need for you to endure irritation when you motor-truck manufacturers and motor: Try Ingram's Therapeutic Shaving Cream, truck operators are agreed that there and see how comfortable your shave will be.

Ingram's Therapeutic Shaving Cream has should be laws governing the gross an exclusive medicinal property that soothes weight, width and length of vehicle, and

the sensitive skin, heals little cuts. Leaves

your face smooth and cool. No need to use load, and that the first of these, the a lotion. weight, should be on the tire-inch basis,

Get your first jar from your druggist to

day-50c. If your druggist is not supplied, but they feel that all States should have send us 50c and give us his name and ada uniform law. Much motor-trucking to

dress. We will mail you a jar of Ingram's

Therapeutic Shaving Cream and a tube of day is inter-State, and as they are regu- Ingram's Zodenta for the teeth, lated to-day operators never know FREDERICK F. INGRAM COMPANY whether they are breaking the laws un- Windsor, Ont. 72 Tenth St., Detroit, Mich. til they are held for some infraction.

The Federal Highway Council Uniform Road Law is eminently fair, we believe, to all roads and to all truck Therapeutic Shaving Cream: owners. This law limits gross weight to 28,000 pounds and 800 per tire-inch, and speeds on pneumatic tires up to this

There is

In Every

limit of weight to 25 miles per hour.
Lesser speeds are provided for different

Ingrums weights on solid tires. Fifteen States

Tangenti Sholas have already adopted this law, which is indorsed by many highway officials and associations. Legislation that limits weight and speed of motor trucks should be the same the country over, the same as that governing rates on

“NO NIGHT THERE' common carriers. That our present National Govern

(The "City Four-Square")

A beautiful Bacred song for Church or Home ment realizes these things, and will

50c per copy postpaid eventually bring about an equality of The Biglow & Main Co., 156 5th Ave., N. Y. burden on the various forms of transportation is my firm belief, based somewhat on President Harding's own state ment that "the motor vehicle has become an indispensable instrument in our political, social, and industrial life, and

Shoe Polishes that highways are not only feeders to ARE SUPERIOR the railroads and afford relief from their local burdens, but that they are actually lines of motor traffic in inter-State commerce."

It is certain that the automobile and truck are vehicles of usefulness. They are common conveyances, necessary to the business mar, the professional man,

When you notify The Outlook of a and the farmer. Such an additional tax

change in your address, both the old on them as was recently proposed by Secretary of the Treasury Mellon would

and the new address should be given. be as senseless as one levied on the Kindly write, if possible, two weeks farmer's horse and wagon or upon every before the change is to take effect. boat plying our rivers and lakes.

Among the navigators of small sea craft the "Wide World Magazine" gives a high place to Captain Thomas Drake, a descendant of the famous circumnavigator, Sir Francis Drake. Captain Drake sailed alone during four years over 22,000 miles in a 32-foot boat, the Sir Francis. The little craft was finally wrecked off the coast of Salvador, but Captain Drake succeeded in reaching shore. Inhospitable natives of the bandit variety here met him and completed his misfortunes by relieving him of all his remaining possessions. He finally reached his home at Seattle, however, in good spirits and ready to begin a new career of adventure.



The great steamship Imperator, formerly a German liner, is to join the fleet of the Cunard Line under the name Berengaria. In the selection of this name the Cunard Line has made a departure from its usual custom of calling its vessels after the classical names of provinces of the Roman Empire. Berengaria was the wife of Richard I of Eng. land, the "Lion-Hearted.” He married her at Cyprus during one of the Cru.


Important to Subscribers dies!

Egypt, the home of the Sphinx and the Pyramids, is often supposed to be somnolent like them. A correspondent of the New York "Times,” however, gives this testimony as to the advanced style of advertising sometimes seen in Cairo: "At the funeral of a wealthy




Companions and Domestic Helpers Teachers and Governesses WANTED-Master in French and Spanish WANTED-Position by school secretary as GOVERNESS-Experienced teacher would in Episcopal boarding school in the East. traveling or nurse-companion. Capable of take charge of child until October. University 1 Salary $2,500 and living. Successful experience required. Quick action desired. 177,

taking entire charge of nervous or chronic graduate, artistic, musical, fond of outdoors.

invalid. Best references. College graduate. 188, Outlook. Outlook

168, Outlook.
MANAGING housekeeper, social secretary,

YOUNG woman of best family, graduate
companion, chaperon, care of motherless

of standard college, also studied in Europe,
Professional Situations

girls, or any post of trust and responsibility desires position in wealthy family. Prefers
desired by well-bred English woman. Takes

preparing older children for college. Refer-
YOUNG physician offers medical services. entire control. Invaluable to delicate elderly ences exchanged. Miss Margaret Young,
Will travel. 185, Outlook.
lady or gentleman. Sympathetic in trouble

Union, South Carolina. POSITION in college or large school by and illness. Highly cultured. Highest ref.

GOVERNESS - TEACHER, refined, well registered nurse; trained social worker. 190, erences. Liberal salary. 181, Outlook. Outlook.

educated, experienced, desires position in CULTIVATED gentlewoman, experienced school or fainily. Splendid for backward Business Situations

housekeeper and trained nurse, wishes posi- children. References. 192, Outlook. SECRETARY, college graduate, stenog- tion in home or institution where conscienraplier, bookkeeper, shopper, hostess. Seven tious work will be appreciated. Preferably SEPTEMBER. English woman as resident years' experience. Exceptional recommenda- where she could have daughter of nine years.

tutor. Advanced music (piano, harmony) tion. 186, Outlook.

Disengaged September. Mrs. Miller, 21 and English. French (good), Italian (elemenWANTED-Resident or non-resident posi- Northainpton Road, Amherst, Mass.

tary). Highest references. Experience. Eleven tion as social or literary secretary or chaperon; COMPANION, refined, well educated, de

years in this country. 187, Outlook. preferably in Washington, DC Social and sires position-118eful to lady or couple. Refbusiness references. Box 246, Williamsburg, erences. 191, Outlook. Va

MISCELLANEOUS Companions and Domestic Helpers

YOUNG lady, well educated, college grad

BOY8 wanted, 500 boys wanted to sell The Outlook each week. No investment necessary. Write for selling plan, Carrier Departinent, The Outlook Company, 381 Fourth Ave., New York City.

M. W. Wightman & Co. Shopping Agency, established 1895. No charge : prompt delivery, 44 West 22d St., New York.

EXCEPTIONAL care for child in lovely country home. Endorsed by prominent phy. sician.Conscientions mother (former teacher), tutoring if desired. $15

$20 weekly. Ref. erences. 176, Outlook.

MISS Guthman, New York shopper, will send things on approval. No samples. References. 309 West 99th St.

TO young women desiring training in the care of obstetrical patients a very thorough nurses' aid course of six months is offered by the Lying-In Hospital, 307 Second Ave., Nevi York. Monthly allowance and full mamt nance is furnished. For further information address Directress of Nurses.

uate, desires position as nurse-companion to LADY at present engaged as housemother valescent. Undergraduate, but practical PHILIP BURROUGHS STRONG.-Slipiu largo school desires change to siunilar prosi- experience, speaks French, musical, willing ply preacher. lecturer, occasional speaker, tion or as chaperon in young ladies' school. to travel. References exchanged, Canadian. Sunday evening story-teller, Bible recitation

OUR customers say this is the fact tionery they ever used. Ask for !! ples and you will say the same. notepaper and 100 envelopes, $1

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(Continued) Copt," he says, "which I saw passing Shepheard's yesterday afternoon, there was a big sign printed on white paper on both sides of the hearse which read, Telephone 610'—just a bit ahead of the undertaķers' methods of advertising in the Western world.”


"The old journalist,” says Mr. C. K. Shorter, of the London "Sphere," in de. scribing some changes in British jour. nalism, “thought that politics were the very center of the newspaper world. Lord Northcliffe was the first newspaper proprietor to discover that there were vastly more people interested in sport than in politics. In a copy of the 'Daily Mail' to-day, out of thirty-six columns of editorial matter, only half a column is devoted to politics. There is four times the space devoted to golf, and the leader on garden flowers is longer than the political one."

What happens to the films when a "picture" that is only partly taken loses its chief figure by death? Sometimes, an authority tells us, they are sacri. ficed; sometimes the directors succeed in finding an “understudy" who can look and act the part well enough to make the films worth completing. Threequarters of a million dollars had been spent a picture called "Fognish Wives," it is stated, when thú chief character


The country was searched far and wide for a duplicate hero, and at last he was found. When “ 'Way Down East" was one-fourth completed, a young actress who had an important part in it died. Her piquant young face had been imprinted on scene after scene. In this case all the films were sacrificed; another ingénue was engaged and every scene was retaken.

This Test


Told Millions the way to pretty teeth

Millions of people have already made this simple ten-day test. And the glistening teeth you see everywhere now are largely the result of this method.

We urge you to make it. Then see and feel how your teeth conditions change.

Must fight film You must fight film to keep your teeth whiter, safer and cleaner. Film is that viscous coat you feel. It clings to teeth, gets between the teeth and stays. The tooth brush, used in old ways, does not remove it all. So very few people have escaped the troubles caused by film.

It is the film-coat that discolors, not the teeth. Film is the basis of tartar. It holds

food substance which ferments and forms acid. It holds the acid in contact with the teeth to cause decay.

Millions of germs breed in it. They, with tartar, are the chief cause of pyorrhea. And all these troubles have been constantly increasing.

To daily combat it Dental science has for years been searching for a daily film combatant. It has now been found. Careful tests under able authorities have amply proved its efficiency. Leading dentists everywhere now advise its use.

The methods are embodied in a dentifrice called Pepsodent. And to millions of people, here and abroad, it has brought a new era in teeth cleaning.

The personal column of the London "Times" is an unfailing source of amusement to discriminating readers. Why some advertisers should be willing to pay a minimum charge of ten shillings ($2.50) for the matter they insert is a puzzle. Here are three specimens from a recent issue: I.Z. -Have lost the ring again.–Nadia. A GIANT might have found it. A letter

would be more discreet and might tell more of Will o' the Wisp. TH HREE ANTI-JAZZERS, fell

Up "holiday resorts," want HOME fo. August; suggestions welcomed. Write Boi 1.41.5, The Times.

Ask for this ten-day test


Ask for a ten-day test. Then judge by what you see and feel how much this method means.

Each use of Pepsodent brings five desired effects. It attacks the film in two efficient ways. It leaves the teeth so highly polished that film cannot easily adhere.

It multiplies the salivary flow--Nature's great tooth-protecting agent. It multiplies the starch digestant in the saliva, to digest starch deposits that cling and may form acid. It multiplies the alkalinity of the

saliva, to neutralize the acids which cause tooth decay.

These results all accord with modern dental requirements. Everyhodv. every day should get them.

Send the coupon for the 10-Day Tube. Note how clean the teeth feel after using. Mark the absence of the viscous film. See how teeth whiten as the film-coat disappears. You will be convinced. Then the benefits to you and yours may be life-long in extent.

Cut the coupon now.

Mrs. W (as reported by the humorist of the Boston “Globe")—"You don't ever nag your husband, do you?" Mrs. G"Only when he is beating our rugs. When he is thoroughly irritated he does a much better job of it."

[blocks in formation]


A Monumental and Crowning Work

0 people come in here to read books

as well as to buy them?" a customer asked a New York City dealer in second-hand books. “Do they!" was the reply. "Why, a man yesterday stood so long at a ten-cent stall I have on the side. walk that one of my clerks, an Irishman, went out and politely offered him a chair so that he might read more comfortably!

And a young girl came in here one . Plening about six o'clock not long ago and picked up

a novel. She read steadily until nine o'clock and then my assistant turned off the lights just as she was getting to the end of the story. She gave him a look as if he had picked her pocket. Some people think a bookstore is a free library!"


“No writer so well equipped with the advantages of intellectual capacity, practical experience, and broad opportunities for observation has ever written on modern democracy. Skilled in law and historical research, gifted with the rare powers of penetrating analysis, Lord Bryce has added to these the practical experience of a statesman in a great state.”— Charles E. Merriam in the Bookman.

"A comprehensive survey of twentieth century democracy an amazing achievement.”William Bennett Munro in the Harvard Law Review.

"Lord Bryce has fulfilled again Prof. Murray's ideal of the great historian." -- Chicago Tribune.

Lord Bryce's new work, MODERN DEMOCRACIES, is a text-book to which all the world should go to school.”—New York Globe.

· MODERN DEMOCRACIES is the largest, clearest, bestinformed attempt to bring together the diverse experiments in the art of popular self-government."-J. A. Hobson in the Nation.

In Two Vols. $10.50

A subscriber finds this amusing jingle in a volume of "ancient keepsakes:" Do ships have eyes when they go to

see? Are there springs in the ocean's bed?

Does the jolly tar flow from a tree? Does a river lose its head? Are fishes crazy when they go in

sane? Can an old hen sing her lay? Can you bring relief to a window

pane? Or mend the break of day? What sort of a vegetable is a po

liceman's beat? Is a newspaper white when it's read? Is a baker broke when he's making

dough? Is an undertaker's business dead? Would a wall paper store make a

good hotel (Because of the boarders there)? Would you paint a rabbit on a bald

man's head Just to give him a bit of hare? Would you pay a policeman with

silver coin? For nickels aren't made for coppersIf a grass widow married a grass

widower Would their children be grass hop

If you ate a square meal would the

corners hurt?
Can you dig with the ace of spades?
Would you throw a rope to a drown-

ing lemon Just to give a lemonade?

[blocks in formation]

its former value. Sixty francs would thus be six dollars, while 40 lire, at 5 cents a lire, would be only two dollars.

"Off to Hunt for Quipe" is a headline in a daily paper. It suggests some kind of game, but the reader pauses a moment to decide whether it is fish, flesh, or fowl. He is enlightened as he reads:

Professor W. W. Rowlee has sailed for Ecuador in quest of quipe timber. "I am not certain where we will find the quipe, but we will make a careful survey of the country," he says. "Quipe is a very light, buoyant wood which is used extensively as a suhstitute for cork in the manufacture of life preservers and similar articles."

European hotel rates have strikingly dvanced over those of the old days, as : comparison of them in the latest issue f “Bradstreet's Continental Guide" rith former rates shows. At Ostend, nr instance, “the largest first-class otel" now announces rooms from 25 ancs, and full board from 60 francs up : day. Before the war the same house ad rooms for 6 francs and board for

francs a day. In Paris a fashionable otel advertises rooms from 18 francs, and with private bath from 40 francs D. Its dinner, which before the war Fas 5 francs, is now 14 francs. Lonte Carlo a hotel announces, “Penon from 50 francs." A Naples hotel ers “inclusive terms from lire 40.” These rates do not seem so high in imerican money, however, if the franc s reckoned at 10 cents, or about half

laborer what he thought of the speeches. “ 'Darned lot o' vules,' laconically responded the laborer. “But you heard Green speak?' said my friend, with a little enthusiasm, expecting that in me at any rate he would see a comrade. 'Why, he be the biggest vule of the lot,' came the crushing comment. He wants. a neu purty!'

A story told by Whitelaw Reid to Theodore Roosevelt is reproduced in the recently published Life of Reid. It illustrates equally an Englishman's love of sport and his "sporting" spirit:

The prince shot a pheasant which dropped almost at his feet. At that instant a splendid, well-fed fox dashed up, caught the still fluttering pheasant in his jaws, and was off like an arrow. The prince's exclamation was: "What infernal cheek!” The amused remark

among several of those about him was: "That's lèse majesté! If we were in Germany, the fox would have a hard time of it." Even in America, I fancy that some of us would have been tempted to give him the benefit of an undischarged barrel. But not a gun was lifted, and evidently every Englishman thought that the fox was within his rights.


The British villager is not loquacious in his speech-making, says Mr. F. E. Green in his book "The Tyranny of the Countryside.” In a recent political campaign, Mr. Green says, a retired brewer was called on to speak. He got up and said: "Men, you all know me." ("Hear, hear!” “He's a jolly good fellow!") "Well, all I ask of you is to be men-be men." And he sat down amid vociferous cheering. Mr. Green then spoke somewhat at length, in a radical vein. The next morning one of his friends asked a

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