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Fifth ,
Recommends teachers to colleges public and private schools. THE CATHEDRAL SCHOOL OF EL MANDO


Episcopal. A homelike school for girls. SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES

College preparatory and general course.

Delightful winter climate.

LILIAS 8. BILL, Principal,
Pasadena, California


A School for Girls. ANDOVER, MASS. Founded 1821 Outdoor Study all Winter. Academic

23 miles from Boston. College Preparation. Strong cours

for High School graduates. Outdoor sports, and Collegiate Courses. Art, Music,

Address MISS BERTHA BAILEY, Principal. Gymnasium, Riding, Tennis, etc. 32nd Year. ANNA B. ORTON, Principal

TAMMERER FOR 54 YEARS we have successfully cor. rected stammering by our simple and

individual instruction CONNECTICUT

only. SAMUEL O. ROBBINS, Director.

Boston Stammerers' Institute
The Curtis School for Young Boys

216 lluntington Ave. Boston, 17 Mass.
Has grown forty-six years and is still under the active
direction of its founder. Entering age ning to thirteen. Posse Normal School of Gymnastici

GERALD B. Curtis, Assistant Principal

MASSACHUSETTS, Boston, 779 Beacon Street

334 year. New building. Courses of one, two and the years. Present conditions have created great dem ud fo

our graduates. Courses in Medical Gymnastics and Play RUMSEY HALL Cornwall,


grounds. Sunmer Camp. Apply to THE SECRETARY. A school for boys under 15 Yearly rate $1200

Sea Pines School of Personality for Girl L. R. SANFORD, Principal

Rev. THOMAS BICKFORD, A.M., Founder. For gramuar an LOUIS H. SCHUTTE, M.A., Headmaster

high school students. Three terms: fall, spring and some Mid-winter vacation. Pine groves. Seashore. Happy out door life for training in self-discovery and self-developmen Miss Faith Bickford, Miss Addie Bickford, Directors, Box D. Brewster, Mas _ New-Church Theological School See Quince serien

Cambridge, M. Est. 1866. Three years' course. College preparation dexiret The curriculum includes systematic study of the writing of Emanuel Swedenborg and spiritual interpretation of th Seriptures. Correspondence courses. Catalog



natural method.


Powder Point School

By the Way...

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497 Two kinds of International Co-operation

497 A School of International Politics. ... 497 Filipino Athletes ....

498 The Promotion of Play Around the World.....

498 Arkansas Asserts That She is Not Bankrupt..

498 Our Gayness, and Our Gilt, Are All Besmirched...

Cartoons Selected by Outlook Readers
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The National Education Association. 500
The New Lord Chief Justice of England 500
Disarmament and the Far East ... ... 501
One Big Family.....

502 Can Ireland Save Itself ?..

503 The Injustice of the Bonus..

503 The Pageant, “ The Pilgrim Spirit,'' as

Performed this Summer at Plymouth 504
Snap-Shots of My Contemporaries :
Henry Ward Beecher-Pulpit Orator 506

By Lyman Abbott
Out of the Toga and Into Overalls : My
Final Impressions of Factory Life.. 508

By Frederick M. Davenport
What the Country Owes the Veteran :
1-Bonus or Business...

By William C. Gregg
II – The Bonus and John Fabris's
Children: A Veteran's Opinion... 512

By Ralph R. Perry
III - The Dugout Idea....

By Elisha Flagg
The Book Table :
Queen Victoria the Woman..... 516

By R. D. Townsend
The New Books....

517 Financial Department.


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55th Year. Young men and young women find here
homelike atmosphere, thorough and efficient training
every department of a broad culture, a loyal and help
school spirit. Liberal endowment permits liberal terms, $4
to $500 per year. Special course in domestic science F
catalogue and inforination address,
ARTHUR W. PEIRCE, Litt.D., Principal.

Rogers Hall

Established 1911. Building enlargel twice in 7 years.
Additional building for 1921-22. Family life. Number 38 minutes from Boston. Faces Rogers Fort
limited. College preparation begins early. $600. Catalog.
EDWARD D. MÉRRIMAN, A.M. (Yale), Westport, Conn.

Hill Park. Outdoor Sports, Gymnasium,

Swimming Pool. Thorough preparation for college. Advanced courses for high school

graduates. Music, Art, Elocution. HomeNORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY

making. Secretarial and Business Courses. COMMERCE

A two year course in Business Administra.
tion for students who have had two years of

college work - a four year combination
course with College of Liberal Arts for high

Lowell, Massachusetts
school graduates. Advanced work for col-

lege graduates. All work leads to degree.
412 Northwestern University Bldg., Chicago


Summer Term : July 11- Sept. 10 DEER ISLE. ME. 18 Miles from Springfield

117th YC
A legitimate school of highly specialized instruc-
tion, located in ideal surroundings. A faculty of experts

A thorough up-to-date college preparatory school В. And a complete equipment. For information address The

traditions. Excellent equipment. Modern gymnasiu Directors-S. B. Knowlton, Lester D. Tyler, Haverford, Pa.

Our aim: to develop inanly boys by the practical person N. Y. Representative: W. B. Wildman, The Trinity School.

touch. Athletics carefully supervised. Fund for boys

proven worth. $500. Booklet. JOSEPH M. SANDERSO WESTBROOK SEMINARY A.B. (Harvard), Principal. 21 Main Street, Monson, Nase 91st year

Prepares for college.
Courses in music, art, elvention, doinesti science, business WALNUT HILL SCHOO
Experienced teachers. Separate dormitories. Gyinnasin. 23 Highland St., Natick, MASS. A College Preis
Athletic field. Terms $400 per year. Send for catalogue. tory School for Girls. 17 miles from Boston.
ORLANDO K HOLLISTER, Litt.D., Pres.. Portland, Me. Miss Conant, Miss Bigelow, Principals


BY SUBSCRIPTION $5.00 A YEAR. Single copies

15 cents each. For foreign subscription to countries in the Postal Union, $6.56.

Address all communications to


New York City

SHORT-STORY WRITING A course of forty lessons in the history, form, structure, and writing of the Short-Story taught by Dr. J. Berg Esenwein, for years Editor of Lippincott's. 150-page catalogue free. Please address


Springfield, Mass. WALTHAM SCHOOL for GIRLS

Boarding and Day School From primary grades throngh college preparatory. School building. Gymnasium. Three residences. Ample opportanity for outdoor life. 62d year. Address


Life in the open. Athletics. Household Arts. College and general courses.

Fach girl's personality observed and developed. Write for booklet. Telephone W. N. 131.

West Newton, Mass. NEW HAMPSHIRE




George W. Chadwick

Year Opens

September 15, 1921
Located in the Music Center of America

The Free Privileges It affords pupils the environment and atmos- Of lectures, concerts and recitals, the opportuphere so necessary to a musical education. nities of ensemble practice and appearing beIts complete organization, and splendid fore audiences, and the daily associations are equipment, offer exceptional facilities for invaluable advantages to the music student. students. Dormitories for women students.

A Complete Orchestra Complete Curriculum

Offers advanced pupils in piano-forte, voice, Courses in every branch of Music, applied organ and violin experience in rehearsal and theoretical.

and public appearance with orchestral Owing to the Practical Training

In our Normal Department, graduates are Dramatic Department
much in demand as teachers.

Practical training in acting.
Address RALPH L. FLANDERS, General Manager

A School in the Country for Boys Tritoring for leading secondary schools, college and scienate schools. Stimulating air, outdoor sports, modern homeke buildings. ARTHUR F. STEARNS, Mt. Vernon. N. H.

COLBY ACADEMY An endowed school for boys and girls. In the New Hampare hills. 99% of graduates succeed in college. Self-reliance aught through student goverument and athletics. Boston attice, Tremont Temple. Booklets. G.H. BARRETT, Headmaster, New London, New Hampshire.


20 miles from N. Y. Country School for Girls. College Preparatory and Acaleznic Courses. Mrs. SARAH WOODMAN PAUL Misy ANNA S. WOODMAN

Principals. NEW YORK Putnam Hall College Preparatory

School Two year course for high school graduates with type. riting and stenography. Music, art, domestic science. All nt of-door sports. Supervised gymnastics. Military drill. Ureping porches. Address ELLEN C. BARTLETT, A.B., Prin.. Box 360, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.

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Alumni all over the world. Strictly preparatory for college or technical school. JUNIOR SCHOOL for young boys. For catalog address the Registrar, G. D. Church, M.A.

SAMUEL F. HOLMES, M.A., Principal

miles from N. Y., in the beautiful, historic "Irving' antry. 85th year. 30 years under present Headınaster. Titensive grounds. Modern and complete equipment. Prepares for all colleges and technical schools. Athletic bl. Swimming pool. New gymnasium. Address J. M. FURMAV, L H.D., Head waster, Box 935.

NEW YORK CITY "Bureau of Personnel Administration

Younded to further human relations in industry. EducaJaul Division -One Year Co-operative Course, Eight Weeks Brusive Course, Evening Courses. Labor Analysis Di. mon. Placement Division. Teachers' Summer Course.

17 West 47th St., New York City.


Pratt Institute


School of Household Science

and Arts Brooklyn, New York Courses training hospital dietitians (2 years). lestitutional workers-practical dietitians, houseBepers and lunchroom managers (1 year). DressBikers (1 year). Dress designers (1 year). Special Buenakers' course (1 year.) Also part time day and evening courses. Circular of information sent on request.


connected with Antioch College pens in the fall of 1921 to accept a limited number of • and girls as boarding pupils in an ideal school environ1. For informatiou write to Director of the Antioch School, Yellow Springs, Ohio.


ohan |


PENNSYLVANIA Gardening. Ferming and Poultry Husbandry; the new profession

. cated in beautiful open country, 18 miles from Philadelphia. Two year Diploma Course entrance Sept. 13, 1921, and Jan. 17, 1922. Thorough training in theory and practice. Une usual positions obtainable upon graduation. Angust Course in Gardening. Circulars. Elizabeth Leighton Lee, Director.

South Dakota State School Bishopthorpe JManor

of Mines Rapid City, South Dakota est closed the best year in its history. Few institutions eat their doorway such a wonderful outdoor laboratory

Black Hills regions.
Degrees are granted in Civil, Electrical,

Mining and Metallurgical Engineering
Prises are low and much attention is given the individual

Write and let us tell you more about the advanhere provided. For catalog and book of views, address

TRAINING SCHOOLS FOR NURSES Yonkers Homeopathic Hospital

and Maternity

YONKERS, NEW YORK Registered School-2% years' course in general nursing, with special training at Bellevue Hospital, for young women of good standing who have had 1 year of High School or its equivalent. Address SUPERINTENDENT OF NURSES. United Hospital Training School for Nurses

REGISTERED Offers a 2% years' course : 8 hour day, affiliation with Mt. Sinai Hospital, New York City. Scholarship for Teachers College. Beautifully equipped, new plant. Address

Superintendent of Training School, Port Chester, N. Y. St. John's Riverside Hospital Training

School for Nurses

Box 261, Bethlehem, Pa. Prepares girls for college or for life. Special twoyear finishing, course for High School graduates. Music, Art, Household Arts and Sciences. Arts and Crafts, Expression and Secretarial work. High healthful location New gymnasium andtiled on the slope of the Lehigh swimming pool. Tennis, Mountains. Near New basketball, skating, rid York and Philadelphia. ing, etc. Aesthetic and Bishop Ethelbert Folk Dancing. Address Talbot,

YONKERS. NEW YORK Registered in New York State, offers a 2% years' couros as general training to refined. edicated women. Res

Claude N. Wyant, Visitor.


mente one verr high school or its pouivalent


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JULY 27, 1921




these trials. It would seem impossible cates what we believe to be a somewhat GERMAN ATROCITIES

for even the most bigoted worshiper of wide misconception: TOT long ago it was reported that German autocracy to read the evidence

What America needs is a consisthe French Government was seri. without knowing that the charges of tent, continuous foreign policy. And

the fact that Harding is going ahead ously considering withdrawing German atrocities are true on the small

with the policies of Wilson, notwithits representatives from the trials at as well as on the large scale.

standing election promises, shows Leipsic of German officers and men

that beneath the insincerity of poliOIL OR NO OIL

tics there is developing an American charged with specific atrocities. Several

foreign policy, in spite of politics. such trials have been held; there have o far as we know, no President has

Your bitter denunciations of the Wilbeen a few convictions but no responsi- intervened in Congress personally

son Administration, while approving ble officer of rank has been punished

and officially to check proposed legisla- so much of the programme when diand the sentences dealt out to insignifi. tion, as President Harding has just done, rected by a Republican, has been one cant criminals have been almost trivial.

of the painful surprises to me. I had not once, but twice. Both occasions

said I would stop my subscription, Two cases brought to an end on July have occurred within a week.

though I have been a subscriber for 16 confirm the statement that Germany To the President's suggestion on the years. However, I am inclosing my bonus bill in the Senate we refer else

check for renewal. is trifling. Here is as clear a case of

“With all your

faults," I cannot do without you. murder as ever was put before a court. where. His suggestion concerning House

The error which Mr. Davis makes is A British hospital ship was torpedoed legislation took the form of a letter by a German submarine; the people on remonstrating against the proposed

his saying that the Harding Administraboard took to the small boats; thereupon duty on oil. It would, the President

tion is going on with the policies of the says, benefit certain of our oil producers,

Wilson Administration. the submarine's sailors, under orders

Mr. Davis is from its commander, fired upon the but it would be “thoroughly out of har.

quite justified in preferring the policies

of Mr. Wilson to Mr. Harding's, but he small boats and murdered several per- mony with the larger policy" which he sons.

is not justified in confusing the two. The presiding judge could do has in mind, namely, the policy of ennothing else but declare that the tor- couraging “the participation of Ameri

The League of Nations as espoused by pedoing of the hospital ship was in itself can citizens in the development of oil

Mr. Wilson provided for an international a violation of the law of nations, that resources in many foreign lands." It

legislature of two chambers and for the the firing upon the small boats was a took some degree of political courage to

enforcement of the decisions or regulamurderous act, and that, to quote his

tions or laws of that legislature by aloppose the high protective element in words, "this terrible case casts a shadow American industry, which thinks exclu

lied military power. It meant not the over the German navy and the whole sively of its own interests and not of a

discontinuance but the development of "larger policy."

military force. submarine war."

On the contrary, Mr. But what was

Harding proposes the curtailment of the result? Com- That policy also includes protection to mander Patzit, who gave the murder the American Navy and the American

military power; he has in his public order, was allowed to flee the country merchant marine. A great percentage

speeches advocated international and has not been brought to trial. Two of the Shipping Board's ocean-going ton

court, and by the round table conference

which he has now invited to meet in lieutenants were convicted, but the nage and of that privately owned is Court laid stress on the fact that they equipped for oil-burning.

Washington takes the first practical

step toward the establishment of an were acting under orders and the con- The duty on oil would also be a seri.

international court which shall render tradictory theory that they acted "on ous blow to many industries which are the impulse of the moment." The two

its decisions based on codified internato-day oil consumers. It would be seen men were sentenced to four years' im- as well in the increased cost of asphalt;

tional law, decisions which will rest prisonment-an absolutely inadequate thus both road-building and roofing upon the power of public opinion rather punishment for such a crime; the crime would be handicapped.

than upon military power. It is true was declared to be manslaughter and

The President's condemnation of the

that the Harding proposals and the Wil

son proposals both are concerned with not murdera false statement on the proposed tariff on oil calls public attenface of the evidence; and they were retion to the lumber and other schedules

international action, but this is the only lieved from the proper and legal require- in which the imposition of duties might

respect in which they are at all similar. ment of doing hard labor during im- possibly be followed by needless burdens

We share with Mr. Davis his desire for prisonment. to the people, quite incommensurate

a continuance of a just and co-operative In every way these trials show that with the benefit to certain "interests."

foreign policy on the part of the United Germany is not serious in dealing with The publication of the President's let- States, but if he wants an international

criminals found guilty under German ter was followed by a vote in the House legislature in the senate of which only | laws and by a German court. Some- of Representatives. Oil was restored to five nations are represented, and in the times the excuse is that the superior the free list.

assembly of which the smaller nations officers were responsible in such cases

while represented have practically no the superior officers are not to be found;

power, the whole scheme resting on TWO KINDS OF INTERNA. sometimes the excuse is that the act was

armies and navies, we part company. TIONAL CO-OPERATION under a general order of the Govern- N last week's Outlook we printed ment--and apparently we cannot try a

in the column entitled "Publisher's A SCHOOL OF government; sometimes men of no im- Notes” an extract from a very interest

INTERNATIONAL POLITICS portance are convicted and receive light ing letter from Mr. A. L. Davis, of North SUMMER school taught by Lord sentences. Loup, Nebraska. We think it worth

Bryce, Count Teleki, Baron Korff, One thing of value may come out of while repeating it here because it indi- Tommaso Tittoni, Minister Panaretoff,


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and Professor Achille Viallate ought to as Physical Director. The Y recog. hemians in good trim, so as at any time be fairly interesting.

nized that the Filipinos knew little or to be able to fight their Austrian rulers) Such a distinguished list of names is nothing of sport as understood by us, have introduced the Y programme, announced in connection with the lec- though the extraordinary native agility which has already favorably affected ture courses of the Institute of Politics, of the Filipinos was noted—the Igor- more than half a million Czechs. which opens on July 29 at Williams Col- rotes especially are wonders in the From Italy there came an invitation lege and lasts until August 27.

quickness with which they can scale to send a Y trainer. And as a result Lord Bryce is to deliver eight lectures the tallest tree. But most Filipinos at the Olympian Games Italy was repreon the international relations of Old were disinclined to occupy their idle sented by the best team in her history. World states in their historical, politi- time in vigorous exercise. Mr. Brown The effect on France is well known. cal, commercial, legal, and ethical as- was instrumental in changing Filipino The daily demonstration of thousands pects, including a discussion of the habits so that in the seventh year after of American soldiers at athletic play causes of wars and the means of avert. his arrival one dealer alone in Manila resulted in an immense increase in ing them.

sold some eleven thousand volley-balls, the interest taken by the French in Count Teleki and Baron Korff are to practically all of them to natives.

athletics and sport. deliver six lectures each, respectively, Again, before Mr. Brown's arrival, the Among peoples of the Near and Far on the place of Hungary in European mutual distrust among Filipinos, Chi- East the success of the Association's history and Russian foreign relations nese, and Japanese was so great that it programme is worthy of special note. during the last half-century.

seemed impossible for them ever to A Chinese said the other day: "The Signor Tittoni and Professor Viallate come together on any common ground. Y. M. C. A. is instilling into physically are to deliver five lectures each, respec- But Mr. Brown quickly organized the backward races some of the qualities tively, on modern Italy and on the Far Eastern Games. Now for eight hitherto lacking in the Asiatic peoples." economic factor in international rela- years the three peoples have been com- In India boys, in order to participate tions.

peting in track and field events, in base- in the games operated by the Y, had to Thus comes into being the capital ball, volley-ball, basket-ball, swimming, forget the caste idea. Brahmins and plan proposed eight years ago by Presi- tennis, and other sports.

Parsis were thus brought together. No dent Garfield, of Williams, for the study Americans may well be proud of wonder that the British Government is of politics, and, in particular, for the American initiative and influence in the backing the American programme! promotion of a better understanding in Far East, not only in social, political, international relations. This was to get and moral, but also in physical endeavor together every summer at Williams for as a foundation for the other three.

ARKANSAS ASSERTS THAT a month a chosen company of scholars

SHE IS NOT BANKRUPT and students; to offer to them courses of

IGHWAY construction in Arkansas lectures by men of international distinc

has been attacked as the chief THE PROMOTION OF PLAY tion; to organize round-table discussions; AROUND THE WORLD

reason for the alleged bankruptcy in and to provide facilities for intensive in

that State. Taxpayers' suits have been

HEN the war broke out, Elwood struction and research. A great bene

Brown went to France as one of

begun on charges of extravagance and factor of Williams provided money

fraud. the Y athletic directors, and finally

Of course States and counties enough to cover the expenses of the

should issue bonds and Federal assistbecame director of its Department of project for three years, including the re

ance should be furnished for only those Athletics in the American Expeditionmuneration of the lecturers and the proary Forces. The way in which the Yand

portions of highway construction which vision of furnished houses for them the Army together managed athletics

are necessary and are permanent in while they resided at Williamstown.

character. As far as Federal aid projis a matter of history-the Pershing The war delayed the opening of this Stadium in Paris is an

ects are concerned, the Bureau of Pub

impressive "Institute of Politics." The character of

lic Roads, in Washington, has issued a memorial. But the important thing the session now beginning is evident,

statement in which it is asserted that was that everywhere every man was in. not only from the names of the lecturers,

Federal aid projects are "notably free duced to play at something. but also from the names of those who

from the serious conditions which are

The benefit from all this formed the Board of Advisers—among striking that the Y could not resist its

said to surround other highway conthem being Chief Justice Taft, and such

struction work in the State. ... The own movement after the war, and that authorities on international law and his

conditions complained of are to be movement has gone round the world. tory as are Professors Moore of Colum

found mainly in the road districts cre. Army officers from many countries, inbia, Coolidge of Harvard, Willoughby of

ated by special local laws." Yet the fact terested in the physical development of Johns Hopkins, and Brown of Princeton. their commands, asked the Y to intro

is," says Mr. George B. Rose, of Little duce its physical training programme

Rock, Arkansas, in writing to The


into their armies. For instance, the UNDREDS of Japanese and Filipinos Rumanian army gave such an invita- There is not a single road district in and tens of thousands of Chinese tion. It was accepted. The result has

the State in default in its bond issue

and not a single bond is imperiled. witnessed the recent Far Eastern Ath- been that a bill has now passed Parlia

The total amount of road bonds issued letic Games at Shanghai, where this ment by which a young Rumanian may does not exceed $40,000,000, which is year's meeting took place. The result have the choice of two years of military a mere bagatelle in a State whose was a total of 54 points for the Filipinos service in uniform, or only one year in

wealth must exceed $2,000,000,000. as against 34 for the Japanese and 6 for active service if he is subject during the As an additional proof of bankruptcy, the Chinese.

second year to constant examination it was urged that the public schools This is really a triumph for the showing that he is constantly following were being run by private subscription. American who started the Far Eastern the Y programme.

"It is true," writes Mr. Rose, “that subgames. Before the war broke out our In Czechoslovakia the leaders of the stantially every citizen in Little Rock Young Men's Christian Association sent Sokol movement (organized years ago and in many other towns of the State Mr. Elwood Brown to the Philippines for the purpose of keeping young Bo- is paying a voluntary school tax, be



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