The Readers' Advisory Guide to Genre Fiction

American Library Association, 2001 - 460 páginas
From psychological suspense and historical fiction to gentle reads and romance, this new guide from expert readers' advisor Joyce Saricks explores the many worlds of fiction. Covering fifteen popular genres (including often-neglected literary titles), each chapter includes a definition of the genre, its characteristics and appeal elements (such as character development, story line, and frame), and its key authors and subgenres. To help you prepare for the eternal can you recommend a good book on... question, there are also reader interview tips, reference sources, and guidelines on how to prepare for the questions you will undoubtedly get. Packed with specific examples, this user-friendly and readable guide will help you to: * Learn which elements of fiction actually entice readers. * Distinguish the expectations of readers of different genres. * Uncover Sure Bets - titles that consistently appeal to a variety of readers. * Master the ins and outs of the readers' advisory interview. Provocative and spirited, The Readers' Advisory Guide to Genre Fiction offers hands-on strategies for librarians who want to become expert at figuring out what their readers are looking for and ho

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A guide to readers' advisory for fifteen genres. Especially useful are the lists in each chapter of benchmark authors, introductory authors in each genre for readers of different genres, and recommended authors for readers of the genre wanting to try another genre. Leer comentario completo

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Crítica de los usuarios  - Poemyhero - LibraryThing

This is the first book for class that I will not be selling back. Saricks does a phenomenal job of explaining the differences in genres, the characteristics of each (which were really neat to learn ... Leer comentario completo

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Gentle Reads
Historical Fiction
Literary Fiction
Science Fiction
Womens Lives and Relationships
Tips for the Readers Advisory Interview
Readers Advisory Reference Tools
The FiveBook Challenge

Psychological Suspense
Romantic Suspense

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Página 202 - Romance is a love story in which the central focus is on the development and satisfactory resolution of the love relationship between the two main characters, written in such a way as to provide the reader with some degree of vicarious emotional in participation in the courtship process" - Kris Ramsdell, Romance Fiction: A Guide to the Genre.
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Página 351 - From the end of the Civil War to the beginning of the 20th century, immigration was a major factor in population growth.
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Página 79 - Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe. New York: Random House, 1987. Gates, Henry Louis, Jr. "Race,
Página 15 - The central fantasy of the adventure story is that of the hero — individual or group — overcoming obstacles and dangers and accomplishing some important moral mission. Often, though not always, the hero's trials are the result of the machinations of a villain, and, in addition, the hero frequently receives as a kind of side benefit, the favors of one or more attractive young ladies. However, the interplay with the villain and the erotic interests served...
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Página 237 - Dress it up with ghosts, angels, werewolves, leprechauns; mix it up with murder, kidnapping, comedy, time machines — it doesn't matter. If the core is a believable story about two people finding and committing to each other for life, if it touches our emotions, if it rings true and makes us laugh, cry, and celebrate the miracle of human intimacy, it's romance.™
Página 294 - Suspense, but the most important, and the key to the appeal of the genre, is the point of view from which the story is told and the way it draws the reader into the story.

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