Phoenix from the Bottle

Melrose Press, 2005 - 187 páginas
In 1994, Lilian and Murdoch MacDonald were destitute, sleeping rough in Cambridge. Refusing to accept Alcoholics Anonymous methods, the couple set about searching for the underlying causes of their self-harming behaviour problem. Thanks to their endeavours, the couple are today back home in Ayrshire, Scotland, leading normal lives again.

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I loved this book because it was a success story. The author and her husband, both alcoholics, started looking inward to find their demons and to uncover what made them so unhappy that they wanted to continually anesthetize themselves. They were thinking people who wanted to take responsibility for their drinking behavior and their recovery by facing the past and admitting their pain, and dealing with it consciously. Inspiring true story. 

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I spent 10 years of my life in A.A. I can relate to the "superficial happiness" that Lillian talks about in the book. I left AA about a year ago. Since then I've been in different kinds of therapy to get to the root of my childhood issues. Yes. That is what caused me to drink abnormally and engage in other self-harming behaviors like depriving myself of food to stay thin. This is an excellent book and I'm very grateful that I found it. It has helped me a great deal as I transition back into a normal life without living in fear of "demon alcohol." I can drink normally because I don't feel the need to obliterate any feelings of inadequacy or of being defective in some way. Those days are gone for good! 

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