The Vale Shakespeare, Volumen21

Hacon & Ricketts, 1903

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Página lv - I'll play the orator as well as Nestor, Deceive more slily than Ulysses could, And like a Sinon take another Troy. I can add colours to the cameleon, Change shapes with Proteus, for advantages, And set the murderous Machiavel to school '. Can I do this, and cannot get a crown ? Tut ! were it further off, I'll pluck it down '. [Exit.
Página lxxxvii - And tell me who is victor, York or Warwick ? Why ask I that ? my mangled body shows, My blood, my want of strength, my sick heart shows That I must yield my body to the earth, And, by my fall, the conquest to my foe. Thus yields the cedar to the axe's edge, Whose arms gave shelter to the princely eagle...
Página xcv - Suspicion always haunts the guilty mind; The thief doth fear each bush an officer.
Página xxxix - So many hours must I tend my flock; So many hours must I take my rest; So many hours must I contemplate ; So many hours must I sport myself ; So many days my ewes have been with young; So many weeks ere the poor fools will...
Página xcvii - And so I was ; which plainly signified That I should snarl, and bite, and play the dog. Then, since the heavens have shap'd my body so, Let hell make crook'd my mind to answer it. I have no brother, I am like no brother ; And this word " love," which greybeards call divine, Be resident in men like one another, And not in me : I am myself alone.
Página xxxix - So many years ere I shall shear the fleece: So minutes, hours, days, months, and years, Pass'd over to the end they were created, Would bring white hairs unto a quiet grave. Ah, what a life were this! how sweet! how lovely! Gives not the hawthorn-bush a sweeter shade To shepherds looking on their silly sheep, Than doth a rich embroider'd canopy To kings that fear their subjects

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