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Rules for the Conduct of Satire. Justice and Truth
its chief and effentiul Property, ver. 169. Prudence in
the Application of Wit and Ridicule, 'whose Province is,
not to explore unknown, but to enforce known Truths,
ver 191. Proper Subjects of Satire are the Manners of
present Times, ver. 239. Decency of Expression recom.
mended, ver. 255. The different Methods in which Folly
and Vice ought to be chastised, ver. 269. The Variety of
Style and Manner which these two Subjects require, ver.
277. The Praise of Virtue may be admitted with Pro-
priety, ver. 315. Caution with regard ti Panegyric,
ver. 329. The Dignity of true Satire, ver. 341.

The History of Satire. Roman Satirifts, Lucilius,
Horace, Persius, Juvenal, ver. 357, etc. Causes of
the Decay of Literature, particularly of Satire, ver. 389.
Revival of Satire, ver. 401. Erasmus one of its prin-
cipal Restorers, ver. 405. Donne, ver. 40. The Ab-
use of Satire in England, during the licentious reign of
Charles II. ver. 415. Dryden, ver. 429. The true
Ends of Satire pursued by Boileau in France, ver. 439.
and by Mr. Pope in England, ver. 445.

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