The Paisley Repository: Being Chiefly a Collection of Poetry, Original and Selected

J. Neilson

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Página xxxvii - The worms from their webs, where they riot and welter ; His song and his services freely are ours, And all that he asks is, in summer a shelter. The ploughman is pleased when he gleans in his train, Now searching the furrows, now mounting to cheer him; The...
Página xxxvii - Oh, then to your gardens ye housewives repair, Your walks border up, sow and plant at your leisure ; The bluebird will chant from his box such an air, That all your hard toils will seem truly a pleasure. He flits through the orchard, he visits each...
Página xxxvi - Such are the mild and pleasing manners of the Blue-bird, and so universally is he esteemed, that I have often regretted that no pastoral muse has yet arisen in this western woody world, to do justice to his name, and endear him to us still more by the tenderness of verse, as has been done to his representative in Britain, the Robin Red-breast.
Página xxxvi - BONAPARTE. New and Enlarged Edition, completed by the insertion of above One Hundred Birds omitted in the original Work, and by valuable Notes and Life of the Author by Sir WILLIAM JARDINE.
Página lxxix - He hes us blindit lang; For quhair the blind the blind dois gyde, Na wonder baith ga wrang: Lyke prince and king he led the ring Of all iniquitie: Hay trix, tryme go trix, Under the grene wod-tree.
Página xxxviii - Baltimore is seen ; The broad extended boughs still please him best, Beneath their bending skirts he hangs his nest; There his sweet mate, secure from every harm, Broods o'er her spotted store, and wraps them warm ; Lists to the noontide hum of busy bees, Her partner's mellow song, the brook, the breeze ; These day by day the lonely hours deceive, From dewy morn to slow descending eve. Two weeks elapsed, behold ! a helpless crew Claim all her care and her affection too ; On wings of love the assiduous...
Página xxxvii - When all the gay scenes of the summer are o'er, And autumn slow enters so silent and sallow, And millions of warblers, that charm'd us before, Have fled in the train of the sun-seeking swallow ; The bluebird, forsaken, yet true to his home, « Still lingers, and looks for a milder to-morrow, Till forced by the horrors of winter to roam, He sings his adieu in a lone note of sorrow.
Página xxxvii - In mantle of sky-blue, and bosom so red, That each little loiterer seems to adore him. When all the gay scenes of the summer are o'er, And autumn slow...
Página xxxviii - The Baltimore inhabits North America, from Canada to Mexico, and is even found as far south as Brazil. Since the streets of our cities have been planted with that beautiful and stately tree, the Lombardy poplar, these birds are our constant...
Página 18 - O haly God, for his deir sake, Wha savd us on the rude — He tint his praier, and drew his glaive, Yet reid wi Norland bluid. " Brayd on, brayd on, my stalwart sons, Grit cause we ha to feir ; But aye the canny ferce contemn The hap they canna veir.

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