It is You That I Love: 100 One Hundr Miisrael

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This book, “It Is You That I Love” contains one-hundred love poems and one-hundred scriptures that are used to tell of “The Marriage and Wedding of the Lamb.”  It is written from the viewpoint of “The Bride.”  Marvelously written, the poems are filled with deep passionate, spiritual and personal love.  It portrays the story of the salvation given by Christ Jesus and God’s great love for the world.  The poems are based on the prophecies of scriptures revealed  by John in Revelation 19th, 21st and 22nd chapters in the Holy Bible.  These chapters tell of the wedding feast and “the bride known also as the New Jerusalem.”  This is a prophecy of the city in which God and his nations of people will live for eternity.  Take a spiritual escape and read of the magnitude of love expressed from “The city called “The Bride.”  One hundred love poems from MIISRAEL.

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Acerca del autor (2005)

Ms. Winnie Shields is an Author/Poetess.  She is also a person that loves God and writes expressfully about him in her produced works.  Previously published; her works include her book “A Yellow Rose Among the Red.”…Poems to comfort you.  Printed independently through 1st Books Library.  She has been writing over 29 years and has been published in many anthologies and chapbooks.   

She presently is an active member of the Poetry Society of Tennessee.  Ms. Shields lectures, writes, performs in recitals at churches, civic groups, schools and weddings and other special occasions.  She is also the recipient of award winning poetry.  Winning a  second place award in the 2002 Life Press Conference Awards for spiritual poetry,  and also winning an honorable mention in the 2002 Mid-South Festival Collection Awards.  She sponsors and judges “The Winniespoetry® Awards” for students of Memphis with  the assistance of Poetry Society of Tennessee.

In addition, she has been honored as one of the “ Poets of Year, 2002” by the Famous Poet’s Society.  Her portfolio includes the recipient of outstanding awards in writing and lectureship from her church and employment organizations.  As an entrepreneur, she produces and publishes her books with her business title Winniespoetry®.  She says:  “I’ve called it Winniespoetry, because the name is meant to standout and be different; it represents a resource of God’s Spirit in me.” “ He is the Spirit, I am the Bride.”  She smiles and adds: “And yes, by the way, “Winniespoetry®“ is one word without and apostrophe.”


Please read about MIISRAEL at the beginning of this book.  There is a more detailed explanation of Ms. Shields new name.


When asked what inspires her to write? She states:  “I have found my true wealth.”  “It is in knowing the riches found in the power of God’s love.”  “I am only releasing the living waters of his words inside me.”  “God is Word.”  “His Word inspires me.”

May your inspiration continue! 

Ms. Shields resides in Memphis, Tennessee with her son Daniel.  She collects miniature dolls and dishes.  She states:  “I love to write and share thoughts…, inside all of us is a place for the Word if we’ll only let him reside in us.”

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