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Hal pallengen take Beed you do fee!

This am doil new for what some en dia che
Here Ties mtend theldur of thole who nood!
Cainit perjury refifting into blood,
Adhering to the Covenants, and laws
Establishing the fame which was helare

Then lives were Cacrified into the lun!
or Prelatifus abfuva: Thougt bere hele date
Chestymi win murders and other crew,
Whom gultice juny did to death purfue:
But as for them, no caufe was to be found
Worthy of death, but only they were found
Conflant and stedfaft. zealous witneffing,
For the Prerogatives of CHRIST their KING.
Mich Truths were feald by famous Guthrie is head

And all along to Mr. Renwick's blood
They did endure the wrath of enemies
Reproaches, torments, deaths and injuries
But yet they're thofe who from fuch troubles came
And now triumph in glory with the LAMB.
From May

, 27 th. 1661 that the moft noble Marquis
of Argyle was behealed to the 17th of Feb?y3688
that Mr. James Renwick fuffered: were one way
or other Murdered and Destroyed for the fame Caufe, about
Eighteen thoufand, of whom were execute at Edinburgh about an
Indred of Noblemen Gentlemen Ministers and Others noble
Martyrs for JESUS CHRIST The mol of them lie here!

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