The Gipsy Mother, Or, The Miseries of Enforced Marriage, Volumen2,Páginas 443-858

1833 - 858 páginas

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Página 528 - Of moving accidents by flood and field; t)f hair-breadth "scapes i' th' imminent deadly breach; Of being taken by the insolent foe, And sold to slavery; of my redemption thence, And...
Página 507 - How could you say my face was fair, And yet that face forsake? How could you win my virgin heart, Yet leave that heart to break?
Página 445 - Can such things be, And overcome us like a summer cloud, Without our special wonder...
Página 466 - twould almost seem As though, epitomized in one deep beam. Her full collected soul upon the heart, Whate'er its mask, she strove at once to dart: And few may brave the talisman that 's hid 'Neath the dark fringes of her drooping lid.
Página 586 - Like slaves they obey'd her in height of power, But left her all in her wintry hour ; And the crowds that swore for her love to die, Shrunk from the tone of her last faint sigh ; — And this is man's fidelity ! Tis woman alone, with a purer heart, Can see all these idols of life depart ; And love the more, and smile and bless Man in his uttermost wretchedness.
Página 453 - Preach not to me your musty rules, Ye drones that mould in idle cell ; The heart is wiser than the schools, The senses always reason well.
Página 523 - Oh happy they! the happiest of their kind! Whom gentler stars unite, and in one fate Their hearts, their fortune, and their beings blend.
Página 672 - Denzil began to hope that the measure he had advised had succeeded, when suddenly he beheld the hall door opened, and two or three of the servants ran into the street, in evident alarm and confusion. ' What is the matter ?" exclaimed Denzil, forcing open the coach door, and jumping on the pavement. At the moment one of them came running past. " Oh ! Mr. Denzil ! my master — Mr. Charles!" Denzil waited to hear no more, but rushed into the house, the door of which was left wide open, and the hall...
Página 490 - Where is the promis'd period of my woes ? Full three long lingering years have roll'd away, And yet I weep, a stranger to repose : O what delusion did thy tongue employ ! " That Emma's fatal pledge of love, Her last bequest — with all a mother's care, The bitterness of sorrow should remove, Soften the horrors of despair, And...
Página 451 - If so be you ask me where They do grow, I answer, 'There 'Where my Julia's lips do smile, 'There's the land of cherry isle...

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