On gout

Churchill, 1860 - 430 páginas

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Página 423 - ODLING — A Course of Practical Chemistry, arranged for the Use of Medical Students, with express reference to the Three Months
Página 242 - ... gout are manifestly affections of the same system. This leads us to seek for an explanation of the whole of the disease in the laws of the nervous system, and particularly in the changes which may happen in the balance of its several parts.
Página 84 - I may trust my own experience, the metastasis of gout more frequently takes place to the head than to any other part. It is usually stated that it shows itself in the common forms of apoplexy and paralysis. I have found these the rarest forms of the disease. I have more commonly seen a kind of stupor, in which the patient preserves his senses of hearing and sight, but loses his consciousness of persons and circumstances, place and time. He knows no one about him, not even his own family; his utterance...
Página 109 - When uric acid is subjected to the action of oxygen, it is first resolved, as is well known, into alloxan and urea. A new supply of oxygen acting on the alloxan causes it to resolve itself either into oxalic acid and urea, into oxaluric and parabanic acids, or into carbonic acid and urea.
Página 164 - It often happens," says Dr. Budd, " that in such persons, when the circulation is more than commonly impeded, the liver grows larger. Its edge can be felt two or three inches below the false ribs. If the circulation be relieved by bleeding, or by diuretics, or by rest, the liver returns to its former volume. This enlargement of the liver from congestion, often takes place, and again subsides, very rapidly, according to the varying conditions of the general circulation.
Página 165 - Gairdner is prepared for the much more difficult and subtle inquiry of what it is. " There is no doubt," he says, " that a general state of vascular plethora of the great chylopoietic organs is always met with in gout."— P. 154. " It is plain that the heart is oppressed with a flood of returning venous blood, and this, I think, associated also with the impure condition of this fluid, from the non-elimination of urea and urates, and probably of the biliary constituents, is the cause of those symptoms...
Página 168 - This fluid then is compressed between two opposing powers, that namely which is derived from the heart and arterial system, urging it forward on its course, and, on the other hand, the antagonistic resistance of the great veins leading to the right auricle. Under this compression, I believe that the vessels give way, and...
Página 101 - If we cannot affirm that urea, the lithic acid, or other animal compounds circulating in the blood, give cause to the phenomena of gout, under the most cautious reasoning we are at least entitled to assume, with some confidence, that these matters secreted from the kidneys are the equivalents to gouty matter present in the system — that they have certain proportion of quantity to each other — and that upon their balance depend all the essential characters of the disease...
Página 165 - I have observed that the first sign of disturbed health which has attracted my attention, and announced to me a tendency to gout, has been disorder of the heart's action. When I have had an opportunity of observing the health of any one, previously to a first attack of gout, or have had a patient who could make an observation on himself, I have rarely, if ever, found this disorder wanting.
Página 6 - ... of the secondary assimilating processes, as from hepatic congestion, gout, &c., particularly about the middle periods of life, when the consequences of excesses of all kinds begin to be manifested.

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