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and rupt affections, and daily Father, and of the Son, and of the

Holy Ghost (which are essential parts pruceiving in all virtue and

of Baptism) ihen let the Minister bapgodline 33 of living.

tize it in the Form before appointed for * Then shall he add, and say,

Public Baptism of Infants ; saving YE are to take care that this that, at the dipping of the Child in the

Font, he shall use this form of Words: Child be brought to the

Bishop IF thou art not already baptized. to be confirmed by him, so soon

N. I baptize thee in the name as he can say the Creed, the of the Father, and of the Son Lord's Prayer, and the Ten Com- and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. mandments, and is sufficiently in- " If Infant Baptism, and the receiving structed in the other parts of the of Infan's briptized in private, are to Church Catechism, set forth for be at the same time, the Minister may

make the Questions to the Sponsors, and

the succeeding Prayers scive for both. 1 But if they who bring the Infont to the And again, after the Immersion, or

Church do make such uncertain Answers the pouring of Water, and the receioto the Minisier's Questions, as that it ing into the Church, the Minister may cannot appear that the Child was bap- use the Remainder of the Service for tized with water, in the Name of the both.

that purpose.



To such as are of Riper Years, and able to answer for

themselves. I Then any such Persons as are of Riper Years are to be baptized, timely notice

shall be given to the Minister; that so due care may be taken for their examing. tion, whether they be sufficierilly instructed in the principles of the Christiun R: ligion ; and that they may be exhorted to prepare theriselves, with prayers and fasting, for the receiving of this Holy Sacrament. And if they shall be fourid fil, then the Godfathers and Godmothers (the People being assembled upon the Sunday, Holy Day, or Prayer Day appointed) shall be ready to present them at the Font, immediately after the Second Lesson, either as Morning or Evening Prayer, as the Minister, in his discretion, shall think fit. And standing there, the Minister shall ask, Whether any of the Persons herr presented be baptized or no? If they shall answer, No; then shall the Dlinister say thus : DEARLY beloved, forasmuch he will grant to these persons that

as all men are conceived and which by nature they cannot born in sin (and that which is have ; that they may be baptized born of the flesh is flesh) and they with Water and the Holy Ghost, who are in the flesh cannot please and received into Christ's ho. God, but live in sin, committing ly Church, and be made lively - many actual transgressions; and members of the same. our Saviour Christ saith, None

1 Then shall the Minister say, can enter into the kingdom of God, except he be regenerate and born anew of Water and ALMIGHTY

and everlasting of the Holy Ghost ; I beseech God, who, ofthy great mercy, you to call upon God the Father, didst save Noah and his family in through our Lord Jesus Christ. the Ark from perishing by water, that of his louoteous goodness land also didist saf lead the

Let us prey.

children of Israel thy people written by Saint John, in the through the Red Sea, figuring third chapter, beginning at the thereby thy holy Baptisin ; and first verse : by the haptism of thy well beloved THERE was a man of the PhaSon Jesus Christ in the river Jur- risees, named Nicodemus, a dan, didst sanctify the element ruler of the Jews. The same of water, to the inystical washing came to Jesus by night, and suid away of sin; we beseech thee, unto hin, Rabbi, we know that for Chine infinite mercies, that thou art a Teacher come from thou wilt mercifully look upon God; for no man can do these these thy Serrants; wash them miracles that thou doest, except and sanctify them with the Holy God be with him. Jesus answer. Ghost; that they, being delivered ed and said unto him, Verily, vefrom thy wrath, may be received frily, I say unto thee, Escepta man into the Ark of Christ's Church; he bor: again, he cannot see the and being steadfast in faith, joyful kingdom of God. Nicodemus through hope, and rooted in cha- saith unto him. How can a man rity, may so pass the waves of this be born when he is old ? can he troublesome world, that finally enter the second time into his they inay come to the land of mother's womb, and be born ? everlasting life; there to reign with Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I thee, world without end, through say unto thee, Escepi a man be Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. born of Water and of the Spirit, 1 Or this.

he cannot enterinto the kingdom ALMIGHTY, and, immorta! of God. That which is born of

God, the aid of all who need, the flesh, is flesh; and that which the helper of all who fee to thee is horn of the Spirit, is Spirit. for succour, the life of those who Marvel not that I said unto ihee, believe, and the resurrection of Ye must be born again. The wind the dead; we call upon thee for Woweth where it lisceth, and thou These Persorus, that they, còning to hearest the sound thereof; but thy holy Baptism, may receivecaust not tell whence it cometh, remission of iheir sins, by spiritual and whither it goeth : so is every regeneration. Receive them, o

one that is born of the Spirit. Lord, as thou hast promised by 1 After which he shall say this Ethortation thy well-beloved Son, saying, Ask.

following: and ye shall receive; seek, and BELOV EV. ye hear in this Gosye shall find; knock, and it shall pel the espress words of cur be opened unto you : So now Saviour Christ, thal, except a man give unto us who ask; let us who be born of Water and of the Spirit, seek, find , open the gate unto he cannot enter into the kingdom us who knock'; that these

. Persons of Gind. Whereby ye may per may enjoy the everlasting bene- ceive the great necessity of this diction of thy heavenly washing, Sacrament, where it may be had. and may code to the eternal king. Likewise, im inediately before his doo which thou hast promised by ascension into heaven, (as we Christ vu Lord. Amen. read in the last chapter of Saint

Then the Minist. T shall say, Mark's Gospel.) he gave com Hear the words of the Gospel,'mand to his disciples, saying Go

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je into all the world, and preach devoutly give thanks to him, and the Gospel to every creature. He say, that believeth, and is baptized, ALMIGHTY and everlasting ahall be saved; but he that be- God, heavenly Father, we lieveth not, sliall be damned : give thce humble thanks, for that Which also showeth unto us the thou hast vouchsafed to call us to great benefit we reap thereby. the knowledge of thy grace, and For which cause Saint Peter the faith in thee: Increase ihis know. Apostle, when upon his first ledge, and confirm this faith in us preaching of the Gospel many evermore. Give thy Holy Spirit were pricked at the heart, and to these Persons, that they may be said to him and the rest of the born again, and be 'made Heirs of Apostles, Men and brethren, what everlasting salvation, through our shall we do? replied, and said Lord Jesus Christ, who liveth unto them. Repent and be bap- and reigneth with thee and the tized every one of you, for the Holy Spirit, now and for ever remission of sins, und ye shall Amen. receive the gift of the Holy " Then the Minister shall speak to the Ghost : For the promise is to

Persons to be baptized on this wise : you and your children, and to all WELL-BELOVED, who are that are afar off, even as many as

come hither desiring to rethe Lord our God shall call. And ceive holy Baptism. ye have heard with many other words exhorted how the Congregation hath pray. hc them, saying, Save yourselves ed, that our Lord Jesus Christ from this untoward generation. would vouchsafe lo receive you For, as the same Apostle testifieth and bless you, to release you of in another place,'even baptism your sins, to give you the kingdoth also now save us, (not the dom of lieaven, and everlasting putting away of the filth of the life. Ye have heard also that our Hesh, but the answer of a good Lord Jesus Christ hath promised conscience towards God,) by the in his holy Word, to grant all. resurrection of Jesus Christ. those things that we have prayed Doubit ye not therefore, but ear-for; which promise he, for his, nestly believe, that he will favour-part, will most surely keep and ably receive these present Per- perform. Wherefore, after this sons, truly repenting, and coming promise made by Christ, ye must unto him hy faith ; that he will also !aithfuily, for your part, in grant them remission of their sins, the presence of these your Witand bestow upon them the Holy nesses, and this whole CongregaGhost; that he will give them the tion, promise and answer to the blessing of elernal life, and make following Questions : them Parlakers of his everlasting The Minister shall then demand of the kingdom.

Persons to he breyrtized as follows; the

Question being considered as addressed Wherefore, we being thus per to thom severully, and tro Answers to suaded of the good will of our

be made accordingly. heavenly Father Soward these

Question. Persons, declared by his Son Je: DOST thou renounce the devil sus Christ, let us faithfully and! and all bis works, the rain

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pomp and glory of the world, and blood; and


command with all covetous desires of the ment to his disciples, that they same, and the sinful desires of the should go teach al nations, and Mesh; so that thou wilt not follow, baptize them in the name of the nor be led by them?

Father, and of the Son, and of Ans. I renounce them all; and, the Holy Ghost; regard, we beby God's help, will endeavour not seech thee, the supplications of to follow, nor be led by them. thy Congregation ; sanctify this

Quest, Dost thou believe all water to the mystical washing the Articles of the Christian Faith, away of sin ; and grant that the as contained in the Apostles' Pcrsons, now to be haptized there. Creed ?

in, may receive the fulness of thy Arus. I do.

grace, and ever remain in the Quest. Wilt thou be baptized in number of thy faithful children, this Faith?

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Ars. That is my desire. .Amen.

Quest. Wilt thou then obedi. " Then shall the Minister lake each Perently keep God's ho!y will and

son to be baptized by the Right Hand;

and placing him conveniently by the commandments; and walk in the Font, according to his discretion, shull same all the days of thy life? ask the Godfathers and Godmothers the Ans. I will, by God's help.

nane ; and then shpull dip him in the # Then shall the Minister say,

water, or pour water upon him, saying, Merciful God, grant that the N. I baptize thee in the naine

oft'e Father, and of the Sun, old Adani in these Persons and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. may be so buried, that the new Then shall the Minister say, man may be raised up in them. WE receive this. Person into

the Congregation of Christ's Grant that all sinful affections Flock, and do* sign may die in them, and that all him with the sign of Minister shall things belonging to the Spirit may the Cross ; in token mike a Cross live and grow in them. Amen. that hereafter he upon the per. Grant that they may bave power shall not be asham

son's forehead. and strength to bave victory, and ed to confess the faith of Christ to triumph against the devil, the crucified, and manfully to fight world, and the flesh. Amen. under his banner, agninst sin, the

Grant that thcy, being here de-world, and the devil; and to conti. dicated to thee by ow: Ollice and Inue Christ's faithful soldier and Ministry, may alsu be endued servant unto his life's eod. Amen. with heaveniy virtues, and ever. * The same rule, as to the Omission of the lastingly rewarded, througn thy sign of the Cross, is to be observed here,

as in the Baptisni of Infants. mercy, 0 blessed Lord God, who

? Then the Minister shall say, dost live and govern all things, SEEING now, dearly beloved without .

brethren, that these Persons are ALMIGHTY, everliving, God, regenerate, and grafted into the

whose inost dearly beloved body of Christ's Church ; let us Son Jesus Christ, for the forgive give thanks unto Almighty God ness of our sins, did shed out of for these benefits, and with one liis most precious side both waterlaccord make our prayers untu

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him, that they may lead the rest all his works, to believe in God, of their life according to this be- and to serve him; ye must re ginning

member, that it is your part and Then shall be suid the Lord's Prayer, duty to put them in mind, what a all knecting.

solemn vow, promise, and proQUR Father, who art in Hea: session they have now made before

ven, Hallowed be thy Name; this Congregation, and especially Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be done on Earth, as it is in Hea. And ye are also to call upon them

before you their chosen Witnesses. ven; Give us this day our daily bread; And forgive us our tres instructed in God's holy Word

to use all diligence to be rightly passes, as we forgive those who trespass against us; And lead us and in the knowledge of our

that so they may grow in grace. not into temptation; But deliver as from evil." Amen.

Lord Jesus Christ; and live godly WE yield thee bumble thanks, righteously, and soberly, in this O'heavenly Father, that thou

present world.

And then speaking to the baptized Po hast vouchsafed 10 call us to the sons, he shall proceed and say, knowledge of thy grace, and faith AND as for you, who have now in thee: Increase this knowledge, by Baptism put on Christ, it and confirm this faith m us ever- is your part and duty also, being more. Give thy Holy Spirit to made the Children of God and of these Persons; that being now the light, by faith in Jesus Christ, born again, and made Heirs of to walk answerably to your Chris. everlasting salvation through our tian calling, and as becometh the Lord Jesus Christ, they may con- children of light; remembering tinue thy Servants, and attain (alv ays, that Baptism representeth thy promises, through the same unto us our profession; which is, Lord Jesus Christ thy Son; who to follow the example of our Sa. liveth and reigneth with thee, in viour Christ, and to be made like the unity of the same Holy Spirit, unto him; that as he died, and everlastingly. Amen.

rose again for us, so should we 1 Then, all standing up, the Minister who are haptized, die from sin

shall 'use this Exhortation following; and rise again unto righteousness, speaking to the Godfathers und Godmothers firet.

continually mortifying all our FORASMUCH as these Persons evil and corrupt affections, and

have promised, in your pre- daily proceeding in all virtue and sence, to renounce the devil and godliness of living. 1 It is expedient that every person thus baptized should be confirmed by the Bishop,

so soon after his Baptism as conveniently may be ; that so he may be admitted to the Holy Communion. Whereas necessity may require the baptizing of Adults in private houses, in con sideration of extreme sickness; the same is hereby allowed in that case. And convenient number of persons shall be assembled in the house where the Sacrament is to be performed. And in the exhortation, Well beloved, &c. instead of these words, come bither desiring, shall be inserted this zuord, desirous. # If there be occasion for the Office of Infant Baptism and that v Adults at the

same time, the Minister shall use the exhortation and one of the prayers near following in the Office for Adults ; only, in the exhortation and prayer, after the words, these Persons, and these thy Servants, adding, and these Infante. Then the Minister shall proceed to the questions to bo kmanded in ths bares y

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