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We have an immense quantity (second-hand and new) of various SUPPLEMENTARY Readers, and othe

Readers, and other books, eminently suitable for Supplementary READING. Reading at very low rates. Will not second-hand books do as well as

new? It's economy. Correspondence solicited. SOMETHING

Caskell's Completo Compendium of Penmanship- the old favoriteSPECIAL!

(list price, $1) at 50 cents. Bryce's Américan Commonwealth, 2 vols.,

8 vo., gilt top, reduced to $3; plain, $2.50. C. M. BARNES, 75 and 77 Wabash Ave., Chicago, Mi. By the way, if you are interested in Drawing, send 50 cents for a sample set of our Holmes' ' New Series Drawing, and Manual.


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Prospectus containing full information con-
cerning this Famous School, will be mailed

0. M. POWERS, Principal,

Cor. Michigan Ave, and State St., CHICAGO.

post free. Address,




Endorsed by State, County and City Superintendents. Positions in West, Northwest and South for men $800 to $2,500; women $700 to $1.500. Hundreds of teachers wanted for Spring demand. Send stamp for blanks. Register before the rush.

Dr. GEO. L. McCUEN, Treas., Boise City, Idahu.



Oshkosh, First Quarter opens Wednesday, Aug. 26. Platteville, Fall Term opens Wednesday, Sept. 2. Whitewater, Fall Term opens Tuesday, Sept. 1. River Falls, Fall Term opens Tuesday, Aug. 25.

Milwaukee, Fall Term opens Wednesday, Sept. 2.

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TERMS OF ADMISSION. 1. Free tuition in the Normal Schools is accorded to all persons sixteen years of age and upwards, of sound physical health, good moral character, and sufficient scholarship. Any such person may attend the Normal School most convenient, and may be transferred from one to any other upon certificate of withdrawal in good standing. Students entering any Normal School are required to subscribe to the following declaration: I,

do hereby declare that my purpose in entering this State Normal School is to fit myself for the profession of teaching, and that it is my intention to engage in teaching in the public schools of this state.

II. Persons applying for admission to a Normal School are examined in reading, writing, spelling, geography, arithmetic, grammar and pronunciation, and are expected to possess the proficiency in these branches usually required for third grade certificates. Applicant should bring appointment from the county or city superintendent in whose district he or she may reside. Applicants failing to satisfactorily pass the required entrance examination may temporarily attend the Preparatory Department, where a tuition fee of fifty cents per week is charged.

Graduates of Free High Schools who have completed a prescribed four years' course are admitted upon presentation of diploma, at the option of Presidents of the schools. Candidates may request county superintendents to forward papers written at teachers' examinations, and have their eligibility for admission determined thereon by the President of the school. For date of entrance examinations, consult the Presidents of the several schools.

COURSES OF STUDY. - Each Normal School, except the one at Milwaukee, offers an Elementary Course of two and one-half years,

an Advanced two years, and a Professional Course of one year. At Milwaukee, the latter two courses only are furnished. Certificates are issued upon completion of Elementary Course, and diplomas upon completion of Advanced Course. Persons may enter at suih stage of the courses as their scholarship may warrant, but no diploma is issued to any person who has attended the school less than one year.

The terms of board at each locality are moderate. For information as to board and other matters and for catalogues address the Presidents of the respective schools as follows:

Pres't D. MCGREGOR, at Platteville; Pres't ALBERT SALISBURY, at Whitewater; Pres't GEORGE S. ALBEE, at Oshkosh; Pres't J. Q. EMERY, at River Falls; Pres't J. J. MAPEL, at Milwaukee.

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Classical, Scientific, Modern Classical. Courses in Music, Business
and Painting.
LADIES' HALL.-Under the immediate supervision of lady teach-

ers and provided with the latest improvenients and conveniences, including steam-heat and gas. NEW OBSERVATORY.-With a complete outfit for practical work in the science of Astronomy. Fall term begins Wednesday, September 16th. Examinations for entrance and registration, Tuesday, Sept. 15th. For further information, address the President,


The Diamond Special. SCHOOL : ALGEBRA

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TRACY, GIBBS & CO., Publishers,


The Illinois Central is now running a daily night train between Chicago and St. Louis, which, in points of elegance of equipment, desirability of route, and efficient service, is the peer of any existing train between those cities, and is equalled by but few railway trains in the country. The train is known as 'The Diamond Special;' is a vestibule train lighted by gas throughout, and is equipped with a Pulman compartment buffet sleeping-car, drawing-room sleeping-car, free reclining chair car, and a compartment coach and smoker. The new compartment sleepers contain three state-rooms, a drawing-room, a smoking-room, a buffet, and eight sections in the body or so-called parlor of the

Mahogany in three varities, including the delicate Prima Vera, or white mahogany, a deep, rich vermilion wood from Africa, quarter-sawed oak, and exquisitely painted woods are used in the structural finish and decoration of the interior.

In artistic combination with these are panels of embossed and decorated plush, which, with the plain plushes of the upholtering, and the silken draperies, are in harmony in color-tone with the natural and painted woods. The coloring of the different compartments is in pleasing variety and of simply marvelous beauty.

The remaining equipment of "The Diamond Special" is in keeping with the standard set by the compartment sleepers, and in any part of the train one could easily acquire "a disposition to indolent enjoyment." The train leaves Chicago daily at 9 P. M., runs over the Illinois Central's lines in Illinois, via Gilman, Gibson, Farmer City, Clinton, Decatur, Pana and Vandalia, reaching St. Louis at 7:30 the next morning over the tracks of the Vandalia line from Vandalia, but remaining a solid train for the entire dtstance. Tickets via the Illinois Central can be obtained of agents of connecting lines, in any part of the country, or by addressing A. H. HANSON, G. P. A.,

Chicago, Ill. DEAFNESS,

ITS CAUSES AND CURE, Scentifically treated by an aurist of world-wide reputation. Deafness eradicated and entirely cured, of from 20 to 30 years' standing, after all other treatments have failed. How the difficulty is reached and the cause removed, fully explained in circulars, with affidavits and testimonials of cures from prominent people, mailed free.

Dr. A. FONTAINE, Tacoma, Wash.


The Busy Bee!

By J. F. ĶINSEY. A collection School Room

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of songs and vocal exercises for the

It contains a CareFULLY GRADED ELEMENTARY DEPARTMENT, Easy Exercises, and Songs for Opening and closing School, Commencement, New Years, Washington's Birthday, Etc.

HIGH SCHOOLS will find Solos, Duets and Quartettes for Mixed, Male and Female Voices, also bright Glees and CHORUSES, for entertainment and study. 96 Pages. Single copy, manilla, 200.; board, 25c. Per doz. manilla, by express, $2.00; board, $2.50. NO FREE SAMPLE COPIES. Order of any reputable dealer in school supplies or books or of THE ECHO MUSIC CO., Publishers, La Fayette, Ind.

Fifteen Gent Reading Matter.

The Riverside Literature Series

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Fifty-nine numbers already published, containing complete masterpieces from the writings of Logfellow,




Lowell, and other eminent authors. With Introductions, Portraits, Biographical and Historical Sketches and Notes. Suitable for use in Primary, Grammar, and High Schools.

Single Numbers 1 Cents Each, Net. New Issues for the School Year 1890-91 of the Second Reader Grade.

Nos. 47, 48. Fables and Folkstories. Phrased by H. E. Scudder. In Two Parts. The two parts also in one volume, board covers, 40 tents.

Nos. 49, 50. Hans Andersen's Stories. (Newly translated.) In Two Parts. The two parts also in one volume, board covers, 40 cents.

A descriptive circular, giving the table of contents of each number of the series, will be sent to any address on application.


Milton Bradley Co.'s KINDERGARTEN


Primary Sobool Alta, And articles specially suited to home entertainment. Por eaten logues address

THOS. CHARLES CO., 76 and 77 Wabash Avenue, Calengo.

Houghton, Mifflin & Co.

4 Park Street, Boston. 11 E. 17th St., New York.

28 Lakeside Building, Chicago.

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have been four of the most popular desks made. THE AUTOMATIC TRIUMPH which we offer this year, includes the excellent constructional features of our other desks, and, besides this, is the most sensible

and durable AUTOMATIC Seat manufactured.

We Manufacture Everything for Schools.

A. H. ANDREWS & Co., 215-221 Wabash Avenue,


SILVER, BURDETT & CO., Publishers, Boston, Mass.,

Announce the following new books, which will be of especial interest to all progressive teachers. OUR AMERICAN NEIGHBORS. Written by Miss Fanny E. Coe, for Our Young Folks' Library, edited by Larkin Dutton, LL. D.,

Head Master Boston Normal School. The book contains vivid pen pictures of 1 Canada, Mexico, Central America and South

America. Price 60 cents. ELEMENTS OF CHEMISTRY. By S. P. Meads, Oakland, California. A most excellent one-term book. Price 80 cents. CECILIAN SERIES OF STUDY AND SONG. Book ív, for Mixed voices, by John W'. Tufts. Adapted to advanced gram

mar grades and high schools. Contains choice sougs and choruses. Price 84 cents. OUTLINES FOR THE STUDY OF ART. By Miss Josephine L. Abbot, Providence, R. I. An excellent book for young

ladies' classes. Price $1.50. THE TEACHER'S HAND BOOK OF! SLOYD. A book on Educational Carpentry for grammar grades of schools. Price

$1.50. * Also full list of choice text-books for Schools and Colleges. For information and for catalogues address the publishers. 31 E. 17th St., N. Y. 122 & 124 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 1028 Arch St., Philadelphia. 6 Hancock Ave., Boston.


I 2mo.


Plane and Solid Geometry ELEMENTS OF CIVIL GOVERNMENT Principles of Agriculture By Seth T. STEWART, A.,B. (Yale.) A text-book for use in Public Schools, By Isaac O. WINSLOW, A. M. Cloth,

High Schools and Normal Schools, 12mo, 406 pages, $1.12. and a Manual of Reference for Teach

Illustrated. Price, 60 cents. Among the many new and important

By ALEXANDER L. PETERMAN, features of this work are:

late Principal, and Professor of Civil

The natural laws and principles which 1. A systematic grouping of related

Government in the Normal School of .the Kentucky State College. 12mo,

underlie rural life are of intense interest propositions.

cloth, 218 pages. 60 cents. Just and import: nce. This book is the first 2. Each book and section preceded published

attempt to present them in a simple by a synopsis.

From the known to the unknown is form, in a single book of handy size. It 3. Numerous original exercises and the motto of this work. Beginning with embraces such elements of Chemistry, an abundance of manual practice with the home and family, the first form of rule and compass.

government known to children, it takes Physics, Geology, Physical Geography. 4. Diagrams drawn so that each style up in their order, the school, the civil and Botany, as should be known to of line employed has its own meaning district, the township, the county, the every person in any way interested in to the student

state and the United States. It discusses 5. General scholia presenting import the general functions of government;

farms and farming ? ant matter not often found in text-books the principles of justice; the powers of

It treats the Substance of the Earth, of Geometry.

law; the rights of liberty; contains de- Land and Water, the Atmosphere, 6. Pictorial effect of the figures inscriptions of parties and party machin- Plants, Fertilizers, Cultivation, Ani. solid Geometry.

ery and the Australian Ballot System, Moderen methods and true educa- introducing facsimiles of ballots actually

mals. tional principles characterize the work. used under this system. It is simple

enough for the Fourth Reader grade, "I have examined with great care and "A thorough examination of Stewart's yet sufficiently philosophical and orderly pleasure the copy of Winslow's Priuciples of Planie aud Solid Geometry has convinced me that it is a work of rare excellence.

the in its discussions to form the basis of Agriculture. It is the right book at the right method followed by the author is in accord more advanced study in higher institu- time and should have a place in the curricuwith the most advanced pedagogical thought; tions of learning. The mathematical training that the pupil

lum of every public school in the state. At would receive from the study of Geometry by “I think Peterman's Elements of Civil this time when the agricultural interests of the method of this book is vastly more valu- Government is admirably planned and simply the country are beginning to receive that atable than that resulting from the method fol- and tangibly worked out in a form to enable lowed by most text books on the subject. The the youth of the land to lay hold of the cor

tention to which they are entitled, this book more thoughtful teachers have become dis- rect ideas of government in good time to will be of great value to all, and especially to satisfied with the old method and will heartily make these conceptions part of themselves the children of the farmers."-S. H. CROSS, welcome a book on the new plan."-ALBERT before assuming the duties of citizens."LEONARD, Principal of Dunkirk, (N. Y.) JOHN F. CROWELL, A. B., Etc., President Member of the State Board of Education of High School. of Trinity College, North Carolina.

Rhode Island.



An adequate description of over three thousand school and college text books makes quite a bulky volume. We have, therefore, found it convenient to divide our descriptive list into twenty-one sections, each devoted to a single branch or departments of study. The subjects are : 1. Reading. 8. Spelling.

16. Botany. 2. Supplementary Reading. 9. English Language.

17. Philosophy, Psychology and 3. Arithmetic. 10. Drawing.

Ethics. 4. Higher Mathematics. 11. Music.

18. Civics and Economics. 5. Penmanship and Steno- 12. Book-keeping,

19. Pedagogy, School Registers, graphy. 13. Ancient Language.

Records and Teachers' Aids. 6. Geography. 14. Modern Language,

20. Elocution. 7. History. 15. Science.

21. Maps and Charts.

Teachers are cordially invited to send for any of these sections, which will be mailed free, and to correspond with us in all matters pertaining to text-books for their schools. New York. Cincinnati. Chicago.

American Book Company


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