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In the preparation of this volume of reports, I have, with the permission of the West Publishing Company, made use of the syllabi prepared by the editorial staff of the National Reporter System, and of the advance sheets of the Southeastern Reporter, both of which were freely furnished me by that company for this purpose. In most cases I have adopted and used without change the syllabi prepared by the above mentioned staff for the Southeastern Reporter. I have the permission of that company to make use of such syllabi, prepared by their editorial staff, in the succeeding volumes of these reports.

D. C. Ray, Supreme Court Reporter.

Columbia, S. C., May 25, 1920.

Cases Reported in this Volume


Allen v. Orr
Arthur et al., Moore v..
Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Co., Kellers v.
Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Co., Ready v...
Atlantic Coast Line R. R. Co., Still v.
Atlantic Coast Line R. R. Co., Thompson v.
Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Co., Walker v.
Awtrey v. Wood

112 261 332 551 261 448 309


Banks v. Columbia Ry., Gas & Electric Co.

99 Barnwell Lumber Co., Baxley v...

109 Barnwell Lumber Co., Sease et al. v..

105 Barnwell Lumber Co., Sanders v...

499 Bartell et al. v. Edwards et al..

217 Barton, Robinson v.

.. 212 Bates, State v....

129 Baxley v. Barnwell Lumber Co...

109 Beattie v. City Council of Greenville.

541 Blackmon v. Williams et al...

437 Blassingame v. Greenville County..

466 Beauchamp v. Winnsboro Granite Corporation et al... 522 Blackmon et al. v. Blackmon...

478 Blackstone, State v...

528 Boykin et al. v. Logan et al.

64 Breuer, State v..

177 Brown, State v..

513 Burress, Wilson et al. v...

474 Burriss et al. v. Burriss et al. .

370 Burton et al. v. Burton et al.



tery Co.

Capital City Garage & Tire Co. v. Electric Storage Bat

352 Carpenter, Clinton Oil & Mfg. Co. v..

10 Charleston, City Council of, v. Terry Fish Co.... 247 Charleston Consol. Ry. & Lighting Co., Ilderton v.... 91 Charleston Bridge Co., State v....

116 Chavis, Freeman v...

326 Cline v. Southern Ry. Co. et al....

440 Clinton Oil & Mfg. Co. v. Carpenter.

10 Cockfield, Middleton v....

282 Coker v. Duncan

204 Cole v. Jefferson Standard Life Ins. Co.....

22 Columbia Ry., Gas & Electric Co., Banks v..



492 502 416 363

Dallas v. Guardian Fire Ins. Co.....
Davis et al., Freeman et al. v..
Dent et al. v. Dent et al. ...
Dial v. Southern Railway Co...
Dillingham et al. v. National Council, Junior Order of

American Mechanics
Dingle v. Major
Dorchester Lumber Co., Fair v..
Douglass, Malloy v..
Duncan, Coker v..
Duncan, Wessinger v...
Dysard Construction Co., Jowers v..

430 390 460 384 204 205 84


Edens, Hood v..

185 Edwards et al., Bartell et al. v..

217 Electric Storage Battery Co., Capital City Tire Co. v.. 352 Ellison et al. v. Mattison et al...

412 F.

Fair v. Dorchester Lumber Co...

460 Fanning v. Stroman

495 Farmers Bank & Trust Co. v. Fudge et al..

25 Farmers & Merchants National Bank of Lake City v. Bank of Hemingway

140 Fayonsky, Military Art Novelty Co. v..

470 Fisher, Shaw v.

287 Fountain, Oates v..

372 Fox et al., Interveners, Home Bank of Lexington v... 378 Freeman v. Chavis

326 Freeman et al. v. Davis et al..

502 Fudge et al., Farmers Bank & Trust Co. v...



Gallivan v. Phönix Fire Ins. Co.....
Gandy, State v.....
Garvin et al., Hall v..
George, State v.
Gibbs, State v...
Gibson et al. v. Gibson et al..
Gill v. Walker et al...
Glenn, Sloan v....
Glenn v. Walker
Goodwin et al., Miller v......
Graniteville Mfg. Co. v. Renew.
Gray v. Seaboard Air Line Railway Company.
Greenville, City Council, Stone v..
Greenville, City Council, Beattie v.
Greenville, County,'Blassingame v...
Guardian Fire Ins. Co., Dallas v..

181 147 182 154 256 160

39 387

1 365 171 345 407 541 466 492


Hall v. Garvin et al...
Harmon v. Hines, Director General of Railroads.
Harmon v. Southern Railway Co...


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