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Davis (C. H. S., M.D.)-A Manual for the Train

ing and Education of the Feeble-Minded, Imbecile, and

Idiotic. 12mo. New York. ls. 6d. De Graff (T. S. Up., M.D. —Camping in the

Alleghanies; or, Bodines: a Complete Practical Treats and Guide to Camping Out. New Edition. 12mo. ciuth.

Illustrated. Philadelphia. 6s. 6d. Denison (Mrs. M. A.)-His Triumph. 16mo.

cloth, pp. iv. and 248. Boston. 53.

A novel, by the author of " That Husband of Mine." Turus non the point of a wife giving up a certainty of fame upon the stage to gratify her husband. Written in a bright, animated way.

Bishop (W. H.)–Old Mexico and her Lost

Provinces : a Journey in Mexico, Southern California, and Arizona by Way of Cuba. 12mo. cloth, pp. x. and 509.

Illustrated. New York. 10s. Bond and Weigley.-The Legal, Bank, and

Reporting Directory, a Digest of the Collection Laws, and Record of the Names of Practising Attorneys; also, Banks and Bankers of the United States and Canada. 1883. 8vo.

cloth, pp. 253. Chicago. £6 6s. Boston Illustrated: Containing Full Descrip

tions of the City and its Immedate Suburbs, its Public Buildings and Institutions, Parks, and Avenues, Statues, Harbour, etc., with numerous Historical Allusions. New and Revised Edition 12mo. paper, pp. iv. and 167. Illus. Boston. 23. 60. Practically a new work; revised, and in a 'great measure rewritten; new material added, the old re-arranged to make it more convenient, and new features introduced, with also many new illustrations. Brown (Susan A.)-Mrs. Gilpin's Frugalities,

Remnants, and 200 Ways of Using Them. Oblong Fcap. 8vo. boards, pp. xv. and 102. New York. 5s. Bucke (R. M., M.D.)-Walt Whitman. Crown 8vo. cloth, pp. 236. With Portraits and Illustrations. Philadelphia. 9s. The author of this monograph is an intimate friend of the poet. He presents details of Walt Whitman's life, habits, appearance, etc., obtained for the first time from observation at first hand. The book is divided into two parts. The first contains the biographical sketch, fresh extracts from Walt Whitman's conversation, and an appendix, in which will be found the essay called “The good gray poet," written in 1866, by Mr. William D. O'Connor, in vindication of Whitman's poetry, and also an introductory letter, by the same writer, for the present volume. Part II. contains the history of Leaves of Grass," its successive editions and publishers, and the numerous quarrels connected with it; analysis of Whitman's poems, and a number of contemporaneous criticisms. There are two very good portraits of the poet-one, a photo-intaglio, drawn by Herbert H. Gilchrist in 1864, and another, from a photograph taken in 1880. Bunner (H. C.)-A Woman of Honour. 12mo.

cloth, pp. iv. and 336. Boston. 6s. 6d.

A novel. Butler (C. M., D.D.) --- The Reformation in

Sweden; its Rise, Progress, and Crisis, and its Triumph under Charles IX. 12mo. cloth, pp. iv. and 259. New

York. 6s. 6d. Traces the history of Sweden from the treaty of Calmar in 1398, by which Denmark, Sweden, and Norway were united under Queen Margaret, down through the reign of Charles IX., 1611. Chamisso (A. von)-Faust. A Dramatic Sketch.

By Adalbert von Chamisso (1803). Translated from the German by Henry Phillips, Jun. Fcap. 8vo. boards, pp.

23. (Privately printed, 1881.) Philadelphia. 2s.6d. Chapin (B.)—The Poets of New Hampshire :

Specimen Poems of nearly Three Hundred Poets of the Granite State ; with Biographical Notes. 8vo. cloth,

pp. 800. Claremont (N. H.). 185. College of Physicians of Philadelphia. Trans

actiong, 3rd series, vol. 6. Containing Lists of Officers, Standing Committees, Presidents, Fellows, Memoir of Dr. H. Lenox Hodge, and over Thirty Reports and Studies of Important Cases. 8vo. cloth, pp. 496. Illustrated. Phila

delphia. 188. Cook (M.)-Van Dyke Brown Poems; Edited by his Wife; with Prefatory Words by Harold Frederick, and a Tribute to the Author by E. North. 12mo. cloth, pp. 223.

With Portrait. Boston. 7s. 6d. Cooke (J. E.) – Virginia. A History of the

People.' 12mo. cloth, pp. xxiii. and 523. With Maps. Boston. 6s. 6d. Vol. I. of a new series to be known as “ American Commonwealths," edited by H. E. Scudder. Crandall (C. H.) - The Season: An Annual

Record of New York and Brooklyn Society. 12mo. cloth.

New York. 155. Cunningham (F. H.)-Familiar Sketches of

Phillips Exeter Academy and Surroundings. Small 4to.

cloth. Illustrated. Boston. 123. 6d. Davis (C. H. S.)—The Voice as a Musical Instru. ment.' With Medical Hints as to its Proper Training and Culture 12mo. Boston. 2s.

Dixon (R. B.)-Fore and Aft: A Story of Actual

Sea Life. 16mo, cloth, pp. viii. and 325. Boston. Get

Account of a fourteen months' cruise from New York to Vera Cruz from Vera Cruz to Havre, and thence to Boston. The authorpe at eighteen as a sailor, and was promoted to first mate. Here his actual experience, with all its hardships and perils and is la pleasures, as a warning to boys going to sea ; for, with the tica of Dana's "Two years before the mast," he believes there iskala a book that gives a correct picture of a sailor's life. Dodge (T. A.)-A Bird's-Eye View of our Girl

War. Svo. cloth, pp. x. and 349. With Maps and Cian

Boston. 15s. Donovan (J. W.) — Trial Practice and Trial

Lawyers: Treatise on Trials of Fact before Jaries, in cluding Sketches of Advocates, Turning Points, Incidents Rules, Tact and Art in Winning Cases, Condensed Speech a Brief Summary of the Law of Actions, Evidence, Cose tracts, Crimes, Torts, Wills, etc. 8vo. sheep, pp. xii. and

315. St. Louis. 188. Don't: A Manual of Mistakes and Improprieties More or Less Prevalent in Conduct and Speech, by Censr. Square 16mo. parchment, pp. 88. New York. 15.6

A tersely written little manual in which the negative form is spotted throughout. Designed chiefly for “ young men of good insuto good intentions, whose education in some particulars has beet DEX lected.” Eggleston (E.)—The Hoosier Schoolboy. 1900,

cloth, pp. ii. and 181. Illustrated. New York, as. Ely (R. T.)-French and German Socialism in

Modern Times. 16mo. cloth, pp. viii. and 274. Je York and London. 33. 6d. An impartial and popular presentation. Discusses the doctrine ai the various socialist systems and leaders--their objects, methou, as history. Emerson (R. W.) — Nature, Addresses, and

Lectures. New Revised Edition. 12mo. cloth, pp. 4 With Portrait. Boston. 9s.

a new edition (11 p.). printed from 97 electrotype plates, of Emerson's complete works, to be know : Riverside edition. Will contain, in addition to the prose and pro writings hitherto published in book-form, two new volumes of lectures, and speeches, prepared for publication by Mr. Emo literary executor, Mr. J. Elliot Cabot. Two new portraits Emerson will embellish the volumes, one an etching by Schon an early portrait taken in England, and a steel engraving bf Tbis volume contains Schoff's portrait, and was b under the title of “Miscellanies." Emerson (R. W.-Essays. First Series. New

Revised Edition. 12mo. cloth, pp. 343. Boston. 9s. Riverside edition, vol. ii. Emerson (R. W.)-Essays. Second Series. Ne

Revised Edition. 12mo. cloth, pp. 270. Boston. 9. Riverside edition, vol. iii. Emerson (R. W.)-Representative Men. Sever

Lectures. New Revised Edition. 12mo. cloth, pp. 1,6. Boston. 9s. Riverside edition, vol. iv. Etter (Rev. J. W.) - The Preacher and his

Sermon: a Treatise on Homiletics. 8vo. cloth, pp. 11. 201 581. Dayton (O.). 125. Everett (C. C., D.D.)-Religions Before Christianity: Manual for Sunday Schools. 12mo, cloth, pp. 3 Boston. ls. 6d.

melicion, the Presents a succinct account of the ancient Arran religi Hindu, Buddhism, the religion of the Parsees, Romans, and a | the religion of Egypt, and the religions of China.

trait, and was heretofore kno#1

Fallows (Rev. S.)-Hand-Book of Abbreviations | Griswold (W. M.)- An Index to Articles Relatand Contractions: Current, Classical, and Mediaval, also ing to History, Biography, Literature, Society and Travel, of Secret, Benevolent, and other Organizations, Legal | contained in Collections of Essays, etc. 8vo. paper, pp. 56. Works of the United States and Great Britain, and of the Bangor. 88. Railroads of the American Continent. 16mo. cloth, pp. vi. “It fills but forty-six pages, yet it refers to no less than 799 and 134. Chicago. 2s.

volumes enumerated in the key. The reference is by the conven.

tional number, since in the nature of the case the page is not avail. Farrow (W. M.)-How I became a Crack Shot, able. We should add that the works indexed are in English, French, with Hints to Beginners. 18mo. cloth, pp. 204, with

and German, and that the key is so arranged as to show the authors

of essays in collections like Mr. Griswold's own Monograph.'"Illustrations. Newport (R.I.). (1882.) 5s.

Nation, The author of this little work was the winner of the Albert Prize nd the Wimbledon Cup, the Sevres Vase, and the Bronze Statue in

Harris (S., D.D.)—The Philosophical Basis of rance, and the Champion Match, 1878, the Wimbledon Cup Match, Theism. An Examination of the Personality of Man to So, and the Military Champion's Match, 1882, at Creedmoor,

Ascertain his Capacity to Know and Serve God and the field (G. W.)-A Treatise on the Constitution Validity of the Principles underlying the Defence of and Jurisdiction of the Courts of the United States, on

Theism. 8vo. cloth, pp. xxiv. and 564. New York. 18s. Pleading, Practice, and Procedure Therein, and on the Harrison (J. A.)—French Syntax. A Critical Powers and Duties of Commissioners of the Circuit Courts,

Study of the French Language, on the Basis of Edouard with Forms for said Courts and Commissioners. 8vo.

Mätzner. Including French Phonology, Etymology, Hissheep, pp. xxvi. and 918. Philadelphia. £1 123. 6d.

torical Grammar. Prosody, and Irregular Verbs, etc., etc. ields (Mrs. J. T.) - How to Help the Poor.

To which is added a Series of Practical Exercises for the lomo. boards, pp. ii. and 125. Boston. 35.

Acquirement of the Language with French-English and

English-French Vocabularies, prepared expressly for this illmore (J. C.) Pianoforte Music. Its His Work by Mr. W. Easton, Ph.D. Crown 8vo. cloth, pp. tory, with Biographical Sketches and Critical Estimates of xxvi.—676. Philadelphia. 10s. its Greatest Masters. Crown 8vo. cloth, pp. viii. and 245.

Hayden (F. V.)-Twelfth Annual Report of the Chicago. 78. 6d.

United States Geological and Geographical Survey of the Flynn (P. J.)-Hydraulic Tables, for the Calcu. Territories. A Report of Progress of the Exploration in lation of the Discharge through Sewers, Pipes, and Con Wyoming and Idaho for the Year 1878. In Two Parts. duits, based on Kutter's Formulas. 18mo. boards, pp. 144.

Part I. Geology, Palaeontology, and Zoology. With Plates, New York. 2s. 6d.

Maps and Woodcuts. Part II. Yellowstone National Park. 'oster (D.)-The Scientific Angler:

Geology - Thermal Springs—Topography. With Plate,

Being a Maps, and Woodcuts. 8vo. cloth, pp. xviii.; 809; xxv. and General and Instructive Work on Artistic Angling, by the 503. With Six Maps (in 10 Sheets) in separate Portfolio. late D. Foster: compiled by his Sons, and edited by W. C.

Washington. Harris. 12mo. cloth, pp. 247. Ilustrated. N. York. 7s.6d.

Hazard (R. G.)-Man, a Creative First Cause. 'oster (S., jun.) and Megargee (L. N.)-Bio

Two Discourses delivered at Concord, Mass., July, 1882. graphical Album of the City Government of Philadelphia Crown 8vo. cloth, pp. xvi. and 112. Boston. 4s. in the Bi-centennial year. 4to. morocco, pp. 260. Ilustrated. Philadelphia. £6 6s.

Henderson (Marc Anthony).—The Song of Milk

anwatha; translated from the original Feejee. Illustrated oye (J. C.) — Chemical Problems, with Brief by Frank Beard. Third Edition. 16mo. cloth, pp. x. and Statements of the Principles involved. 18mo. boards. 99. Illustrated. Albany (N. York). 5s. New York. 25. 6d.

Amusing burlesque of the rhyme and form of Longfellow's "Hia. filbert (J. H.)—Burning Words of Brilliant

watha." Writers; Cyclopædia of Quotations from the Religious Hesiodus. - Hints from the “Works" and Literature of all Ages; with an Introduction by C. S. Robin

“ Days,” or Moral, Economical, and Agricultural Maxims son, D.D. 8vo. cloth, pp. vi. and 681. Albany (N. York).

flections of Hesiod; (also The Praise of Rural Life, 15s.

from Horace. Dedicated to the Husbandmen of America, The aim of the compiler in making this collection has been to use by an Officer of the U. S. Treasury Department. 16mo. als such extracts as clearly and forcibly express or apply some

paper, pp. ii. and 60. New York. 1s. 6d. tagious truth, and to give especial prominence to American authors. franged under subjects presented alphabetically. Index of authors. Hopkins (Louisa P.)-Hand-Book of the Earth: ndex of subjects.

Natural Methods in Geography. 32mo. cloth, pp. 78. tleed (C.S.)- Overland Guide from the Missouri Boston. 2s. 6d. River to the Pacific Ocean via Kansas, Colorado, New Au inductive treatise in geography, which is offered to the general Mexico, Arizona, and California. Revised Edition. Crown

student as an original and philosophical presentation of the subject. 8vo. sewed, pp. 246. With Map and Illustrations. Chicago. 25. 6d.

Hopkins (W. B., M.D.) — The Roller Bandage. Giving algo the United States mining laws; repeal provisions;

12mo. cloth. Illustrated. Philadelphia. 6s. 6d. Erulations under United States lawa; mining laws of Colorado, James (H.)—Daisy Miller. A Comedy in Three Ar zuna, and New Mexico.

Acts. 12mo. cloth, pp. 189. Boston. 7s. 6d. Gonse (M. Louis Eugène Fromentin, Painter Mr. James's famous study of the American girl is here remodelled and Writer. Translated by Mary Caroline Robbins. Square

into a play; several new characters are introduced and the ending is 8vo. cloth, pp. xi. and 280. Illustrated. Boston. 155.

changed. Fromentin (born La Rochelle, France, 1820, died 1876), belongs to Johnson (S.)-Lectures, Essays, and Sermons; the grup of painters which includes Delacroix, Corot, Rousseau, With a Memoir by S. Longfellow. 8vo. cloth, pp. iv. and muliet and Daubigny. He was chiefly distinguished as a painter of Algorine and Arabian scenes, notable for their picturesqueness and

466. Boston. 10s. brillancy of colouring. He was also an art critic of remarkable powers as illustrated in

Keese (W. L.)-John Keese, Wit and Litterateur. The old masters of Belgium and Holland,” and a writer of several books of travel and a romance, "Dominique.This

A Biographical Memoir. 8vo. cloth, pp. 96, with Portrait. a sympathetic biography of the great artist, and an exposition of New York. 73. 6d.

methods, theories, and practice. Students and art amateurs will uengot in this volume with its wealth of illustrations, mostly fac Kelsey (D. M.)-Deeds of Daring by both Blue ules, of Fromentin's celebrated works. His correspondence is and Gray. Thrilling Narratives of Personal Adventure, etc., Largely quoted from, and some unpublished fragments of his writings

on Each' Side the Line during the Great Civil War. 8vo. are 49ded. The work, taken altogether, is one of the most valuable art works of the season, and is notably handsome in engraving and

cloth, pp. 608. Illustrated. Philadelphia. 125. 6d. paper.

Knapp (W. I.) – Modern Spanish Readings, Gradle (H., M.D.) – Bacteria and the Germ

Embracing Text, Notes, and an Etymological Vocabulary. Theory of Disease: Eight Lectures delivered at Chicago 12mo. cloth, pp. viii. and 500. Boston. 7s. 6d. Medical College. Svo. cloth, pp. iv. and 219. Chicago. 10s. Lectures delivered during the winter term of the Chicago Medical

Little (D. M.)-Instantaneous Marine Studies:

Long (Ellen C.)—Florida Breezes; or, Florida, | Paper and Printing Recipes. 8vo. cloth, pp. 90.

New and Old. 12mo, paper, pp. vi. and 401. Jacksonville Chicago. 58. (Fla.). 5s.

Parker (W. H.)-Recollections of a Naval Officer, Semi-romantic description of the history and early social life of Florida, described by the author as “A record of facts and events

1841-1865. 12mo.cloth, pp. xvi. and 372. N. York. 1962 gathered traditionally as well as from personal knowledge. ...

Captain Parker entered the United States Vary in 1841. He The characters are all veritable people and events real matters of

signed his cominission at the outbreak of the war 1801, acde fact."

until its close in the Confederate Nary. His recollections a Longfellow (H. W.)–Courtship of Miles Stan

the naval operations of the Mexican war, various cruises

Mediterranean, off the coast of Brazil, on the African cuanto dish, Arranged in Seven Scenes for Parlour Theatricals with some of the most prominent events of the civil war, such as and School Exhibitions. 16mo. paper, pp. 44. Boston. 9d. battle of Elizabeth City and of Hampton Roads, the figh: da

Merrimac and the Monitor, and the attack by Dupont nem Longley (E.)-The Reporter's Guide, Designed

Sumter, for Students in any Style of Phonography; in which are

Penn (A.)—The Home Library. 12mo. Formulated for the First Time, in any Work of the Kind, Rules for the Contraction of Words, Principles of Phrasing,

pp. 159. New York. 38. and Methods of Abbreviation. 12mo. cloth, pp, viii. and Perry (A. L.)-Political Economy. Eighet: 248. Cincinnati. 10s.

Edition. 8vo. cloth, pp. xiv. and 608. New York. 13 de MacCord (C. W., A.M., Sc.D.)--Kinematics. A Originally published in 1865 with the title " Elements of PL Treatise on the Modification of Motion, as Affected by the

Economy,” this work has gone through many revisions

been almost entirely re-written, new matter added, and love Forms and Modes of Connexion of the Moving Parts of

down to date. Machines. Fully Illustrated by Accurate Diagrams of Mechanical Movements, as Practically Constructed: For

Perry (B. F.)-Reminiscences of Publie Men, the Use of Draughtsmen, Machinists, and Students of

Prefaced by a Life of the Author, by Hext M. Per. V ). Mechanical Engineering. 850. cloth, pp. ix. and 336.

12mo. cloth, pp. iii.-324. Illustrated. Philai seul New York. £1 5s.

Reminiscences of John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jacken .

Johnson, John C. Calhoun, Henry Clay, William C. Pristunit Mayer (L.)-Ground-Rents in Maryland; With

Y. Hayne, Andrew P. Butler, Francis W. Pickens, ard t** an Introduction Concerning the Tenure of Land under the men. Mr. Perry is a distinguished member of tbe South lela Proprietary; with an Article on Manors in Maryland, by

bar. He is known for the ability and firmness with which he J. Johnson, jun., and the Record of the Court-Baron and

the disunion movement in South Carolina. Was appointed Frisch Court-Leet of St. Clement's Manor. Reprinted from the

Governor of that state by President Johnson at the close u Le Publications of the Johns Hopkins University. 8vo. cloth,

Pitman (B.) and Howard (J. B.)-The Phongpp. 158. Baltimore. 78. 6d.

graphic Dictionary. 16mo. cloth. Cincinnati. 1936 Mendenhall (Rev. J.W.J_Echoes from Palestine. | Practical Hints on Rifle Practice, with Military 8vo. cloth, pp. iv. and 736. Map and Illustrations. New Arms. 18mo. limp cloth, pp. 36, with a Plate. La York. 158.

York. 23. 6d. Metcalf (R.)—The Abiding Memory: Sermons Proctor (B. S.)- Pharmacy. New Editive. Pre by Richard Metcalf, Pastor of the Winchester Unitarian vised and Enlarged, with Wood and Lithographic Lecto Society, from 1866 to 1881 ; with a Brief Memoir, 12mo. tions. Philadelphia. £l 2s. 6d. cloth, pp. ii. and 211. Boston. 7s.6d. Richard Metcalf was born in Providence, RI., 1829, and d. in

Publishers' Trade List Annual, 1883, Embracing Winchester, Mass., 1881. where he had been for fifteen years pastor the latest Catalogues of Publishers and Manductorets: of the Winchester Unitarian Society.

preceded by a verbatim reprint of The Publishers With Mombert (J. I., D.D. -A Hand-Book of the Record of Books issued from July 8, 1882, to Jati,

English Versions of the Bible; with Copious Examples 1883, with complete Index by Authors, Titles, aay. Illustrating the Ancestry and Relationship of the Several

jects ; also the American Educational Catalogne le 1 Versions, and Comparative Tables. 12mo. cloth, pp. xxiv.

(Eleventh Year). Royal Svo. cloth, pp. xlii. and its and 509. New York. 123. 6d.

New York. 7s. 6d. An account of the various changes the Bible has gone through

Rapalje (S.) and Lawrence (R. L.)- Dictionary from the first Anglo-Saxon and the carliest English versions to its present form.

of American and English Law, with Definitions de Miller (Mrs. E. S.)-In the Kitchen. New Re

Technical Terms of the Canon and Civil Laws: 2!!

containing a full Collection of Latin Maxims, and C: vised Edition. 8vo. cloth, pp. 592. New York. 12s. 6d.

of upward of Forty Thousand Reported Caser, in Contains additional receipts, and a full alphabetical index.

Words and Phrases have been Judicially Defined or lo Mitchell (D. G.)-Reveries of a Bachelor; or, strued. Two Vols. 8vo, sheep, pp. Xxxviii. and 716.

A Book of the Heart. New Revised Edition. l2mo, cloth, 1380. Jersey City (N. J.). £3 13s. 6d. pp. xxiv. and 286. New York. 6s. 6d.

Reade (A. A.) – How to Write English: 4. The first volume of a new, revised and uniform edition of the

Practical Treatise on English Composition. Third E. writings of Donald Grant Mitchell (** Ik Marvel”), whose “Reveries

12mo. cloth, iü.-106. Philadelphia, 3s. of a Bachelor," published thirty years ago, has become one of the classics of American literature. This edition will embrace, besides all Richmond (A. B.)-Intemperance and Crime the published works of Mr. Mitchell, three or four additional volumes

Court and Prison : 'Leaves from the Diary of an ! containing new and unpublished material.

Lawyer. 8vo. cloth, pp. 217 and 222. Illustrated. M. Mitchell (D. G.)-Seven Stories, with Basement | ville (Pa.). 18s.

and Attic. New Revised Edition. 12mo. cloth, pp. viii. Richardson (C. F.) – A Primer of America) and 314. New York. 6s. 6d.

Literature. New Revised Edition, with 12 Portraits Morris (G. S.)-Philosophy and Christianity: a American Authors. 21st Thousand. 18mo. cloth, prilli

Series of Lectures Delivered in New York, in 1883, on the Boston. 2s. Ely Foundation of the Union Theological Seminary. 12mo. Riley (J. W.)—The Old Swimmin'-Hole, 978 cloth, pp. xvi. and 315. New York. 9s.

'Leven more Poems, 16mo. paper, pp. 50. Indianapoils, s, O'Brine (D.)-The Practical Laboratory Guide

A little volume of poems in the Hoosier dialect, first con,

to the Indianopolis Journal by J. W. Riley, under the peelwe! in Chemistry. 8vo. cl. pp. x. and 183. Columbus (0.), 9s. of Benj. F. Johnson of Boone." They are exceeding tatu Intended for the use of students who possess some knowledge of

little b

pathetic, and full of a fragrance of the country. The little bu chemistry. The object is to present a practical guide adapted to the very prettily got up, in flexible parchment covers, and is pricite wants of the college or the medical laboratory.

fine linen paper with wide margins. O'Connor (Rev. J. A.)-Letters to His Eminence Ross (D. W.)- The Early History of Land

Cardinal McCloskey, Archbishop of New York. Third holding among the Germans. 8vo. cloth, pp. vill, and ar
Edition, Revised and Enlarged. 16mo. cloth, pp. 160. Boston and London. 12s.
New York, 1s. 6d.

An essay upon the primitive clan system of the Ger
A series of letters originally published in the New York Weekly growth and decay, etc. The result of an investigation M10
Witness. Their writer, who was for many years a Roman Catholic author in 1875 into the early history of land holding among
priest, and who is now pastor of the Independent Catholic Church, mans. He presents a list of the original sources covering
New York, takes issue with many of the doctrines of the Catholic from which he derives his conclusions, and a bibliograpa)

subject, 12 pp.

ing among the Gez

bibliography of the

amuels (E. A.)–Our Northern and Eastern Very (Jones)-Poems. With an Introduction by Birds ; containing Descriptions of the Birds of the Northern W. P. Andrews. 16mo. cloth, pp. xii. and 160. Boston. and Eastern States and British Provinces, together with a 7s. 6d. History of their habits, Times of Arrival and Departure, | Very (Lient EW _The Development of Armour their Distribution, Food, Song, Time of Breeding, and

for Naval Use. évo. cloth, pp. 243, with Woodcuts. a careful and accurate Description of their Nests and Eggs; with Illustrations of many Species of the Birds, and

Annopolis (Ma.). 10s. 6d. Accurate Figures of their Eggs; with a Supplement from

A very interesting article on Ironclads and Armoured Defence in

Europe and America from Proceedings of the U.S. Naval Institute, Holden's "American Fauna." Svo. cloth, pp. 600. With

Vol. IX. No. 3. Illustrations and Coloured Plates. New York. £1 5s.

Wainwright (S., D.D.)-Scientific Sophisms; a cudder (H. E.)—The English Bodley Family.

Review of Current Theories Concerning Atoms, Apes, and Square 8vo. bds. pp. iv.-195. Illustrated. Boston. 78.6d.

Men. 12mo, paper, pp. 302. New York. ls. 6d. adder (M. L.) - Congested Prices. 12mo. Review of the theories of Darwin, Huxley, Tyndall, and others on

the subjects of evolution, transmutation, spontaneous generation, cloth, pp. ii.-52. Chicago. 2s. 6d.

etc. The writer aims to show the fallacies involved in their deductions. In financial panics: written in an entertaining style. The author 3 practical man, but a close thinker and a ready writer. He

Wallace (Mrs. S. E.)The Storied Sea. 16mo. bes briefly but intelligibly the methods of making prices in stock cloth, pp. ii. and 233. Boston. 58. grain exchanges, and points out some curious analogies between

Sketches suggested by the Mediterranean and its many interesting ! characteristics of price prophecies and weather prophecies, and putes the popular belief that financial panics must occur periodi

ports. Written by the wife of Gen. Lew Wallace, U.S. Minister at

Constantinople. nith (F. S. -Life and Adventures of Josh

Waring (G. E., jun.)–Ruby. Reprinted from Billings; with a Characteristic Sketch of the Humorist;

“Whip and Spur.” 16mo. paper, pp. 37. Boston. 6d. also, One Hundred Illustrated Aphorisms. 16mo. paper, Warner (Miss A. B.)-A Bag of Stories. 16mo. pp. 92. Illustrated. New York. ls. 6d.

cloth, pp. 238. New York. 4s. mith (Goldwin).- False Hopes; or, Fallacies, Weisbach (Dr. J.)-Mechanics of Engineering Socialistic and Semi-Socialistic, Briefly Answered: An and of Machinery. 'Vol. III. part 1, Section I. The Address. 12mo. paper, pp. ii. and 69. New York. ls. Mechanics of the Machinery of Transmission. Second

Edition, thoroughly revised and greatly enlarged, by Gusmithsonian Institution. Annual Report of the

tav Herrmann, Professor at the Royal Polytechnic School, Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Iustitution, Showing Aachen, Germany. Designed as a Text-book for Technical the Operations, Expenditures, and Condition of the Insti Schools and Colleges, and for the Use of Engineers, tution for the Year 1881. 8vo. cloth, pp. xvi. and 839, Draughtsmen, &c., Translated by J. F. Klein, D. È., ProWashington.

fessor Mechanical Engineering, Lehigh University, Beth"In addition to the report proper, this volume serves the function of lehem, Pa. Authorized Translation. 8vo. cloth, pp. lxviii. Scentific annual in its summary reviews, by various experts, of the and 514. With Illustrations. New York. £1 58. 27' progress in astronomy, chemistry, botany, meteorology, physics, ology, and anthropology, while the appendix is still further enriched Welsh (A. H.)—Essentials of Geometry. 8vo. th miscellaneous papers on the last mentioned topic (American original wholly), and by a history of the Smithsonian Exchanges.”

cloth, pp. x. and 267. Illustrated. Chicago. 78. 6d. The Nation.

Welch (F. H.)-Enteric Fever, its Prevalence tauffer (F. H.)—The Queer, the Quaint, the and Modifications; Ætiology, Pathology and Treatment, Quizzical: A Cabinet for the Curious. 8vo. cloth, pp.

as Illustrated by Army data at Home and Abroad. 8vo. 367. New York. 128. 6d.

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paper. New York. 2s. 6d. etter from Mr. F. J. Furnivall and are now published at the request Clever and amusing lithographic designs. Ji many desiring to know Prof. Thom's method of teaching.

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8vo. sewed, pp. 96. Kristiania, 1883. 23. Astarloa (P. P.)-Discursos filosoficos sobre la

(To be completed in about 18 parts.) lengua primitiva, o grammatica y analisis razonada de la

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enthaltend Mose's letzte Rede an die Kinder Israel, en

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In the above the author proves that the famous Shapira Mass étude d'éthnographie ancienne et moderne. 8vo. sewed, script is a clever forgery. pp. 144. Paris, 1883. 5s.

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To be completed in 24 parts. Albertville, 1883. 6s.

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Allgemeine Einleitung (Bedeutung der Semiten für die by translations of his previous writings. This second edition is

Kulturgeschichte).- Erstes Buch: Die Forsemitses augmented by eight supplements and has been revised by Colonel Maurice The Christian-Socialist party will certainly promote their

Kulturen in Aegypten und Babylon. 8vo. sewed. p. II., interests if they publish an English edition of this work, which is, of viii, and 541, with 3 maps. Leipzig, 1883. lls. all books that we have seen on the subject, the most readable one. Cauer (P.)—Delectus Inscriptionum Graecarum

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Ichwân Es-Safa.—Dieterici (F.)- Die Abhani. contains a register to the complete work, which now consists of three volumes. It will be of interest to students of statistics, and for their

lungen des Ich wần Es-Safa in Auswahl herausgegeben benefit we will subjoin a short summary of the contents : Retrospect 8vo. sewed. Leipzig, 1883. 6s. -Sources- Publications - Administration of Government Wires Passengers' Taxes - Disasters-Complaints on Account of Charges Joest (W.)–Das Holantolo. Glossar und grir. Proposals for Reform of Charges to a Committee of Members of

matische Skizze. Ein Beitrag zur Kenntniss der Sprache Parliament-The Principle of Tariffs, etc., etc.

von Celebes. Svo. sewed. Berlin, 1883. 6s. Corpus inscriptionum Atticarum. Consiliae et

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With about 150 Illustrations. Heft I. Folio. Larth,

(1854), n.d. ls. Corpus inscriptionum Semiticarum ab Academia

To be completed in 15 parts. inscriptionum et litterarum humaniorum conditum atque digestum. Pars prima : Inscriptiones Phoenicias continens.

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terar-Vertrag vom 19 April, 1883. Mit Erläuterungen. Lambeck (H.)—Psalm CIV. im Urtext mit seiner 8vo. sewed, pp. vi. and 74. Berlin, 1883. 28.

Uebertragung in elf Sprachen als Specimen einer Psalder Dente di Budola. Racconto estratto dalla storia Polyglotte. 4to. pp. iv. and 72. Köthen, 1883. 36. dello spiagge, e tradotto letteralmente dal chinese da A.

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Schrifttafeln und Lesestücke. 4to. sewed. Leipzig, lav Dutens (A.) Essai sur l'origine des exposants 8s.

casuels en Sanscrit. 8vo. sewed. Paris, 1883. 6s. Lieblein (J.)—Gammelaegyptisk religion. Sro. Duval (R.)--Les dialectes Néo-Araméens de Sala

sewed. Christiania, 1883. 35. mas. 8vo. sewed. Paris, 1883. 8s.

Livre des Merveilles de l'Inde. Text Arabe publie Edrisi, L'Italia descritta nel “Libro del re

par P. A. van der Lith, traduction Française para

Devic. 4to. sewed, with 4 Coloured Plates. Ladch, 100 Ruggero." Testo Arabo pubblicato con versione e note da

£l Is. M. Amari e C. Schiaparelli. 4to. sewed. Roma, 1883. 15s.

Mac Lean (G. E.)- Aelfric's anglo-saxon version Engel (E.)-Geschichte der Litteratur Nordameri

of Alcuini interrogationes Sigenulti presbyteri in Genesis

First Edition from all the MSS. Svo. sewed. Lapoyo kas, 8vo. sewed. pp. 66. Leipzig, 1883 (n.d.) 1s. 6d.

1883. ls. 6d.

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