New Technical Books, Volúmenes1-5

New York Public Library., 1915

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Página 5 - THE SCIENCE OF COLOUR MIXING. A Manual intended for the use of Dyers, Calico Printers and Colour Chemists. By DAVID PATERSON, FCS Forty-one Illustrations, Five Coloured Plates, and Four Plates showing Eleven Dyed Specimens of Fabrics.
Página 6 - THE MANUFACTURE OF PAINT. A Practical Handbook for Paint Manufacturers, Merchants and Painters. By J. CRUICKSHANK SMITH, B.Sc. Demy 8vo.
Página 12 - The purpose of this volume is to present the evidence for the atomic structure of electricity, to describe some of the most significant properties of the elementary electrical unit, the electron, and to discuss the bearing of these properties upon the two most important problems of modern physics: the structure of the atom and the nature of electromagnetic radiation.
Página 13 - The purpose of this book is not to make "every man his own lawyer," but rather to give the engineer a sufficient understanding of important fundamental features of law, so that he may have some idea of when or how to act himself and when to seek expert advice, as well as to enlarge his horizon and perhaps encourage him to further study of law.
Página 24 - The author of this valuable work is professor of naval design and construction in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and was formerly a commander in the Royal Danish Navy, so that not only is the matter contained in the book well digested, being the text of his lectures of thirteen years, but it is the dictum of a man who has seen service, and is not mere desk- work. As a general knowledge of the theory of naval architecture is pre-supposed, the author is able to deal with the higher class...
Página 5 - The condensed chemical dictionary; a reference volume for all requiring quick access to a large amount of essential data regarding chemicals, and other substances used in manufacturing and laboratory work; comp.
Página 3 - Starting, lighting and ignition systems : elementary principles, practical application, wiring diagrams and repair hints ; a complete exposition explaining all forms of electrical ignition...
Página 20 - These books are educational in purpose, but the method adopted is to entertain the traveler by making more interesting what he sees from the car window. The plan of the series is to present authoritative information that may enable the reader to realize adequately the scenic and material resources of the region he is traversing, to comprehend correctly the basis of its development, and above all to appreciate keenly the real value of the country...
Página 8 - ... of coils were built and experimented with. The work has been divided into six basic parts. The first two chapters tell the uninitiated reader what the high frequency current is, what it is used for, and how it is produced. The second section, comprising four chapters, describes in detail the principles of the transformer, condenser, spark gap...
Página 8 - The second section, comprising four chapters, describes in detail the principles of the transformer, condenser, spark gap, and oscillation transformer, and covers the main points in the design and construction of these devices as applied to the work in hand. The third section covers the construction of small high frequency outfits designed for experimental work in the home laboratory or in the classroom. The fourth section is devoted to electrotherapeutic and X-Ray apparatus.

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