The Essential of histology

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Página 12 - NOTES OF A COURSE OF NINE LECTURES ON LIGHT. delivered at the Royal Institution of Great Britain, 1869. Crown 8vo. , is. 6d. NOTES OF A COURSE OF SEVEN LECTURES ON ELECTRICAL PHENOMENA AND THEORIES, delivered at the Royal Institution of Great Britain, 187o.
Página 17 - Geology : a Manual for Students in Advanced Classes and for General Readers. With over 300 Illustrations, a Geological Map o!• the British Isles (coloured), and a set of Questions for Examination.
Página 9 - Sennett. — THE MARINE STEAM ENGINE ; a Treatise for the use of Engineering Students and Officers of the Royal Navy. By RICHARD SENNETT, Chief Engineer, Royal Navy.
Página 12 - Vol. I.— The Constitution of Nature— Radiation— On Radiant Heat in Relation to the Colour and Chemical Constitution of Bodies — New Chemical Reactions produced by Light — On Dust and Disease — Voyage to Algeria to observe the Eclipse — Niagara — The Parallel Roads of Glen Roy — Alpine Sculpture — Recent Experiments on FogSignals — On the Study of Physics — On Crystalline and Slaty Cleavage — On Paramagnetic and Diamagnetic Forces — Physical Basis of Solar Chemistry...
Página 9 - BALE.— A. HAND-BOOK FOR STEAM USERS; being Rules for Engine Drivers and Boiler Attendants, with Notes on Steam Engine and Boiler Management and Steam Boiler Explosions. By M. Powis BALE, MIME, AMICE Fcp. 8vo., 2s.
Página 6 - Stage 1. With 165 Illustrations and a large number of Examples. Fcp. 8vo. Is. 6d. Stage 2. With 122 Illustrations. Fcp. 8vo.
Página 3 - MEYER— Outlines of Theoretical Chemistry. By LOTHAR MEYER, Professor of Chemistry in the University of Tubingen. Translated by Professors P. PHILLIPS BEDSON, D.Sc., and W. CARLETON WILLIAMS, B.Sc.
Página 16 - A NEW STAR ATLAS, for the Library, the School, and the Observatory, in Twelve Circular Maps (with Two Index Plates). Intended as a Companion to 'Webb's Celestial Objects for Common Telescopes.
Página 16 - UNIVERSE OF STARS; Presenting Researches into and New Views respecting the Constitution of the Heavens. With 22 Charts and 22 Diagrams, 8vo. I Of. 6d. LARGER STAR ATLAS for the Library, in 12 Circular Maps, with Introduction and 2 Index Pages. Folio, 15^.
Página 14 - SHELLEY.— WORKSHOP APPLIANCES, including Descriptions of some of the Gauging and Measuring Instruments, Hand-cutting Tools, Lathes, Drilling, Planeing, and other Machine Tools used by Engineers.

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