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Nor let my weaker passions dare
Consent to fin, for God is there.



'Twas from thy hand, my God, I came,
A work of such a curious frame;
In ine thy fearful wonders thine,
* And each proclaims thy skill divine.
Thy eyes did all my limbs furvey,
Which yet in dark confufion lay ;
Thou saw's the daily growth they took,
Form’d by the model of thy book.
By thee my growing parts were nam'd ;
And what thy sov'reign counsels fram'd,
(The breathing lungs, the beating heart)
Was copy'd with unerring art.
At last, to fhew my Maker's name,
God stainp'd his image on my frame;
And in some unknown moment join'd
The finish'd members to the mind.
There the young feeds of thought began,
And all the paffions of the man !
Great God our infant nature pays
Immortal tribute to thy praise. .

Lord, fince in my advancing age, · I've acted on life's busy stage:

Thy thoughts of love to me surmount
The pow'r of numbers to recount,

I could survey the ocean o'er,
And count each fand that makes the shore,
Before my swiftest thoughts could trace
The num'rous wonders of thy grace !
These on my heart are still impress’d,
With these I give my eyes to rest ;
And at my waking hour I find
God and his love possess my mind.



My God, with inward grief I feel
When impious men transgress thy will;
I mourn to hear their lips profane,
Take thy tremendous name in vain.
Does not my soul detest and hate
The sons of malice and deceit ?
Those that oppose thy laws and thee,
I count them enemies to me.
Lord, search my soul, try ev'ry thought,
Though my own heart accuse me not
Of walking in a false disguise,
I beg the trial of thine eyes.
Doth secret mischief lurk within ?
Do I indulge fome unknown sin ?
O turn my feet whene'er [ stray,
And lead me in thy perfect way.


BEGIN the high celestial frain,

My ravilh'd soul, and fing
A solemn hymn of grateful Praise,

To Heaven's Almighty King.
Ye curling fountains, as you roll

Your filver waves along ; Whisper, to all your verdant shores,

The subject of my song.

Bear it, ye winds, on all your wings,

To diftant climes away,
And round the wide-extended world,

The lofty theme convey.
Take the glad burden of his name,

Ye clouds, as you arise,
Whether to deck the golden morn,

Or shade the evening skies.

Long let it tremble round the spheres,

And echo through the sky; Till angels, with immortal skill,

Improve the harmony.

While we with sacred rapture fir’d,

The bless'd Creator fing;
And chaunt our consecrated lays,

To Heaven's Eternal King.


To our Redeemer's glorious name,

Awake the facred song!
O may his love (immortal flame!) .

Tune every heart and tongue.

His love, what mortal thought can reach

What mortal tongue display? Imagination's utmost stretch

In wonder dies away.

Let wonder fill with love unite,

And gratitude and joy ; Jesus be our supreme delight,

His praise our best employ.

Jesus, who left his throne on high,

Left the bright realms of bliss, . And came to earth to bleed and die ! .

Was ever love like this?

Dear Lord! while we adoring pay

Our humble thanks to thee; May every heart with rapture fay,* , .

The Saviour dy'd for me!

O may the sweet, the blissful theme,

Fill every heart and tongue ;
Till strangers love thy charming name,

And join the sacred fong.




O For a sweet inspiring ray, .

To animate our feeble strains,
From the bright realms of endless day,'

The blissful realms where Jesus reigns.
There, low before his glorious throne,

Adoring saints and angels fall; And with delightful worship own

His smile their bliss, their heav'n, their all.
Immortal glories crown his head,

While tuneful hallelujahs rise ;
And love, and joy, and triumph spread,

Through all th' assemblies of the skies.
He smiles, and seraphs tune their songs,

To boundless rapture while they gaze;' Ten thousand thousand joyful tongues,

Resound his everlasting praise. There all the far rites of the Lamb,

Shall join, at last, the heav'nly choir; O may the joy-inspiring theme,

A wake our faith and warm desire. Dear Saviour, let thy Spirit real

Our interest in that blissful place; Till death remove this mortal veil,

And we behold thy lovely face.

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