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Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 1904

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Página 168 - The fee on registered matter, domestic or foreign, is eight cents for each letter or parcel, to be affixed in stamps, in addition to the postage. Full prepayment of postage and fee is required. Two or more letters or parcels addressed to or Intended for, the same person cannot be tied or otherwise fastened together and registered as one.
Página 158 - Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Missouri Montana Nebraska New Hampshire New Jersey "New Mexico New York...
Página 160 - ... or the issue to be tried has been so widely commented upon that the court is satisfied that an ordinary jury cannot without delay and difficulty be obtained to try such issue, or that for any other reason the due, efficient and impartial administration of justice in the particular case would be advanced by the trial of such an issue by a special jury...
Página 92 - Provided. That the charge for recording the title or description of any article entered for copyright, the production of a person not a citizen or resident of the United States...
Página 11 - To discover the exceptional man in every department of study whenever and wherever found, inside or outside of schools, and enable him to make the work for which he seems specially designed his life work.
Página 11 - ... 5. To enable such students as may find Washington the best point for their special studies, to...
Página 11 - The President of the United States ; The President of the Senate; The Speaker of the House of Representatives; The Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution ; The President of the National Academy of Sciences ; John S.
Página 160 - Where, upon such application, it appears to the court that by reason of the importance or intricacy of the case, a special jury is required, or that the subject-matter of the indictment or the issue to be tried has been so widely commented upon that the court is satisfied that an ordinary jury cannot without delay and difficulty be obtained...
Página 182 - When the applicant is accompanied by his wife, minor children, or servant who would be entitled to receive a passport, it will be sufficient to state the fact, giving the respective ages of the children and the allegiance of the servant, when one passport will suffice for all. For any other person in the party a separate passport will be required. A woman's passport may include her minor children and servant under the above-named conditions. (The term servant...
Página 182 - The affidavit must be attested by an officer authorized to administer oaths, and if he has an official seal it must be affixed. If he has no seal, his official character must be authenticated by certificate of the proper legal officer.

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