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OCTOBER 11, 1832.



J. E. Hinckley & Co., Printers, 14 Water Street.


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Ar a Convention of National Republican citizens from all parts of the State of Massachusetts, assenbled according to previous notice, at Worcester, on the 11th of October, 1832,

Hon. STEPHEN WHITE, of Salem, was elected chairman

pro tem.

Prayers were offered by the Rev. Dr. Bancroft, of Worcester. On motion of Mr. E. EVERETT, it was Voted, That the Chairman nominate a Committee, to consist of one from each Congressional District, whose duty it shall be to report to the meeting, a list of Officers for the Convention, as follows, :-one President, four Vice Presidents, and three Secretaries.

The following named gentlemen were accordingly nominated, by the Chair, and the list adopted by the meeting, as follows :

For Esser North District, Hon. Benj. F. Varnum.
Esser South,

Stephen C. Phillips.

Charles P. Curtis, Esq. Middleser,

Hon. Samuel Hoar. Franklin,

Charles P. Phelps. Plymouth,

Seth Sprague. Bristol,

James C. Hodges. Barnstable,

Barker Burnell. Worcester North,

David Wilder. Worcester South,

John W. Lincoln. Berkshire,

Samuel M. McKay. Norfolk,

Warren Lovering, Esq. Franklin,

Henry Coleman, Esq.

Voted, To add to the above Committee, George Bliss, Esq. of Hampden District.

The Committee having retired, subsequently came in and reported the following list of Officers for the Convention :

NATHANIEL SILsbee of Salem, for President.
GEORGE BLAKE, of Boston,
Joseph LYMAN, of Northampton, ,

Vice Presidents.
AARON Turts, of Dudley, and
Thomas KINNICUTT, of Worcester,
CHARLES BUNKER, of Nantucket, Secretaries.
William PORTER, Jr. of Lee,
Which report was unanimously accepted by the Convention.

The following communication from the Hon. Thomas L. WINTHROP, was read, and laid on the table.

BOSTON, Oct. 8, 1832. Sir,—As one of the principal subjects to be considered at the meeting of the National Republicans, from all parts of the State, to be held at Worcester on the 11th instant, is that of selecting candidates for Governor and Lieut. Governor, for the ensuing political year, permit me to request the favor that

you will state to the Convention, that I beg leave most respectfully to decline being again considered a candidate for the office which I have now the honor to hold. I pray you, Sir, to assure the Convention that I feel most truly grateful to my fellow-citizens for the suffrages which for seven successive elections they have, most kindly and liberally, bestowed upon me. Sincerely and ardently wishing for the continued prosperity of the Commonwealth, I have the honor to be, with sentiments of great respect. Sir, your obedient and humble Servant,

Thomas L. WINTHROP. To the

Chmienion of the assachusettsepublican} Voted, That the Secretaries be instructed to prepare a list of the members attending upon this Convention.

Mr. Austin, of Boston, submitted the following Resolutions.

Resolved, That a Committee be appointed to consider and report whatmo de shall be taken to nominate suitable persons


to be supported by the National Republicans of this Commonwealth, for Governor and Lieutenant Governor for the year ensuing

Resolved, That a Committee be appointed to consider and report what mode shall be taken for the nomination of Electors of President and Vice President of the United States.

Resolved, That a Committee be appointed to prepare such Resolutions as it may be proper for this Convention to adopt.

Resolved, That a Committee be appointed to prepare an Address to the People on the subjects of the approaching State and National Elections.

Resolved, That these Committees consist of seven persons, respectively, and that the appointments be made by the Chair.

The question having been taken upon these resolutions, they were unanimously adopted.

The Chair proceeded to make the following appointments, in accordance with the above Resolutions,

Upon the subject of Governor and Lieut. Governor, as in the first Resolution,

Alexander H. Everett, of Boston.
John Reed,

John Davis,

Worcester. John Howard,

Springfield. Samuel Hoar,

Concord. Thomas Melville,

Pittsfield. Leverett Saltonstall,

Salem. Under the second Resolution, in relation to Electors of President and Vice President, Horace Mann,

of Dedham. Jonas B. Brown,

Boston. William W. Parrott,

Gloucester. Luther Lawrence,

Lowell. Jared Coffin,

Nantucket. Thomas Rossetter,

Great Barrington. Ira Barton,

Oxford. Under the third Resolution, to prepare Resolves for the adoption of this Convention,

James T. Austin, of Boston.
Thomas Conkey,


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