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alone can make, through all the throng I penetrated, and arrived within a few paces of the child I had doomed to so fearful an end. From this position, I should have been quickly expelled, had not my son at that instant observed me; and implored so vehemently and passionately permission to hold speech with me for but one single moment, that two of the surrounding train were deputed to conduct me to him. Even in the madness of the agony which I then endured, I felt a thrill of relief at this seeming indication of his relenting; and, in obedience to a gesture of his, I eagerly bent forward to receive the expected words of consolation.


"Woman!" he exclaimed with a fierceness and an animosity which no words can pourtray, woman ! see the vile doom to which your besotted and accursed folly has reduced your miserable son!"

As he thus spoke, he suddenly raised his fettered hands, and struck me so forcibly with the massive chains, that I sank heavily, and senselessly upon the earth.

From that hour, my life has been one ceaseless burthen of intolerable misery. The bodily injury I had sustained was great; but, I know not how I recovered from the moral shock I had received. Why my heart did not burst beneath the blow it had endured, I never can conceive. But, the wretched seldom perish in the maturity of their existence; they seem to derive from their misery, a species of nutriment: and the vital principle only at last yields to the accumulated weight of years.

Shortly after the fatal catastrophe I have described, I became the unexpected heiress of great wealth. In every way, this circumstance alone was wanting to perfect my burden of affliction; for, I could not refrain from incessantly reflecting, that had it occurred but a few months sooner, my son might never have experienced those temptations which incited him to the perpetration of the crimes for which his life atoned. Besides, it entirely withdrew from me that chance of an occasional diversion from the consciousness of my wretchedness, which, in obedience to the animal instinct, the necessity of protecting myself from starvation, might have obtained for me.

But now, my misery is utterly devoid of every feature of alleviation; and, with nought to occupy me save my remorse, and the memory of my crimes, I lie, through the livelong day, regretting the past, loathing the present, and apprehending the future. How often, in those moments of anguish, has the retrospect of my life forced upon me, with an unequalled bitterness of self-condemnation, the acknowledgment of this useful truth;-A bad daughter will never make either a good wife, or a good mother.

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