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he mercurial ointment every night. The ulcers were still 'n the most unhealthy state, the irritation in the salivary glands was now so far allayed, that he was enabled to continue the frictions without intermission, from the 7th to the 24th of February. The mouth at this time became again very sore, with an attendant state of bigh excite, ment in the system, and the most excessive irritability, The frictions were therefore alternated with opiate and too nic medicines, according to the daily variations in the geperal health.

On the 28th of February his pulse and strength were rex duced to so hazardous a degree of exhaustion, that it was deemed necessary to relinquish the use of mercury altogea ther, notwithstanding the excessive pain and constant dis. tress he suffered from the stilt spreading ulcerations.

Upon the 2d of March, he was ordered the compound decoction of sarsaparilla, to be taken frequently as the ora dinary drink. This agreed very well, and the following day he said he found himself much better; he felt stronger, had rested better at night, and had more appetite than before. The decoction was continued, and he drank near two pints daily,

March the Qih. He had passed a restless pigbt, from a very sharp, acute, and shooting pain in the ulcer upon the prepuce ; upon examination there was no material change in the appearance of the sore, Twenty drops of laudan: um were ordered to be given at bed time.

March 7th. He was up, and thought himself better, but towards the evening he lay down, and found himself poorly. ** March 8. From having taken cold the preceding day, he had been in the evening attacked suddenly by a most violent pain in the head, during which he rose up from his bed, and sat himself by the fire in his shirt; but of this circumstance he never had the smallest recollection. He had passed a tedious night, apd this morning complained of frequent darting pains shooting through his head, al. though much better than in the nighịt. He had also, frequently, a severe pain extending down his arms to his hands; the pulse was soft and small, not beating more frequently than 80 in the minute.

March 9. The affection of the mouth alınoșt subsided ; in other respects much the same. Pain in the head some times severe. He took this evening fifteen grains of the compound powder of ipecacuanha.

March 10. He was rather better, The evening powder was repeated


March 11. To day be said that the rolling noise and pain in the head were much relieved, and that he found bis general health greatly improved ; his appetite was good, and his bowels regular, not disposed to costiveness. From this date to the 21st of the month he seemed to mend, taking every evening tep grains of the compound powder of ipecacuanha.

March 29. The pulse was so weak, soft, and small, that it could scarcely be felt. The diet drink certainly gare tone to the appetite, which was now very good, and added to the general strength; the surface of the ulcer above the glans penis bad in the centre assumed a livid, blackish colour, and in a few days threw off a sloughy film. After the separation of the slough, opiates were discontinued; he was then ordered two grains of the extract of bark twice a day, and this tonic appeared to answer very well. He gained strength.

While the penis was exceedingly painful, a few days previous to the formation of the little slough, a poultice of fresh grated carrot was applied one evening, but it aggrą. vated the pain so greatly that the night passed in a state of delirium. The day following a warm poultice of bread and milk was substituted, and this gave immediate relief, and with this he the next night slept soundly without an opiate.

March 28. The health improving slowly; pulse 100; gaining some little substance. The diet drink continued.

March 30. Had so violent a pain in the head'that the bark was given up, and a blister applied to the nape of the beck.'

April 2. As the pain in the head still continued to return by fits with great severity, and as these complaints had, in this man, been frequently relieved by opiates, ten grains of the compound powder of ipecacuanha were directed to be given in the evening.

April 4. This evening, about seven o'clock, he was suddenly attacked with a most excruciating pain in his head, which very quickly deprived him of his reason, and he re. collected nothing of what followed. He was laid upon his bed, and soon afterward fell into a fit. A general state of spasm and convulsive action of the muscular parts of the body and limbs, by which the organs of respiration were especially affected. The chest appeared to be fixed, and the jaws locked closely together. 'The violence of the attack in the space of half a minute began to abate, and the breath returned. Of these attacks be had three within the hour. During

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that his poorto 100 imas ex contraction found"

the intervals, he was at times sensible; and complained much of a rolling heavy pain passing through his head, His general state was that of low muttering delirium, Upon examination, the pupil was found to retain its sen. sibility and power of contraction on the application of light. The pulse was exceedingly soft and small; it was quickened to 100 in the minute. * This poor man was already reduced to so low a state, that although his life evidently depended upon something that was to be done immediately for his relief, yet bleeding was quite out of question. Neither did the producing evacuation from the bowels seem to afford much ground for hope. If mild, they would have proved useless; if violently drastic, it was to be expected that they might very probably prove fatal by draining away the little energy that remained in the body.

It was very probable that one cause of the present mischief, if not the principal, was the suppression of the late profuse discharge froin the salivary glands. - The affection of the mouth had been very severe, and had almost totally subsided at the time the pain in the head was first com: plained of, From these circumstances it was determined to bring on, as quickly as possible, the same state of exa citement in the salivary system, that had lately existed, A large blister was laid between the shoulders. Fifteen grains of the compound powder of ipecacuanha were given; and mercurial ointment was directed to be immediately and assiduously rubbed in about the trunk and extremities, until three ounces were consumed.

April 5. He had suffered during the pight from repeated and very severe attacks of convulsion; in one of these the breath was so long in returning, that his recovery was scarcely expected. About half after two in the morning, he had the last fit, previous to which, the whole three ounces of ointment had been fairly rubbed in. At three he' seemed to be recovering his recollection. He was rational, and said that he was “ much better.” As early as four in the morning he called for his handkerchief, and said “ my mouth runs already." By ten o'clock he was quite sensible, and always free from the pain in the head, and the noise in the ears. The pulse was low and soft, beating 88. The blister between the shoulders had been in the course of the night torn off, Another was therefore applied to the chest.

As the full effect of the remedy seemed still to be some. what doubtful, another ounce of the mercurial ointment

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