Military Academy Appropriation Bill, Fiscal Year 1918-19

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1918 - 135 páginas

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Página 36 - AN ACT making appropriations for the support of the Military Academy for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1868, and for other purposes.
Página 99 - June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and twenty, the accounting officers of the Treasury are hereby authorized and directed to allow...
Página 99 - When any machinery, apparatus, implements, supplies, or materials which have been heretofore or may hereafter be purchased or acquired from appropriations made for the support of the United States Military Academy are no longer needed or are no longer serviceable, they may be sold in such manner as the superintendent may direct ; and that the proceeds shall be turned into the Treasury as miscellaneous receipts.
Página 31 - For extra pay of one enlisted man as clerk in the department of practical military engineering and to the officer in charge of waterworks and works of construction at the Military Academy, at 50 cents per day, $156.50; For extra pay of eight...
Página 22 - For pay of one line officer on duty in quartermaster's department at academy, in addition to his regular pay, $400. For pay of one associate professor of mathematics (major), in addition to pay as captain, $600.
Página 93 - For repair of boilers, engines, dynamos, motors, refrigerating and other machinery in the cadet mess, and the replacement of same, to be expended without advertising, $500...
Página 98 - For the purpose of accounting only, all funds hereinbefore appropriated under the titles "Current and ordinary expenses," " Miscellaneous items and incidental expenses," and " Buildings and grounds," shall he disbursed and accounted for by the disbursing officer, united States Military Academy, as "Maintenance, United States Military Academy," and for that purpose shall constitute one fund.
Página 36 - ... in the military and civil service at the Military Academy at West Point. If the committee would give favorable consideration to Gen. Barnett's recommendation, there is this precedent for it, and the language could be somewhat similar to the Army act; that is, that these two clerks "shall, on their own application, after 50 years in the military and civil service of the United States, be entitled to be placed on the retired list of the United States Marine Corps, with the pay of retired quartermaster...
Página 46 - For pay of mechanic assistant in department of natural and experimental philosophy (to be appointed by the Superintendent of the United States Military Academy), $840.
Página 23 - June one, nineteen hundred and seventeen, and continuing until the termination of the emergency, all enlisted men of the Army of the United States in active service whose base pay does not exceed $21 per month shall receive an increase of $15 per month ; those whose base pay is $24, an increase of $12 per month ; those whose base pay is $30...

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