Encyclopaedia Americana: A Popular Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, Literature, History, Politics and Biography, Brought Down to the Present Time; Including a Copious Collection of Original Articles in American Biography, Volumen1

Francis Lieber, Edward Wigglesworth
Carey, Lea & Carey, 1829 - 13 páginas

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Página 45 - Otis was a flame of fire ! With a promptitude of classical allusions, a depth of research, a rapid summary of historical events and dates, a profusion of legal authorities, a prophetic glance of his eye into futurity, and a torrent of impetuous eloquence, he hurried away everything before him. American Independence was then and there born; the seeds of patriots and heroes were then and there sown.
Página 508 - And upon all arrests in criminal cases, bail shall be admitted, except where the punishment may be death, in which cases it shall not be admitted but by the supreme or a circuit court, or by a justice of the supreme court, or a judge of the district court, who shall exercise their discretion therein, regarding the nature and circumstances of the offence, and of the evidence and the usages of law.
Página 182 - York, he published in 1779 a narrative of his observations during his captivity, which has been lately reprinted ; a vindication of the opposition of the inhabitants of Vermont to the government of New York, and their right to form an independent state, 1779; and Allen's theology, or the oracles of reason, 1786.
Página 48 - The die is now cast. I have passed the Rubicon. Sink or swim, live or die, survive or perish with my country is my unalterable determination.
Página 442 - A treatise on the rectilinear Motion and Rotation of Bodies, with a description of original Experiments relative to the subject,
Página 48 - We shall infallibly carry all our points ; you will be completely relieved; all the offensive Acts will be repealed; the army and fleet will be recalled, and Britain will give up her foolish project.
Página 46 - Every man of an immense, crowded audience appeared to me to go away as I did, ready to take up arms against writs of assistance. Then and there was the first scene of the first act of opposition to the arbitrary claims of Great Britain. Then and there the child INDEPENDENCE was born. In fifteen years, ie in 1776, he grew up to manhood, and declared himself free.
Página 162 - Scotland, from which country his father carne, though the government refused to acknowledge the son's claim, when he repaired to Great Britain in pursuit of this inheritance. He was early remarkable for his fondness for mathematics and astronomy, in which sciences he made considerable progress. — Throughout the revolution, he acted an important part, and distinguished himself particularly in the battles of Long Island, Germantown and Montnouth.
Página 408 - Therefore, they have, besides, fifthly, a commission of general gaol delivery; (o) which empowers them to try and deliver every prisoner, who shall be in the gaol when the judges arrive at the circuit town, whenever or before whomsoever indicted or for whatever crime committed.

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