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Observations on the Vinous Fermentation ; with a Description of a Patent Appara

tus to improve the same. Also a Statement of the Advantages to be derived from

this System when applied to the Process of Brewing. No. 43. " A Few Observations on Friendly Societies, and their Influence on Public Morals.

By the Rev, J. W. CUNNINGHAM, A.M. Second Edition. No. 43. An authentic Narrative of the Extraordinary Cure performed by Prince Alexander

Hobenlohe on Miss Barbara O'Connor ; with a full Refutation of the numerous False Reports and Misrepresentations. By John BADELEY, M. D. Third Edition.

No. 43. A Letter to the Mistresses of Families, on the cruelty of employing Children to Sheep

Chimneys; and on the Facility with which the Practice may be wholly abolished.

With wood-cuts. By J. C. Hudson. No. 44. Enchiridion ; or, a Hand for the One-Handed. With wood-cuts. By CAPTAIN DE.

RENZY. NO. 44. Prosecutions of Infidel Blasphemers briefly vindicated in a Letter to D. Ricardo,

Esq. M. P. By the Rev. W. B, WHITEHEAD. Second Edition, with correctioni.

No. 44. Letter to Sir John Cox Hippisley, Bart. on the Mischiefs incidental to the Tread

Wheel, as an Instrument of Prison Discipline. By Joun Mason GOOD, M.D.

F.R.S. Second Edition, with additions. No.45. The remarkable Trial and Defence of Eugene Aram, of Knaresborough, for the Mur

der of Daniel Clark, committed on the 8th of February, 1744-5. No. 45. On the Nobility of the British Gentry, or the Political Ranks and Dignities of the

British Empire compared with those on the Continent, for the use of Foreigners in Great Britain and of Britons abroad ; particularly of those who desire to be presented at foreign courts, to accept foreign military service, to be invested with foreign orders, to purchase foreign property, or to intermarty with foreigners. By

Sir JAMES LAWRENCE, Knight of Malta. [Original.] No. 45. Some Account of the State of the Prisons in Spain and Portugal. By John Bowriso, On the general Principles and present Practice of Banking in England and Scoiland;

Esq. No. 46. Remarks on Suicide. By Thomas CHEVALIER, Esq. [Original.] No. 46. Short View of the Proceedings of the several Committees and Meetings held in-COD

sequence of the intended Petition to Parliament, from the County of Lincoln, fet a limited Exportation of Wool, in the years 1781 and 1782; together with Mr. R. Glover's Letter on that subject: to which is added a list of the Pamphlets op Wool

lately published, with some extracts. By EDMUND TURNOR, Esq. No. 46. On the Efficacy of White Mustard Seed taken internally as a cure for various com.

plaints. "No. 46. Report of the Committee of the Society for the relief of Distressed Settlers in South

Africa : with the Resolutions passed and Speeches delivered at a General Meeting held at Cape Town, 17th Sept. 1823. To which is subjoined an Appendix of Letters and other Documents, illustrative of the present condition of the Settlers

No. 46. Sketch of the Character of the late Lord Erskine. No. 46. 7' Treatise on the Principles of the Usury Laws; with Disquisitions on the Arguments

adduced against them by Mr. Bentham and other writers, aud a Review of the

Authorities in their favor. By ROBERT MAUGHAM. No. 46. Ethics, or the Analogy of the Moral Sciences indicated : comprehending Morals,

Politics, and Theology. By G.Field. No. 46. Appeal to the British Nation, on the Humanity and Policy of forming a National Tostitution for the Preservation of Lives and Property from Shipwreck. By Sir

WILLIAM HILLARY, Bart. Second Edition. No. 46. Suggestion for the Improvement and Embellishment of the Metropolis. Bg Sio W.

Hillary, Bart. [Original.] No. 48. Letter to W. Wilberforce, Esq. M.P. on the subject of Improvements calling on hisa

and the Philanthropists of this Country to prove those feelings of Sensibility they expressed in the cause of Humanity on Negro Slavery, by acting with the sause 'ardor and zeal in the cause of British Seamen. No. 48. Substance of a Letter to Lord Viscount Melville, with the Qutlines of a Plan to rise

British Seamen, and to form their minds to volunteer the Naval Service when required; to do away with the evils of Inipressment, and man our Ships effectually with mercantile Seamen. No, 48.

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with Observations on the Justice and Policy of an immediate Alteration in the Charter of the Bank of England, and the measures to be pursued in order to effect

it. By T. JOPLIN. Second Edition. No. 48. Rapport sur l'Etat Actuel des Prisons dans les Départements du Calvados, de l'Eure,

de la Manche, et de la Seine-Inférieure, et sur la Maison de Correction de Gala flon. No.49. Plan for the Construction of a Steam Life-Boat ; also for the Extinguishment of Fire

at Sea, &c. By Sir W. HILLARY. Second Edition. No. 49. Observations on the Buildings, Improvements, and Extension of the Metropolis, of

late years ; with some Suggestions, &c. No. 50. Railways compared with Canals and Common Roads, and their Uses and Advantages

explained. By C. MACLAREN, Esq. No. 51. Essay addressed to Captains of the Royal Navy, and those of the Merchants’ Service,

on the means of preserving the Health of their Crews; with Directions for the

Prevention of Dry Rot in Ships. By R. FINLAYSON, M.D. No.51. Letter to the Rt. Hon. R. Peel, on the Injustice and Impolicy of Arrest for Debt:

also recommending a better and a more summary Method for the Recovery of Debts

and Effects in general. By H. JEMMETT. (Original.] No. 52. Science of Pbrenology consistent with the Doctrine of anity; a Letter ad

dressed to Dr. Spurzheim, by J.C. Tomlinson, Esq. M.A. [Original.) No. 52. Procès du Constitutionnel. Substance du Discours de M. Dupin, addressé à la Cour

Royale de Paris, à l'occasion du Procès contre le Constitutionnel, en faveur de

l'Accusé. No. 52. Absenteeism Considered ; with some Remarks on a part of Mr. M'Culloch's Evidence.

By H. GARDINER. [Original.] No. 53. Joint-Stock Companies. No. 53. Gen. Sir Herbert Taylor's Memorandum of the Illness and Decease of the Duke of

York. No. 54. Historic Doubts relative to Napoleon Buonaparte. No. 54. Objects, Advantages, and Pleasures of Science. No. 54. Notes to Gen. Sir Herbert Taylor's Memorandum of the Illness and Decease of the

Duke of York. No. 54. Memorial, addressed to Lord Viscount Goderich, on the Fitness of the System of the - Bank of England,--of the Country Banks, and of the Branch Banks of England,

to the Wants of the People, and on the ample Means of Protection which private Bankers and the Public have against the Monopoly of the Bank of England. By

H. BURGESS. Second Edition. No. 56. Letter to the Magistrates of England on the Increase of Crime ; and an efficient Re

medy suggested for their consideration. By Sir E. E. WILMOT, Bart. Second

Edition, with corrections. No. 57. Analysis of the Character of Napoleon Buonaparte. By W. E. CHANNING, LL.D.

No. 57. Letter to the Editor of the Quarterly Review, in furtherance of the Subjects of three

Articles in No. 72. of that Review, entitled, On Agriculture and Rent; Substitution of Savings' Banks for Poor Laws; On Planting Waste Lands, &c. By the

Rev. F. MEREWETHER. No. 57. Speech of the present State of the Law of the Country ; delivered in the House of

Commons, February 7, 1828. By H. BROUGHAM, Esq. M.P. No. 57. Considerations on the Increase of Crime, and the degree of its extent, the principal 1. causes of such increase, and the most likely means for the prevention or mitigation of this public Calamity. Addressed to the Magistracy of the County of Surrey, in the form of a Report, by RANDLE Jackson, Esq. a Magistrate of that County.

No. 58. Letter to the Prime Minister on the deplorable condition of the Helpless Poor in

Ireland, with a Plan of Relief, as at present partly in operation in several districts of the Province of Ulster. By a Member of a Parochial Poor Relief Committee.

No. 58.
Colombia in 1826. By an Anglo-Colombian. [Original.] No. 58.

Review of First Principles of Bishop Berkeley, Dr. Reid, and Professor Stewart. With

an indication of other Principles. By J. FEARN, Esq. No. 6.

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Essay on Extemal Perception. By the Same. No. 9.
TPITOGENEA ; or a Brief Outline of the Universal System. By G. FIELD, Esq.

(Original.] No. 17. National Prejudices, their good and bad Effects. By Joux Burrows, Esq. (Origi

nal.] No. 18. Letter to Professor Stewart, on the Objects of General Terms, and the Axiomatical

Laws of Vision. Second Edition. To which are added, Some Remarks on the Monthly Review on the Subject. By J. Fearn, Esq. No. 23. The Third Organon attempted; or, Elements of Logic and Subjective Philosophy. By

G. Field, Esq. (Original.] No. 24. Oration delivered at the Anniversary of the Philosophical Society of London, June 12,

1817. By OLINTHUS GREGORY, LL.D. No. 26. Analogy of the Physical Sciences indicated. By George Field, Esq. [Original.]

· No. 29. Æsthetics, or the Analogy of the Sensible Sciences indicated ; with an Appendis, on

Light and Colors. By GEORGE FIELD, Author of Tritogenea, &c. [Original.) No. 33. Principles of the Kantesian or I'ranscendental Philosophy. By Thomas WIRGMAN.

No. 45. Somatopsychonoologia : showing that the proofs of Body, Life, and Mind, considered

as distinct Essences, cannot be deduced from Physiology, but depend on a distinct sort of Evidence; being an Examination of the Controversy concerning Life car

ried on by Laurence, Abernethy, Rennell, and others. Second Edition. No. 48. Remarks on a Pamplilet, intitled, “ An Essay on the Eternity of the World. By a

Sceptic. Second Edition.” By the Rev. T. S. Hughes. No. 52.

POLITICS. Reform of Parliament the Ruin of Parliaments. By H. HAWKINS, Esq. (Nerer be

fore published.] No. 2. Anticipation of Marginal Notes on the Declaration of the British Government of

Jan. 9, 1813, in the American National latelligencer. No. 2. Correspondence with the Editor of the Times, referred to in the above. No. 3. Sketch of the various Proposals for a Constitutional Reform made in Parliament,

[Original.] No. 4. Considerations on the Re-establishment of an effective Balance of Power. By J. M. Answer to the Bishop of Lincoln's Charge to his Clergy. (Vide No. 2.) By the Rev.


MUSGRAVE, Esq. No. 5. On Buonaparte and the Bourbons, and the necessity of rallying around our legitimate Princes for the safety of France and Europe. By the Vicomte de CHATEAU

[Translated from the French.] No. 6. Appeal to the Legislature for the repeal of the Act regulating the marriage of the

Royal Family. [Original.] No. 6. Letter from Sir Philip Francis, Knt. to Earl Grey, on the Policy of Great Britain and

the Allies towards Norway, No. 7. Suggestions on the Slave Trade. By Homo. No.7. Appeal to the English Nation in behalf of Norway. By A. A. FELDBORG. No. 7, Plan for establishing a Balance of Power in Europe. No. 7. Observations on the Report of the Committee of Weights and Measures, &c. By

Calculator. [Original.] No. 8. Judge Fletcher's celebrated Charge to the Grand Jury of Wexford, Jaly, 1814,

containing a comprehensive and important View of the State of Ireland. No. 8. Speech of Sir Samuel Romilly in the House of Commons on that Article in the Treaty

of Peace which relates to the Slave Trade. No. 8. Why are we still at War? or the American Question considered. By Conciliator.

(Original.] No. 8. M. Camot's Memorial, addressed to the King of France, in July, 1814. [Translated

exclusively for this work.) No. 9. Compressed View of the Points to be discussed in treating with the United States of

America. By Natu. ATCHESON, Esq. No. 9. Appeal to the Protestant Dissenters of Great Britain, to unite with their Catholic Brethren for the Removal of the Disqualifications by which they are oppressed.

By a Protestant Dissenter. [Original.] No. 1. Address to the-Protestants of Great Britain and Ireland. By CHARLES BUTLER, Esq.

No. 2.

J, C. EUSTACE. No. 3. Dr. H. Marsh's Letter to the Rev. P. Gandolphy, in confutatioo of the opinion that

the Vital Principle of the Reformation has been lately conceded to the Church of Rome ; with Remarks on the Consequences which must result from the Concession

of the Catholic Claims. No. 3. Second Letter to the Rev. Dr. Marsh, confirming the opinion that the Vital Principle

of the Reformation has been lately conceded by him to the Church of Rome. By

the Rev. P. GANDOLPHY. No. 4. Counter Address to the Protestants of Great Britain and Ireland, in Answer to the

Address of C. Butler, Esq. (Vide No. 2.) By the Rev. T. LE MESURIER. No. 4. Two Letters on the Question of Catholic Emancipation. By Conciliator. [Original.]

No.5. Reflections on the Same. By the Rt. Rev. Bishop Milner. (Original.] No. 6. Letter to the Earl of Fingal, on the Claims of the Roman Catholics. By the Right

Hon. LORD GRENVILLE. No. 9. Source of the Evil. Addressed to the United Parliament and the People of Great

Britain, on the League formed between the Irish Lay Separatists and the Irish Ronian Catholic Bishops, on the Measure of Emancipation. By Auglo-Hibernus.

(Original.] No. 18. Irish Oratory; with its Effects on the Measure of Catholic Emancipation considered.

By an Irish Protestant. [Original.] No. 19. Roman Catholic Principles in reference to God and the King. [First published in

the year 1680.) By the Rev. John Kirk. No. 25. Letter on the Tone and Matter of Judge Fletcher's Printed Charge. No. 9. Prussia and Saxony; or an Appeal to the good sense of Europe for the claims of the

King of Saxony to the Integrity and Independence of his Dominions. [Translated from the Germun.] No.9. On the Responsibility of Ministers. By M. BerJ. DE CONSTANT. No. 10. Letter to M, Talleyrand on the Subject of tbe Slave Trade. By W. WILBER FORCE,

Esq. M.P. No. 10. American Encroachments on British Rights ; or, Observations on the Importance of

the British North American Colonies, and on the late Treaties with the United States : with Remarks on Mr. Baring's Examination ; and a Defence of the Shipping Interest from the charge of having attempted to impose on Parliament, and of factious conduct in their Opposition to the American Intercourse Bill. By N.

ATCHESON, Esq. (With corrections and additions.) Nos. 11. and 12. On the Liberty of the Press, or an Inquiry how far Government may safely allow the

publication of Political Pamphlets, Essays, and Periodical Works. By M. Benj.

DE CONSTANT, No. 11. Substance of a Speech on the Union, delivered in the Irisla House of Commons, Jan.

1799, and now reduced to the form of an Address to the People of Ireland. By

the Hon. Sir W.C, SMITH, Bart. No. 12. Letter on the Situation of France; written from Dresden to a Friend in Paris. [Trans

lated exclusively for the Pamphleteer.] No. 12. Letter to the Editor on Reform in Parliament. By Modicus. No. 12. Reasons for establishing a Registry of Slaves in the British Colonies. No. 13. Plan for the Reform of Parliament on Constitutional Principles. (Original.] No. 14. Enquiry into the Right and Duty of compelling Spain to relinquish her Slave Trade

in Northern Africa. No. 14. State of the United Kingdom at the Peace of Paris, Nov. 20, 1815, respecting the

People, their domestic Energies, their Agriculture, their Trade, their Shipping, and

their Finances. By G. CHALMERS, Esq. No. 14. Brief Remarks on the Slave Registry Bill; and on a Special Report of the African

Institution, recommending the measure. No. 14. Thoughts on the Present Crisis, in a Letter from a Constituent to his Representative.

By W. Peter, Esq. No. 15. Letter to

Friend in Devonshire, on the Present Situation of the Country. By A. H. HOLDSWORTH, Esq. M.P. No. 16. Second Do. No. 17. Vindication of the Political Conduct of General Savary, Duke of Rovigo : in a Letter

from himself to the Editor, (Original, and translated exclusively for the Pamphleteer.] No. 18.


Reform without Innovation ; or, Cursory Thoughts on the only practicable Reform of

Parliament, consistent with the existing Laws and the Spirit of the Constitution.

By J. SYMMONS, Esq. No. 18. On the State of the Country in 1816. By the Right Hon. Sir Joan SINCLAIR, Bart.

No. 18. Plan of a Reform in the Election of the House of Commons, adopted by the Society

of the Friends of the People in 1795; with a New Introduction and other Docu

meuts. Re-published by Sir Philip FRANCIS, K.B. No. 18. Speech of the Rt. Hon. G. Canning, Jan. 29, 1817, on the Motion for an Address to the Prince Regent, on His Royal Highness's Speech from the Throne. (Cen

taining passages omitted in the Daily Papers.) No. 19. Argument showing that a Standing Army is inconsistent with a free Government,

and absulutely destructive to the Constitution of the English Monarchy. Priated

1697. [Now first reprinted.] No. 19. Defence of the Constitution of Great Britain and Ireland, as by law established, against

the innovating and levelling attempts of the friends to Annual Parliaments and

Universal Suffrage. By the Rt. Hon. Lord SOMERS. No. 20. On the Means of arresting the Progress of National Calamity. By the Right Hon.

Sir J. SINCLAIR, Bart. No. 20. Essay on the Practice of the British Government; distinguisbed from the abstract

theory in which it is supposed to be founded. By Gould Francis LECKIE. No. 21. Letter to the Editor, occasioned by the Pamphlet entitled, A l'indication of the

Conduct of General Savary, published in No. XVIII. By M. le CHEVALIER DE

La Rocure Sr. ANDRE: Original and exclusive.] No. 21. Considerations on British Commerce with India, America, &c. No. 21. Opinion of the Duke of Fitz-James, Peer of France, on the proposed Law relative to

Periodical Journals. [Translated exclusively for this work.) No. 22. Poor Rates gradually reduced, and Pauperism converted into Profitable Industry. By

R. Preston, Esq. M. P. [Original.] No. 22. Letters on the English Constitution. Fourth Edition with additions. By G. Dyer,

A.B. Nos. 23 and 24. Observations on Lord Bathurst's Speech in the House of Peers, relative to Buona.

parte's Imprisonment, March, 1817. No. 24. On the Libels against Le Vicomte de Chateaubriand. [Translated from the French of

J. B. M. Lemoine, exclusively for this work.) By Sir J. PurliPPART. No. 24. North American Pamphlet on South American Affairs. No. 25. Political Remarks on some French Works and Newspapers, concerning Hayti. By the

BARON DE Vaster, Preceptor to H. R. H, the Prince Royal of Hayti, &c. &G

[Translated exclusively for this work.] No. 25. Collection of Papers on Political Subjects. By the Right Hon. Sir John SINCLAIR,

Bart. (Not hitherto published.] Nos. 25 and 26. What is a Revolution ? ( Original.] No. 27. The Equality of the Constitution. By the Author of “ Anacreon in Dublin," &c

[Original.] No. 27. Thoughts on the Resumption of Cash Payments by the Bank, and on the Com Bill as

connected with that measure; in a Letter to the Right Hon. the Chancellor of the

Excbequer. By R. H. Chambers, Banker. No. 27. Letter to the Independent Freemen of the City of Rochester on the Petition against

Lord Binning's Return being declared frivolous and vexatious; and on the right of the eldest son of a Scotch Peer to represent an English County, City, or Borough without possessing a Landed qualification in England. By R. TORRENS, Esq.

F.R.S. No. 27. On the Relation of Corn and Currency. No. 28. Representation to H. C. M. Ferdinand VII. King of Spain, in Defence of the Cortes.

By D. Alvaro Flores Estrada. [Translated from the Mss. of the Author by CHARLES Toplis, Esq.] No. 28. The Right and Practice of Impressment, as concerning Great Britain and America,

considered. No. 28. A Commentary on the Treaties entered into between Great Britain and Spain, Portua i

gal, and the Netherlands, for the purpose of preventing the subjects of the respeciive kingdoms from engaging in any Illicit Traffic in Slaves. By ROBERT TWORPB,

Esq. LL.D. No. 28. On the Trade to China and the Indian Archipelago, with observations on the Insecu.

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