Geological Sketches and Glimpses of the Ancient Earth

Harvey and Darton, 1839 - 401 páginas

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Página 110 - Sleep'st by the fable of Bellerus old, Where the great vision of the guarded mount Looks toward Namancos and Bayona's hold; Look homeward, Angel, now, and melt with ruth, And, O ye dolphins, waft the hapless youth.
Página 1 - Each passing hour sheds tribute from her wings ;, And still new beauties meet his lonely walk, And loves unfelt attract him. Not a breeze Flies o'er the meadow, not a cloud imbibes The setting sun's effulgence, not a strain From all the tenants of the warbling shade Ascends, but whence his bosom can partake Fresh pleasure, unreproved.
Página 14 - These he detested ; those he scorn'd to wield : He wish'd to be the guardian, not the king, Tyrant far less, or traitor of the field. And sure the sylvan reign unbloody joy might yield. Lo ! where the stripling, wrapt in wonder, roves Beneath the precipice o'erhung with pine ; And sees, on high, amidst th...
Página xvi - Meanwhile, whate'er of beautiful, or new, Sublime, or dreadful, in earth, sea, or sky, By chance, or search was offered to his view, He scann'd with curious and romantic eye.
Página 271 - That very law* which moulds a tear, And bids it trickle from its source, That law preserves the earth a sphere, And guides the planets in their course.
Página 50 - ... the tide reaches every day, it is found to be full of worms of different lengths and colours, some being as fine as a thread, and several feet long, of a bright yellow, and sometimes of a blue colour.
Página 199 - The scene though chang'd, nor negligently tread ; These variegated walks, however gay, Were once the silent mansions of the dead. In every shrub, in every flow'ret's bloom That paints with different hues yon smiling plain, Some Hero's ashes issue from the tomb, And live a vegetative life again. For matter dies not as the Sages...
Página 49 - ... invisible. These animals are of a great variety of shapes and sizes, and in such prodigious numbers, that, in a short time, the whole surface of the rock appears to be alive and in motion. The most common worm is in the form of a star, with...
Página 327 - ... living adamant, Which, pois'd by magic, rests its central weight On yonder pointed rock ; firm as it seems, Such is its strange and virtuous property, It moves obsequious to the gentlest touch Of him, whose breast is pure ; but to a traitor, Though ev'na giant's prowess nerv'd his arm, It stands as fixt as Snowdon.
Página 14 - Th' exploit of strength, dexterity, or speed, To him nor vanity nor joy could bring. His heart, from cruel sport estranged, would bleed To work the woe of any living thing, By trap, or net, by arrow, or by sling; These he detested; those he...

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