Memoirs and Correspondence of Viscount Castlereagh, Second Marquess of Londonderry


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Página 51 - It is satisfactory to observe," he wrote to Lord Liverpool, " how little embarrassment and how much solid good grow out of these reunions, which sound so terrible at a distance. It really appears to me to be a new discovery in the European government, at once extinguishing the cobwebs with which diplomacy obscures the horizon, bringing the whole bearing of the system into its true light, and giving to the counsels of the great Powers the efficiency, almost the simplicity, of a single State.
Página 60 - The Russians must be made to feel that we have a parliament and a public to which we are responsible, and that we cannot permit ourselves to be drawn into views of policy which are wholly incompatible with the spirit of our government.
Página 399 - They form a branch of that organised spirit of insurrection which is systematically propagating itself throughout Europe and which explodes wherever the hand of the Governing Power from whatever cause is enfeebled.
Página 54 - ... that the people of this country may be taught to look with great jealousy for their liberties, if our Court is engaged in meetings with great despotic Monarchs, deliberating upon what degree of revolutionary spirit may endanger the public security, and therefore require the interference of the Alliance.
Página 44 - ... we, at least, are out of the reach of immediate danger ; but my belief is that the Emperor of Russia is, in the main, in earnest in what he says — not that he has not perhaps had before him projects for other alliances...
Página 53 - Europe, new, and a very questionable policy ; that it will necessarily involve us deeply in all the politics of the continent, whereas our true policy has always been not to interfere except in great emergencies, and then with a commanding force. He thinks that all other states must protest against such an attempt to place them under subjection ; that the meetings may become a scene of cabal and intrigue ; and that the people of this country may be taught to look with...
Página 208 - King's feelings that nothing but divorce would satisfy his honour, you will also well understand. In this position matters now stand ; and, although we have to submit such observations as occur to us upon the King's note, I consider the Government as virtually dissolved, and that the existing Ministers only hold their situations till their successors are named.
Página 254 - The laws have been reinforced, the juries do their duty, and wherever the mischief in its labyrinth breaks forth, it presents little real danger, whilst it furnishes the means of making those salutary examples which are so difficult whilst treason works in secrecy, and does not disclose itself in overt acts.
Página 254 - If she is wise enough to accept the pont cTor which we have tendered her, the calamities and scandal of a public investigation will be avoided. If she is mad enough or so illadvised as to put her foot upon English ground, I shall, from that moment, regard Pandora's box as opened.

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